I'm Fine

"I'm fine" Just not happy. Copyrights 2014 Alisha R. All Rights Reserved


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Lets not forget that boys feel a way about themselves too. They might feel like they are not good enough to a girl, or not strong enough to beat the bully up, to protect someone, or not cool enough to hang out with the cool group.

Its okay we don't blame you. You're human but some people are stupid enough to not care and think you don't have feelings.

Boys always have to deal with the bullcrap. They always have to be the suspect. If a girl get abuse, a boy is the suspect, if a girl gets molested, a boy is the suspect, someone is doing drugs, a boy is the suspect (sometimes).Do you see my point?

Some boys try so hard to be a good person but some people see them different.


I know this might be irrelevant but I felt like it had 

to be there :P

hope you like it. 

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