3. Sis

Chase and I were currently unpacking.

We bought a small two bedroom flat that already came with furniture.

"When do I start school?" Chase asked me, his blue eyes focusing on the box he was emptying.

"Monday, the principal said she'd try to get us into the same classes we had in Melbourne."

He nodded.

"Chase, please try. I know it's hard but please."

He looked up "Do you? Know how hard it is I mean. You drove mom away, you didn't care. You didn't care how leaving Melbourne would effect me. You don't care." Chase snapped.

"I do care. We moved so that it would be easier. I didn't want every little thing to remind you of dad or mom. I didn't want you to get more hurt than you've already been."

"Too late for that sis." he hissed and went to his room slamming the door.

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