2. Alone

The doctors found out he was sick three years ago, dad went through chemo, radiation and every other treatment they could think of. The cancer never left. If anything it got worse.

The last year was the worst. He lost his hair, he couldn't breathe without an oxygen tank. He was slowly and painfully falling apart.

When he passed away huge chunks of me were ripped away, the same happened to my mother. We were no longer the same people, if you could call us people at all anymore.

My mother finally snapped and left. She left to god knows where. She left me and my little brother Chase all alone. No note, no goodbye. No final "I love you".

One day she was just gone.

I packed our things and chipped into the money left to us to move to a different city. We left the mansion alone like our parents left us.

I brought us to Sydney.

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