I'm Fine

"I'm fine" Just not happy. Copyrights 2014 Alisha R. All Rights Reserved


2. Chapter 1


Do you ever wonder if you ever will be happy? Why did I have to feel like this? What did I do so bad to deserve this? Was I not beautiful enough? Was I not athletic enough? Was I not smart enough? Was I even meant to be born on this earth.

So many question swirl through your head, but the biggest question of all is,"Why me?" 

We wonder what the hell we did to deserve the pain. You get pushed around because you are different. Is there a law that you can't be different that we haven't heard of? 

You feel like everyone around you is all happy and joyful but you are the only one who wants to fall on the ground and cry.

But in the end we would always say "I'm Fine" but we know it is a complete lie.


Tell me what you guys think! :) 

please and thank you

bye <3


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