I'm Fine

"I'm fine" Just not happy. Copyrights 2014 Alisha R. All Rights Reserved


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Sexualtiy. Everyone goes through the stage on finding out on the gender they like. But when we find out. 

Some would see us differently, treat us differently.

We find out we're gay. We would get called fag, sissy, ohh he is looking at my d*ck, blah blah.

We find out we're lesbian. You can't change in the locker rooms without a girl thinking you're looking at her boobs.

We find out we're bisexual. we get treated different and some people would assume that we are sluts or disgusting or assume that we like everyone in the freaking school!!

People who find out about their sexuality are scared on what their parents would think. Would they disowned us, hate us, support us?

People get bullied on what their sexualtiy and when some ask us if are okay and we say "I'm Fine" we just want to dig a hole and crawl in it.


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