The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


29. Chapter Twenty Nine

            It was seven thirty eight in the evening when Abby finally signed off on her last chart. She stood up, and left to head for the locker room, and retrieve her belongings. Quietly she pulled the key from her pocket, and slid it into the lock, releasing its hold. The click of the lock unhinging reassured her she was just a little closer to making it out of here. 
            “Oh my God, the troll is lurking around.” Emily sighed, walking in ready to head out.
            “Good for her. Maybe she’ll trip, and break her jaw this time heading home.” Abby slammed the locker shut, after pulling her belongings out. 
            “You’re still angry? I thought you’d have calmed down by now.” Emily was examining her new leather gloves. 
            “Really Emily; I can’t believe you thought that.” Abby snapped, buttoning her coat on, and wrapping her scarf around her neck. 
            “Jeez chill out. Don’t snap at me. I’m on your side.” Emily looked at Abby. 
            “I won’t chill out. I took a job here, and she sleazes in. She sleeps with anything insight to work her way up the food chain. She probably slept with her dad, or daddy’s friend to get into school.” Abby’s movements were quick, and a little uncoordinated due to her anger. ‘
            “I’d bet money on that.” Emily snickered. 
            Abby was too angry and whipped open the locker room door. She stormed passed Farrel who was waiting, and stumbling back a bit. 
            “Did I miss something?” He asked, looking at Emily. 
            “She’s still really angry over the incident earlier today.” Emily walked over quietly, watching her best friend storm off. 
            Abby continued out of the hospital. Ornella was leaving at the same time with Alvin, she was on his arm. Her laugh echoed through the brisk October evening air. Abby’s patience had been tested. She stormed past, banging into Ornella, causing her to stumble slightly. 
            “Janitors should clean up the trash on hospital property.” Abby seethed, and put her headphones in, and turned up the volume on her phone. Love Somebody by Maroon 5 came to life, and she turned it up all the way. 
            Ornella huffed, and Alvin patted her arm, “Remember you stirred the pot, and now you must let the stew settle again. You’re better than this. Let her be angry. I know you’re not innocent in what transpired. I’m not going to waste my time asking. With time, the truth will come out. I suggest you avoid her. If you must interact, keep it professional.” They continued walking. Ornella’s silence was the only answer he needed. 
            Abby made her way down to the subway, and entered the station. She stared at the separate sets of stairs. One would take her home, the other to my home. She opted for the stairs that went to my home. Her heart fluttered a little. She needed a hug, and Farrel didn’t, nor would he understand the hatred for Ornella, which lingered in Abby’s blood. 
            Meanwhile Farrel, and Emily sauntered along to the subway. “I don’t know if I should go to her place, or go home. I was going to make her dinner.” Farrel shrugged, and looked ahead at the lights of the city. 
            “Try calling her in a little bit. Let her cool off. She snapped at me, so she’s angry. I have a feeling she’s going to ream my brother out. He seems to be able to get through to Ornella. It’s quite pathetic actually. She cheated on him, and yet she wants him back.” Emily shook her head, continuing to walk along.
            Abby arrived at the house, but no lights were on. My car was there, so she made her way up the stairs. She rang the bell, and could hear it echo throughout the dormant house. 
            She pulled out her phone, and dialed me, but no answer. She wouldn’t typically let herself in, but she needed me. Quietly she pulled her keys out, and let herself in. Once inside she flipped on a light. 
            “Arcanum, it’s Abby. I need to talk to you.” She looked around. 
            That’s when she noticed my laptop was gone. I never took my laptop out of the house, unless I was going away. She quickly dialed me again, this time I noticed the phone light up. 
            “Hello?” I answered, puzzled to have Abby calling me.
            “Oh thank God.” Her voice was on the verge of breaking. 
            “What’s wrong?” I asked concerned. Abby hadn’t called sounding like this in a long time. 
            “Where are you? I’m at your house. I let myself in. I needed to talk to you.” She spoke quickly, her voice becoming higher pitched. Something had happened and I could tell.
            “Abby I’m not home.” I spoke calmly.
            “I know that. Your computer isn’t here.” She sighed, sitting down on the leather couch. 
            “No Abby, I’m in London. I came back for a little bit. I needed some space. Ornella just set me off. The accusations, and both you, and Emily believing her, I needed space. I left after my meeting this morning.” I felt bad I hadn’t told her. I’d assumed she was angry with me. 
            That’s when it could be heard. She started to cry. I wasn’t there once again to comfort her. 
            “Abby, love, talk to me. What happened?” I looked at the clock. It was roughly one thirty in the morning for me. 
            “Her. She’s out to ruin my life. There was a scene in the department today. She’s a bitch. I did nothing wrong.” Abby started to sob. Her body trembled. She was distraught, and lost without me being there. 
            “Can you please calmly explain what happened?” I sighed, running my hand over my face. Leave it to Ornella to crush this girl. She was going through enough right now as it was. 
            “I told her basically to do her job, or stay the hell away from me in the not so nicest of ways. She then brought up you calling me sweetheart.” Abby had to stop there, as another round of tears started to stream down her cheeks.
            “I’m glad you stood up to her.” I sighed, “I’m sorry she did that.” I felt horrible. 
            “It’s not just that. We really just went at it. I went off on her in Latin. The thing that hurt the most Arcanum; she said you may have been my first, but she was your last. She threw out my personal matters for everyone to hear. I’m not a whore. I’ve been with you, and that's it. Truthfully, I wish I’d waited. It’s nothing against you. She’s just going to use it as a weapon.” Abby’s breathing had started to even out a again to a more steady rhythm. 
            I felt like a complete bastard. Here I am in London. I’ve run off, with no warning. I’ve not told anyone where I’m going. My best friend is absolutely distraught, and needs me. I however selfishly ran away from a problematic ex-girlfriend. I know saying that Ornella would argue, and say ex-fiancé. If she were a fiancée, I would have had to propose. She dumped me before that moment. Truthfully looking back on that moment, I’m glad she left.  
             “Abby, I’m not scheduled back for a bit. Do you need me to come back now? I can fly you over here. I’m concerned about you.” I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck. I was ready to fly her over, even fly back just for her. 
            “Arcanum I understand, you’re busy with the book. Just be careful. I’ll survive. Who knows maybe I’ll be unemployed when you return. She’s threatened to have my job.” She quietly got up, shut off the light, and locked up the house. She rested her head against the wooden frame. 
            “Abigail please, I can come home for you. I will come, and bring you back here. A few days away from Boston and it may help.” I was concerned. 
            “No Arcanum. I’m a big girl right. Need to fight my own battles. I love you. Sorry I called so late. We’ll talk later.” She hung up. 
            I was left speechless, “Damn it.” I dialed Cassiel quickly. I needed him to check on Abby. I didn’t trust her, especially by her tone of voice. For Ornella to rile her up that much, this could be very bad. 
            “Well look if it isn’t my barmy brother calling. What can I do for you?” Cassiel chuckled. 
            “I’m in London. No time to explain. Abby went to my home. Found out I wasn’t there. She’s quite upset. Ornella,” I didn’t get to finish. 
            “Oh bloody hell. I heard from Emily. Ornella really sunk the knife into Abby. She held her ground against the crazy bitch.” Cassiel smirked. 
            “Cass I’m serious. Abby is very upset. She’s convinced she’s going to lose her job. Right now she’s alone, and vulnerable. I can only imagine that arse is lurking around waiting to strike again. I need you to get Abby home, and safely. Just buy her dinner, and make sure she’s ok please. I’m going to try and get a flight back for later today. It’s going to be hard.” I started looking at my options on the computer. 
            “Calm down. I will do a check on Abby. Next time though, let us know you’re taking off.” Cass’s voice was soft, with an underlying tone of hurt.
            “I’m amazed you didn’t check Twitter, I posted a picture.” I remarked, and sighed not being able to get a flight out until the next day, and that would be standby.
            “I’ve not been on today. I worked overnight, and I was exhausted.” Cass was getting in his car, and started heading towards my home. 
            “Listen once you get her, give me a call.” I sighed, closing the laptop. I was completely frustrated and helpless for my friend. 
            “Will do mate.  Chat soon. Be careful. Love you bro.” Cass smiled, maneuvering the streets of Boston. 
            “Love you too. Send Emily my love as well.” I hung up, and started pacing the floor of the office. 
            Abby walked quietly down the stairs, stopping at the bottom. With tears ready to flow, she pulled up Jason Reeves song Someone Somewhere on youtube. She took to twitter. “I don’t know why you couldn’t see it. I was never too young, or immature. I guess she had what you wanted, and I never did.” She pasted the link, and posted the video. She started her walk down the road. She wasn’t far from home. It would take about twenty minutes, if she cut down Winter St, and through Downtown Crossing. 
            It was approaching one in the morning for me, and I was wound up. I cursed myself for leaving so abruptly. Would she want me to come back though, truthfully? She was with Farrel, and appeared happy. Appearances are just that. I flipped on the radio, and Sam Smith came on. Leave your lover was the new hit single on the radio. I hadn’t paid much attention to the lyrics. 

            We sit in bars and raise our drinks to growing old
            Oh, I’m in love with you and you will never know. 
            But if I can’t have you I’ll walk this life alone
            Spare you the rising storms and let the rivers flow

            You’ll never know the endless nights, the rhyming of the rain
            Or how it feels to fall behind and watch you call his name

            I listened through to the end. I was in the iTunes store, and downloading the song.

             Two years since I’d been dumped. I hated that word. I found it to be atrocious. I preferred the termination of a relationship. Yes it sounded very technical, but dumped sounded to me like being something on the side. What I’m referring to is a side affair. However I wasn't involved in that type of relationship. I wasn’t the one on the side, or was I? There was Cassiel she’d confessed about. Could there have been others? I swallowed at the thought of it. Ornella was the one I had loved. She was the one I’d envisioned myself growing old with. I imagined her carrying our child. I shook my head, never wanting to ever have those images resurface again. I mentally started a bon fire in my head. Tonight though, I wouldn’t use alcohol to quite the beast. I needed to be alert, just in case Abby called. 




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