The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


12. Chapter Twelve

        I stopped on the bridge, and looked at the cars on the Mass Pike zooming below me. How easy would it be, to get up and leave everything? Abby hated me, and had no desire to see me. Ornella just wanted to hurt me, that was her goal. Then Cassiel, Jesus he let his penis rule over his brain at times. Emily was busy working. She had her own life. I just couldn't do this. I looked down, and watched. I was just emotionally drained, and knew I would be up late writing. I took to twitter.

@corvusnublia Life is a gift. It's beautiful. Its breathtaking. Embrace the simple things. Make sure you make memories that will last forever.
        I hit send, and shoved my phone back in my pocket The liquor stores were closed, and I needed a drink. I looked around, and spotted Uno's on the corner of Beacon St, and Brookline Ave. I walked over and headed inside. The greeter stood, and smiled, 
        "Hi, welcome to Uno's. Bar, or restaurant?" 
        I weighed the option, "Restaurant. Booth, back please." 
        The greeter smiled, "Right this way sir." 
        I followed him to the back left corner. It was dimly lit, and warm. I took my coat off, and hung it on the post. I slid into the booth, and looked quietly at the menu. Then I pulled out my phone again, and tweeted

 @corvusnublia Jane Arden - Insensitive

        I set it down on the table, and went back to the menu. I really wasn’t hungry, as I was just down right morose. My night had been massacred by her. Actually my whole day was full of devastation. I sat, and wondered if she’d planned this all along. Had Cassiel known this whole time about her devious plan? I was jumping ahead assuming she’d planned this. I couldn’t fault him. He’d assumed she’d been honest with me. Maybe she hadn’t planned it out. It could have been just luck for her. My phone vibrated, and I looked down, Patty was calling me. I sighed.
        “Hello?” I spoke softly.
         “Arcanum, where are you?” She asked, noise bustling in the background.
         “I’m at Uno’s in Kenmore Square. Why? I swear to god, if anyone is looking for me, and you tell them,” 
        She quickly obstructed the rest of my sentence. “Relax, nobody is looking for you. Well I’m someone who is. You have me a bit concerned. Your past two tweets are not typical. Can I come meet up with you?” 
        I sighed, “If you must. I’ve had a very long day.” She really didn’t deserve this asshole version of me. 
        “I’m on my way. Be there soon.” She hung up, and I set the phone down again. A waitress popped over to my table. Her blonde hair, obviously dyed was up in a pony tail. 
        “I’m Ashley. I’ll be your waitress. I’m sorry for the wait.” 
        I smiled, “No worries dear. I would like just a plain cheese deep dish. “ 
        She nodded, and jotted it down. I watched how she held the pen as she wrote. 
        “Anything else?” 
        I smiled, “I will also have a caesar salad, but not caesar dressing, I would prefer ranch.” 
        She smiled, and went back to writing. “Anything else?” 
        I looked over the menu, “Yes I would like to put in an order for a large pepper, and onion deep dish. Can you include ranch dressing on the side. I need it ready to go, when I pay my bill at the end.”         She smiled, “I can do that. Drink?”
         I laughed, “Yes please. Heineken?” 
        She nodded, “On it. Give me about two minutes for the beer. Salad about five minutes, and approximately twenty for the pizza?” 
        I smiled, “You’re a doll. Thank you.” 
        She smiled, and took the menu from me, and disappeared around the corner.
        I went to text Abby, but I stopped. If she wanted to talk to me, she would have texted me. I had nobody to talk to. Well there was my sister, but she’d probably be gutted, and kick my brother in the goolies. I needed to vent, and well Emily it was. I went to the message icon, and tapped on it. I clicked on the icon to compose a new message. 
        'I need my sister. If you’re not busy, I need to vent.' I sent it off and waited on her reply. My phone lit up.
        'Never too busy for my brother. You ok?'
        I replied, 'Bad, bad, bad night, and well overall day. Am I really that bad of a person?'
        I waited, and was caught off guard by the waitress, 
        “Here you are sir. Your beer, and salad with ranch dressing.” 
        I smiled, watching her set them down, "Holler if you need anything." 
        I smiled, and worked on the beer, and wrote back to Emily.
        I could tell she was feverishly typing back to me. The indicator was very active.
        'Oh God! I'm so sorry. I was wondering what had happened. Cass called me frantically. He said he called Abby, and she hadn't heard from you. He's worried about you. He wants to meet up and talk. What happened with you two?'
        I contemplated telling her. I didn't want her losing her mind. I sighed, and then quietly wrote back.
        'Ornella cheated on me. I just found out tonight in front of Cass. Ornella has been at it all afternoon. I'm so tired of her, and this pettiness. She talked shit about my apartment, well now Abby's.'
        I hit send and started to eat my salad. Patty walked over and took her coat off, and hung it up.
        "Did you order?" 
        I nodded, wiping my mouth. "Cheese deep dish." 
        Patty smiled, "I need to eat." She flagged down the waitress, "Caesar salad. Glass of any red, no preference, and a supreme personal." 
        She smiled, "Alright I will put that in." She left Patty and I to talk. 
        "So twitter is buzzing. Your "quote" last time I checked had about 300 retweets. That's insane. So people are going nuts over it. Good job there, but what the hell is really going on? I've known you for about two years, and never have I seen you tweet on a Sunday evening, let alone something like that." 
        I took a sip of my beer, and looked at her, "Have you ever cheated on anyone, or been cheated on?" 
        She looked at me, "Does a middle school relationship count?" 
        I looked at her, "Details?" 
        She smirked, "Don't put this in your book." 
        I gave a faint smile, "Depends on how juicy it is." 
        She laughed, "Alright seventh grade. James McGinnith. He, and I were boyfriend girlfriend. Well I caught him holding hands, and kissing Janis DiPaola.” 
        I looked at her over my beer, as I tipped my head back drinking. I motioned with my hand for her to continue. 
        She sighed, “Well James, and Janis were like making out. What would it be, second base. I wasn’t like that. Jesus I blushed at the word virgin. Oh better yet, sanitary napkin.” 
        I looked at her, and set my beer down. “Well anyways I found them at a party. They were touching each other, under clothing and everything. I was so heartbroken at what the age of twelve. It was the fact that, I cared so much and, well he didn’t.” 
        I looked at her, “So yes you’ve been cheated on.” 
        She smiled, “You know I’m thirty four, and that still angers me to this day.” 
        I nodded, “Quite understandable. You were hurt. We don’t just miraculously heal. We learn to move on, but we never forget.” 
        She smiled, “So deep, and mysterious.”
         I smiled, “We all have secrets. If we told them all, what fun would we be?” 
        She winked, “Your secret is always safe with me.” 
        I smiled, “So where’s Robert?” 
        She shrugged, “Working at home. He’s programming something. I stay clear when he’s working at home.” I
         laughed, “Oh you poor thing.” 
        She shook her head, “No poor me anything. He’s happy, and so am I.” 
        I smiled. “Two pizza’s and a glass of red, and another Heineken.” Ashley had appeared with another waitress, at our table. They carefully set everything down. “Just give me a yell if you need anything.” She smiled, and left us once again to eat. 
        “So Ornella cheated on you?” I nodded, “Yep. Then she sat there and talked shit about my first flat when I came here.” 
        Patty took a piece of her pizza, and blew on it carefully. “That woman is a cold hearted bitch. Sorry to say it.” 
        I pulled a slice of my pizza out, and set it on my dish. “I just don’t understand what did I do wrong? Why cheat? If you’re that unhappy, you break up. Instead she’d led me on until New Years eve.” 
        Patty nodded, “I know you bought her a ring. How long has it been since you two split?” I sighed, “Two years. I started dating her when I was twenty. Ten bloody years with her.” 
        Patty was chewing her pizza, “I can’t believe it. You would have thought after ten years.” 
        I nodded, “We’d agreed on waiting because of our schooling, and trying to finish our degrees.” 
        Patty swallowed, and took a sip of wine, “So do you know who she cheated on you with?” 
        I looked at her, “Yep. God it kills me. He’s an innocent part in this truthfully. She blatantly lied to him.” 
        Patty started on another slice of her pizza, “Was it Cass?” 
        I sighed, and just nodded. 
        “Oh shit. Arcanum I’m so sorry.” 
        I took a swig of my beer, “He had no idea. She told him we’d broken up. He didn’t know that I’d left for New York, to get her engagement ring. I told him I was leaving for business. Part of that was true.”         Patty shook her head, “Unbelievable.” 
        I finished my beer, and left my pizza. 
        Ashley popped back over, “Alright are we ordering desert?” 
        I shook my head, “No but another beer before I leave.” 
        She smiled, “Sounds good. I will have them start that pizza for you.” 
        Patty looked across at me, as Ashley grabbed our pizza’s to wrap them up. “You didn’t even touch the pizza you have.” Ashley smiled, and left. 
        “Abby. I’m dropping it off at her house.” 
        Patty nodded, “Oh ok.” 
        Ashley had come back over with our food. “Here’s the bill.” I just handed her my credit card. 
        “You have to let me pay for my own.” Patty spoke. 
        I smiled, “It’s my treat.” 
        She smiled, “Ok. You do pay me for my work already.”
         I laughed, “Finish that wine. Share that pizza with Robert.” 
        She smiled, “I will don’t worry. The wine though is all mine.” 
        I signed the slip when Ashley came back with my pizza, and credit card. “Have a great night.” She smiled, and looked at the receipt, then me. I didn’t catch on right away, then she left. 
        Patty leaned over, “Someone wants you to call them.” 
        I smiled, and flipped the paper over, and scribbled a note. 
        "Lorem ipsum dolor sit mihi cura. Optima tibi opto in vita. Non solum autem, qui sedes ad oculum appellat. Fac tibi servat, prodest successionem videritis."
        "P.S it’s Latin"

        Patty looked at me.
         “I will explain later.” I smiled.
        We slipped on our coats, and I left her a twenty dollar bill on the table for her tip. I smiled, and kissed Ashley’s cheek as we left. 
        “Good night darling.”
         I walked out with Patty. We approached the entrance to Kenmore Station, 
        “Ok care to clarify what you told her?” 
        I smiled, “Thank you for your interest my dear. I wish you the best in life. Don't just settle for a man who is appealing to the eye. Make sure he treasures you, and helps you succeed at your dreams.”         Patty smiled, “Oh Arcanum that was sweet.” 
        I nodded, “It’s what I seem to do best.” 
        Patty looked at me, “You are sweet.” 
        I shook my head, “No I break hearts.” 
        Patty’s smile slowly withdrew from her face, and she pushed her blonde hair behind her ear, “Listen I will talk to you soon. Get home safely.” She hugged me, then disappeared down the block.         Before I entered the station, I had a final tweet to send out for the night. It was for Ornella, and I meant every word of it. The best line from a great song, 
@corvusnublia If you love me let me go ‘Cause these words are knives and often leave scars The fear of falling apart And truth be told, I never was yours

         With that being the final tweet of the night. I entered the trolley station, and waited for my train to arrive. 

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