The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


2. Chapter Two

     I sat at my computer, and worked on the Tumblr I’d created. I wasn’t new to technology, but never had truly felt a need for it. Twitter was nice to connect with fans, and let them know when upcoming interviews, and events might be going on. Facebook, well I had a page on there as well. I spent more time searching for images. So right now I was writing, and it was painful. I’d not been there for Abby, like Micah hadn’t been there for Olivia. I stood hastily, making a dash for the book. 

“This is dedicated to Olivia. If it weren’t for you, who know’s where this would be. Who knows where those lost souls might be.” 

        I threw the book at the wall.
        “Selfish son of a bitch.” 
        My anger rippled through my body. The hatred lingered in my bones. The disappointment flowed through my veins. I had royally fucked up. I sat back down at my computer and started writing. 
     Somehow, some way Micah had a lot to make up for. He’d hurt Olivia. Pushed her away in her deepest time of despair, and hopelessness. Once again I used my relationship with Abby to my advantage. 
     “Micah I need you. Please.” Her voice was trembling, her eyes welling with tears. 
     He lashed out at her, “What don’t you get. We’re in the city. The name is quite clear, De animarum errantium. We’re all searching. Well I’m not. I have no one, no place. I’m a Nam anima.” 
     She looked at me, whispering, Vestibulum non amittitur, nisi iusta eius.” 
     I swallowed pinching the bridge of my nose, “You know that’s not true. You try to see the good in everyone.” 
     She moved closer to me, her tiny hand reached up touching my cheek, “Pulchra fracta angeli” I gently placed my hand over hers, taking in the beauty of her face. “I don’t know why you try so hard. You should be happy. You have potential.” That was what broke her silence. She withdrew her hand, and slowly turned away from me. Before she left me she looked over her shoulder, “Micah there is one person who loves you.” Then she turned her eyes to see what was ahead of her, and started down the cobblestone road.

     My fingers continuously danced across the keyboard. The cursor no longer sat there with anticipation. I didn’t even allow it a second to breath. The rain continued outside, and the sun was starting to lighten the cloud covered sky. It was a perfect setting for the mood I was in. I also was putting my characters in this mood as well. I looked at the bottle of Scotch sitting on the book case, the crystal glass accompanying it. Some would see it to late at night too have a drink. Some would see it to early in the morning hours to drink. I fell in the middle of both. For me it was not too late, nor to early. I was like Goldilocks, it was just right.
     The grandfather clock tolled it was nine am. I reached for my phone, looking to see if Abby had replied. My heart sunk, when there was nothing. It just read, Delivered. I owed her more then I could ever tell her. She was always there for me, but I’d failed. I was supposed to be her friend, and I wasn’t there. I still wasn’t sure what had happened. She sat outside of my place for several hours. She even brought dinner, my favorite of course. I tossed the drink back, and licked my lips. I was sulking. A thirty four year old man, I’m fucking sulking. I set the glass down on the windowsill, and looked out on the street. 
     Mr. Mabriel went for his walk like usual. His umbrella protected him from the rain. He didn’t look up, just waved as he passed my window. I nodded back. It was like he had a sixth sense as to when I was at the window. That, or I spent too much time here. I returned to my computer, and started writing again. 

     She continued down the street. The clicking of her heels on the stones with each step she took. She was not turning back this time. I’d done it. She’d poured her soul out to me. I just sat there drinking, and smoking a cigarette. I was the worlds biggest asshole. I shoved my hands in my pockets. I pushed myself to follow her. “Liv?” She didn’t stop. Usually she would have stopped, not this time. I pulled my hands out, and moved my messenger bag to from side to my back. I jogged to catch up with her. She was only 5’3, but tonight she looked tiny. I reached for her arm, trying to stop her. She yanked it away.
     “Forget it Micah. You have no room for love. You want to wander forever, then just do it.”  She was gone.
     I pulled my glasses off, and pinched the bridge of my nose. There was no coming back. She continued, and never looked back again. Abby was going to do the same thing. I leaned back in my chair, and stared up at the celing. I folded my hands, and placed them behind my head. So much needed to be said, and I wasn't sure if she would ever speak to me agin. I sat up, and I went to my email, and opened it. I moved the cursor and started to type.


     I’m so sorry about earlier. I know it’s been hectic. I’ve been checking out. I’m a lousy friend. I know you have been busy with work, but you make time to come hang with me. I sit here, and just type. I smoke cigarettes, and drink. You clean up to help me, because you’re not sure what else to do. So let’s meet up at Starbucks. 2:00pm. I will hold a chair for you : ) 
I miss you. I do care about you. I just get wrapped up in my work. I know you do as well. Please just call me. I will see you later. Love you Noodles. 


     I hit send, and the swooshing noise made me aware it had sent. I checked twitter once again. 

From @Oliviaanimarum October 18th
@corvusnublia amazing story. Such heartbreak. Micah is a total asshole. Where do you get your inspiration from??? 

From @corvusnublia October 18th
@Oliviaanimarum Like most authors, I turn to real life events. Micah is a complete asshole. I know my readers hope Olivia will forgive him

From @Oliviaanimarum October 18th
@corvusnubia I doubt she will. She really cares about him. He seems to be a blind pompous. His loss I guess.

From @corvusnubia October 18th
@Olivaanimarum Maybe he is blind. Maybe he know’s he screwed up. He could feel bad. 

From @Oliviaanimarum
@corvusnubia I will quote your favorite author, “Micah is an ass!” Hope she writes it on a piece of paper.

     That was a blow. To take a book we both adored, and use that part to hit me. To other fans of my book, they’d have no idea we were fighting. It was like Gabriel, and Julianne when they fought in the seminar. Nobody had a clue. She was on twitter, but she wouldn’t reply to my email or text message. I tried calling her. Straight to voicemail, “Hey it’s Abby you know what to do.” Beep.
     “Hey Ab, please listen. I’m really sorry. Just meet me later today like I wrote in the email. Bundle up, I’m thinking it will be cold. I miss you.” Beep. I tossed the phone on my desk, and sighed. 
     Buzz, buzz. I quickly scooped it up, “Abby?”
     My brothers voice was on the other end, “Nope. But damn you sure as hell better build an addition to your dog house.” 
     I sighed, sinking back into my chair. “What do you want Cassiel?” 
     He chuckled, “Oh little brother. You seriously have done this one great justice. You do realize, social media, aka you’re life is a buzz right now.” 
     I could almost hear the delight in his voice. “No shit Sherlock. She is out there replying through twitter, with a fake handle. Come on Olivia ani marum?” 
     Cassiel laughed, “Smart cookie. I’m surprised she hasn’t served you poison yet.”
     I sighed, “What is your point in calling. I know I’ve really screwed up. I fell asleep. I was exhausted. I left her a message telling me to meet up later at Starbucks.” 
     Cassiel must have been eating, because the noise of his face rubbing against the phone drove me nuts, “Listen, she’s responding through twitter. She’s using your two characters, who are star crossed lovers. She quoted Reynard. Did you ever think maybe she likes you, likes you?” 
      I looked at the picture of us when we’d traveled to Boston. We were smiling, and she had a glow. I had my arm wrapped around her. 
     “I’ve always thought of her as a younger sister.” 
     My brother sighed, “Arcanum she’s 27. She’s not much younger then you.” 
      Then the phone moved again, “Listen up. Buy her flowers. Don’t do roses. That’s just a given you suck. Go with, hmm Hyacinth. It has to be purple. It conveys that you’re sorry, which you are. She loves, and know’s her flowers.” Emily cut in. 
      “Do you even say hello, or acknowledge Cass, and I were speaking?”
      She laughed, “I’m your sister. I know better then him, no offense.” 
     I heard him yell in the background, “None taken.” Emily was back again, 
     “So bring these today, when you meet up with her.” My sister kept speaking. 
      I checked my phone, Abby had read my message, just never replied. “How the hell do you know about that?” 
      Emily snickered, “When a man screws up as bad as you have; he’ll do anything to apologize to the girl. Now go take a shower, have a cup of coffee, and lay off the brandy.” 
      I sighed, “Yes mother.” 
      Emily’s tone changed, “Not mother. I just care about people. I think mom had some intuition when naming us.”
     I replied rather sardonically, “No she sat there, and looked up anything that had a religious foundation, and went with it.” 
      Emily whispered, “She cared, you know she did.” 
      I swallowed back the lump, that’d quickly formed. That was true, she had cared. “I need to go. I will see you two tomorrow for dinner?” 
      Emily smiled, “Sounds good. Bye Arc.” She hung up. 
      I set my phone down once again. Just as I pushed back from my desk, my phone lit up. Twitter notification, 

From @Olivaanimarum
@corvusnublia Micah isn’t an ass. He has his head so far up his own, he’s blind to the truth before him. 

     I huffed, and shook my head. I was tempted to reply, but I just left it. I went back to continuing my work  before I had to head out. 

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