The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


27. Chapter Twenty Seven

        “I wonder how the meeting went?” Emily asked Abby, as she looked over a patients chart. 
Abby shrugged, “Who knows.” She quietly stood up, and grabbed a chart, leaving Emily at the nurses station. 
        “She’s really upset. I’ve never seen her like this.” Farrel spoke to Emily, as they both watched as         Abby disappeared into a patients room. 
        “Well it’s because he’s angry with all of us at the moment. Hurt I think would be a better term. I shouldn’t have phoned him, and chastised him; without fully knowing what happened.” Emily sighed, and checked her phone. 
        Farrel patted her shoulder, “We do act on impulse at times. Unfortunately that’s what happened.         Arcanum appears to harbor something, that none us quite know, except for her.” Farrel’s gaze, was on Abby as she walked to retrieve supplies from the closet. 
        “I don’t think she even know’s exactly what happened. My mother, and father took whatever it was to the grave. Arcanum has never spoken of it. Cassiel told me what happened. I have faint memories.         They’re grainy at best.”
        Abby walked over, “I can hear quite clearly. If I can hear, so can everyone else. My best friend dumped me. Because some conniving, spineless bitch lied. Now drop it. This isn’t gossip hour.” 
        Low and behold, who should walk into the emergency depart of pediatrics, but the ruthless twat herself.
        “Speak of the devil, and it shall appear.” Farrel smirked. 
        “Abby, Farrel, and Emily.” Ornella smiled.
        “Room 10. Possible emotional trauma. Clear it, or admit it. Either way, do your job, and stay the,” Abby’s voice dropped to a slithering whisper, “fuck out of my way. You cause nothing but problems.” 
        Emily snickered, and Farrel’s jaw might have dislocated from shock. 
        “Look at the big bad girl.” Ornella moved closer, her dark red lips moved quickly near Abby's ear,
“Sweetheart, that’s what he called you correct? Well here’s a news flash. He may have been your first, but I was his last. Sit with that, and stew.”
        She started walking down the hallway, a little sway in her hips. Her arrogant personality, left such disdain in the air. 
        “Stultum canis exprimamus insensatum . Spero illa stillæ mortuis . Refert dei spatium solitudinis, in hac tellure.” Abby snarled. 
        Emily’s eyes went wide, and Ornella whipped around. 
        “Oh shit.” Farrel whispered. 
        He, and Emily leaned against one another watching.
        “What did you say to me?” Ornella asked, stalking back towards the nurses station. 
        “Stultum canis exprimamus insensatum . Spero illa stillæ mortuis . Refert dei spatium solitudinis, in hac tellure.” Abby repeated herself. 
        Ornella’s nostrils flared, “You’re speaking Latin. He taught you how to speak in Latin.”
        Abby shrugged, “So? Are you jealous? You can speak what languages?” 
        Ornella’s knuckles turned white, as she clenched her leather binder tighter. 
        “Oh that’s right, you can’t. You’re only educated in bullshit, and lies. Oh I forgot spreading your legs as well.” Abby’s calm disposition, had disappeared. This hostel, and ferocious stature took over. 
        “You little pathetic girl. He didn’t want you, he wanted a real woman. That’s when I came in.” Ornella smirked, thinking she’d outwitted Abby. 
        Abby looked her up and down, “Well judging by your cup size, and perfectly round breasts, what part of you is real?”
        Farrel burst out into laughter with Emily. 
        “You two shut up. Get to work.” Ornella snapped. 
        Farrel put up his hands, as almost if he were surrendering.
        “Ornella give it up. You’re going to cause a scene. You’re starting to draw attention.” Emily spoke up. 
        Ornella’s gaze was now on Emily, “You stay out of this Poe. Jesus christ you’re as obnoxious as one of those fucking Telly things.” 
        “Teletubbies?” Emily questioned.
        Ornella growled, “Shut up.” 
        Emily grinned, “Ah hit the nail on the head. Actually I was named after a brilliant poet, and a saint. You were named after a what now? Oh right, a tree. Oh, but it get’s better. See it means the Ash tree in Italian. If I go back to the Latin form, it means spear. Fitting isn’t it. A spear in my brother’s heart.” 
        Abby smiled, “Well I’ll be dammed Emily. I had no idea. Sucks to have such a ashhole name.” 
        Farrel was stifling a fit of laughter. 
        Ornella glared at Abby, “What did you say to me in Latin?” 
        Abby shrugged, “Who knows. I don’t speak ignorant, or backstabbing.” 
        At this point, Ornella was inches from Abby’s face, “I can have your job.”
        Abby laughed, “You’re too stupid, and self righteous to be a nurse. Actually you could be Nurse Ratchet.”
        Ornella noticed people starting to stare, and whisper, "I have a patient to see. Get back to changing bed pans, NURSE." She turned, and started back down the hallway. Emily looked at Abby, "I thought you might kill her." 
        Abby shook her head, "Not worth it." She kissed Farrel, then squirted hand sanitizer on his cheek, "Don't want you contracting the plague from her." 
        He smirked, and kissed her back, "I need to get back to work. Love you." He smiled at Emily, and headed back to work. 
        Abby went back to her patient, apologizing for the length of time she was gone. 
        Emily grabbed the phone off the desk, and called Cassiel.
        "Cassiel Presley." He answered.
        "Abby just put Ornella in her place. She spoke in Latin, and Ornella demanded to know what she said. Well Abby wouldn't tell her."
        Cassiel's interest was peaked, "For Abby to go off in Latin, that's pretty bad."
        Emily covered her mouth, "She said, Stupid insensitive bitch. I hope she drops dead. Waste of god damn space on this planet." 
        Cassiel burst out in a fit of laughter, "That's bloody priceless." 
        Emily chuckled, "Abby gave it to her good. I'm glad. I need to run. Let me know if you hear from Arc. Love you."
        Cass smiled, "Will do kiddo. Love you too." They hung up.
        Ornella had wrapped up with her patient, and signed off on the discharge. She walked back down to the nurses station, and wrote in her notes. 
        "So a birdy told me you were in Pedi ER. Care to get some lunch?" Alvin smiled at her. She looked up at him, tucking her elegant pen into portfolio. 
        “Au Bon Pain?” Ornella questioned, looking at him.
        “My treat.” He smiled, hopeful she’d take him up on the offer. 
        “Alright then. Let’s go shall we?” She smiled, knowing that she was not interested in dating him. She had her eyes still set on Arcanum. Even though he was clearly not interested. She was hopefully, and had her ways. 
        Abby watched as Ornella walked off with Alvin, and carefully made her way back to the nurses station. 
        “She’s been swooped off her feet. Her ego was tagging behind her like a stubborn child.” Emily smiled, along with another one of the nurses. 
        “Fucking hate that woman. She’s just so vengeful, and out to rub the relationship she had with him.” Abby clenched her jaw, and the tear streamed down her cheek. Ornella had never brought Abby to tears, this was a first. Abby still loved Arcanum, but he wasn’t speaking to her, or anyone else in the family or that matter. Patty, and Mrs. Kimmage were the only one’s he would speak with. 
        “Calliope can you hand me those tissues, and give us a few minutes coverage.” Emily asked, standing up walking over to Abby.
        Calliope smiled, her olive skin, and soft brown eyes showed concern. She reached in her pocket, and handed something small to Abby. 
        “muñecas quitapenas” Calliope smiled. “They mean, worry, or trouble dolls. You tell the doll your worry before bed, and place it under your pillow. My abuela, and madre used to make these for us children. I still use them, and make them. I always carry extras. Tonight tell the doll your worries, and place it under your pillow. When you wake up tomorrow, your worry should be gone.” Calliope smiled.
        “Thank you so much.” Abby took the doll, placing it in her scrub top pocket. 
        “Alright, we’re going to go get some coffee. We should be back in about fifteen minutes. Coffee shop, or Dunkin’s?” Emily asked. 
        “Either’s fine. I just want a coffee.” Abby spoke softly, pulling her fleece coat around her small frame. 
        Emily linked arms with her friend, and started towards the Dunkin Donuts closest to the hospital. 
        “So what had you so riled up back there in the ER? I know you’re firm, and to the point. Usually strictly business.” Alvin quietly took a bite from his tomato, basil, mozzarella panini. Ornella picked at her croissant, and looked up at him. 
        “Abigail, or Abby as they refer to her, well she thinks she’s better then me. My ex, boyfriend, is her best friend. Well she likes him a great deal, and I still care about him. She’s currently dating Farrel, from the surgical team. Why would she care if I like him still. Childish jealously.” Ornella shrugged.
        Alvin studied her, “Oh I don’t think it’s simple jealously. You tend to have a quick tongue, and use your,” he used air quotes, “authority” as a weapon. I wish you wouldn’t do that. You’re a sweet person, and I care about you myself. Would it be worth losing your job, her losing her’s over this one person.” 
        Ornella threw her head back, letting out a laugh that was all too forced.
        “I wouldn’t lose my job. I’m smarter then that. Plus I could get a job at any hospital. My father could put in a good word for me. He’s the Dean of Boston University.”
        Alvin rolled his eyes, “I don’t like people who kiss ass. I don’t like people who think their entitled. I do like you because you care about your patients. You seem to usually have a pleasant disposition. I won’t tolerate a selfish brat, and that my dear is how you’re acting.” 
        Ornella stopped with her arm in midair. Her coffee frozen, like it sat on an invisible shelf. 
        “I’m not being a selfish brat.” Ornella objected. 
        Alvin wiped his mouth with his napkin, before dropping it on his plate.
        “You’re not? You seem to be pining after a man, a man who’s not interested in either you, or Abby at the moment. You seem hell bent on making her miserable. She had to defend herself from your grasp. Actually your clutch.” He looked at her, with the most serious face. 
        “I’m not,” Ornella tried to object.
        “Shut up. I’m not playing games here Ornella. I’m older then you, and I’m being firm with you. I like you, A LOT. I’ve watched you, and observed things you like, to things you admire. I would like to know you better, but I won’t take this childish angst you have. You’re thirty three. I want a woman, and that you are, at least in a body sense. Mind set, I’m not quite sure, it’s bipolar at times. Now this is your opportunity to figure out what you’re going to do.” He leaned back in his chair, with his steepled fingers resting against his pursed lips. 
        She opened her mouth, but stopped closing it. She looked at him, studying him. He was beautiful to her. He was firm, honest, and genuine. Could she move forward from Arcanum? This was the hardest decision for her. 
        “If we decided to move forward, what does it mean?” She asked timidly.
        Alvin moved his hands, “Well for starters, we’re monogamous. I don’t go on frivolous dates, and have casual sex. I expect the same from you. If at any time, you’re unhappy, you tell me. We’ll discuss our options, we can either work it out, or part our ways. Simple as that.”
        Ornella looked at him, and nodded, “Alright then. When is our first date?” 
        Alvin smiled, “Right now.”

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