The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


21. Chapter Twenty One

        “Hello?” She purred, knowing why I was calling.
        “You listen, and do just that. It’s what you went to university for. I don’t appreciate you, and your shit storm of craziness.” I was speaking calmly, but my temples throbbed. The headache was catching up with me from the liquor. 
        “Oh hello. Well I’m pretty sure you went to university as you call it as well. You don’t seem to be doing much with that degree, or your life. Pissing it away as usual drinking. Are we pouting, and having a pity party. Oh wait, that’s what you would claim I’m having.” She was snide, and full of animosity. 
        “Why would you tell Abby I hit you. My sister called me going ballistic on me, without me having a clue what she was talking about. Abby showed up here, and was furious. I never touched you. So what bullshit story have you concocted? Ornella I can be in a lot of trouble with your deceitful lies.” I was pinching the bridge of my nose, as my heart was feverishly thudding in my chest.
        “Oh now now. Relax. You’re not in any trouble. I could use your help. I’m a little sore, and well, you’re not busy.”
        I was losing my patience, “I’m not helping you out. I’m very busy actually. You’re not my PA. You’re my ex-girlfriend,”
        She cut in, “Ex-fiancé.” 
        “No I never proposed before you dumped me. I’m not arguing stupidity now.” I snipped at her.
        “Oh so touchy. Now Arcanum calm yourself. No need to have a childish fit.” The smirk on her face, could be heard through the phone.
        “Final time I’m asking, what happened?” I was losing patience. She took a few minutes to respond. 
        “IF you MUST know, I went for a run. I was heading down Winter street. I tripped and fell. I don’t know if I blacked out or not. I sprained my wrist, and have a black eye.” She’d finally answered me. 
        “So how the hell did my best friend, and your crazy ass wind up together.” I was teetering on the edge, of strangling her through my phone.
        “I’d been discharged from the emergency room at MGH. She happened to be on the same train. She asked me what happened. All I said was we had a fight, and you had been drinking. I didn’t lie per se.” 
        I ran my hand through my hair, “Bloody hell. I had a few glasses of Scotch through out my evening. I did have words with you. For some bewildering reason, you show up on my front step; then proceed to try and come into my house. All because of a fucking tweet. Jesus you have your panties in such a knotted up bunch. Not everything in my life revolves around you.”
        She snapped at me, “It god damn does. I’m very important. You could get far with me on your arm. Don’t forget that. I made sure you were taken care of when you needed it.”
        I sighed, “Oh please. You didn’t take care of anything for me truthfully. Fancy meals, and dressing me up like a doll, well it’s not taking care of me.” 
        She was quiet, then her voice broke, “Arcanum I tried. I didn’t know how to give you what you wanted. I didn’t grow up in the warmest of households. So affection was hard for me.”
        I spoke, “I didn’t grow up with a movie family homestead either. My bastard of a father would beat my mother in drunk fits. Nearly boxed my ears off one night for defending her. So you didn’t get cozy time with mum, and dad. They cared, and showed it. You didn’t get everything you wanted until you pulled your stunt. I will never understand that. I know you seek attention, you always have. Jesus Ornella.” 
        She cleared her throat, “We all have demons. It’s why I’m in the field I’m in. Someone needs someone who cares. Someone who will listen. I do that.” 
        She had a point, but I still just wasn’t completely sure. Ornella would do things to seek attention. I’d met her parents a few times, and they seemed like loving, doting parents. 
        “Arcanum, I need to go.” She hung up quickly. 
        I sat back sighing, and wondered what ran through her blood. What caused this need for me. Yet at the same time, she wanted nothing to do with me. I ran my hands through my hair, and felt completely destroyed. Yes a running theme sadly. I hated to admit it, but part of me still worried about Ornella. She never seemed to really move on well, after we broke up. I remembered the first time we met, Abby pointed her out. 
        “That girl is looking at you.” Abby pointed Ornella out. I turned around to see her buried in her book at a table. She was alone, and peered over the top of her psychology book. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. 
        I walked over, “Hi there. I’m Arcanum, and you are?”
        She blushed, “Ornella Agostinelli. Arcanum it’s a pleasure meeting you. I’m assuming that’s either a friend, or sister?” She looked past me at Abby.
        “Best friend. Yep. So why are you here alone?” I smiled, and sat down at her table with her. Abby smiled, and left the shop.
        “Truthfully, I don’t do well with dating, or relationships. I’m studying actually for an exam.” She set her book down, and dropped her highlighter in between the pages. 
        “I’m not a big relationship person either. Listen would you like to go on a date?” I smiled, and looked at her.
        She grinned, “Are you seriously asking me on a date? We just met.”  
        I laughed, “Yes that’s what I’m attempting to do. If you’d prefer me to stop,” I started to push away from the table. Ornella’s hand sprung to mine, holding me in place. 
        “Stay please.” Her eyes lit up. Her red lips, twitched into a smile. “I’m curious to know more about you. Arcanum isn’t your run of the mill name.”
        I raised an eye brow, “Neither is Ornella. It’s Italian that much I do know.”
        She nodded, “Correct. I’m named after my grandmother. Arcanum however, if I’m correct has some religious correlation. My religion is a bit rusty. Lost faith a while ago.”
        I felt something with her, and when she said that; it was intriguing. I needed to know who this woman was, and why did she have my attention. 
        “Lost faith? That usually doesn’t just happen. I know what you mean though. I’ve been growing with my spirituality. Religion well, it just doesn’t suit me. My mother on the other hand,  polar opposite.” I smiled at this beautiful woman. 
        “I have trouble believing in a “God”, whom allows such atrocities to happen to his people. He is the all mighty father. I grew up thinking he was supposed to protect us, shield us. I was quite fooled.” She shrugged, and took a sip from her coffee. 
        I assumed she’d lost someone, or prayed hard for something. I was taught God works in mysterious ways. He answers prayers, when they should be answered, now when you feel they should be. My biggest feeling I kept that my mother shared me was, “You’re never alone. Just because you can’t see him; doesn’t mean a thing. Sometimes we’re blinded by the power of his support, and love.” I looked at Ornella, and she tucked her hair behind her ear. 
        “So a date? I can give you my number. You call and tell me when you’re free. I take you out for dinner, or I can cook?” I smiled at her. 
        She looked at me, “Well, alright. Dinner. We’ll figure out logistics later. Give me your number. I will call you later tonight.” She smiled, and leaned back in her chair. 
        I pulled her notebook over, and wrote my number on a blank sheet, “Star six seven blocks your number if you don’t want me having it.”
        She laughed, “You’re the first guy to ever tell me that. I will be calling you with an unrestricted number. Tonight, around eight o’clock. Have a good afternoon Arcanum.” She nodded at me. 
        I leaned over, and brought her hand to my lips. I kissed it softly, “Die bona puella.” 
        She looked at me, “Good day to you Sir.” then she smiled. 
        I about shot through the ceiling. She understood Latin. I nodded, and exited the shop. 
        Abby was outside waiting, “Well that seemed to go well.”
        We started walking, “Yeah, she’s going to call me later tonight.” 
        Abby just nodded, and looked ahead as we walked. Never in a million years, would I have guessed, she was in love with me. 

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