The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


30. Chapter Thirty

            Cassiel had caught up with Abby just as she was about to cross Tremont St. He pulled over and put on his hazard lights. Leaning across the passenger’s seat, he opened the door. 
            “Get in please. I will drop you off.” He smiled, and patted the seat. 
            Abby looked up, “Oh for Christ sake. Did he send you? I don’t need a babysitter. I’m twenty seven.” She huffed, holding her ear bud, looking at him.  
            “Please don’t argue with me. I’m asking you to get in, and you’ll have a quick ride home. I will even throw in dinner, my treat.” Cass offered his Cheshire cat grin which usually made anyone smile. Abby wasn’t impressed. 
            “So he sent his older brother, to pick up the pieces.” She was pissed, and Cass didn’t want to argue with the poor girl.
            “Abby please just get in. You know I’m your friend, and you’re mine. Plus Emily would kick my arse. I don’t feel like one of her stiletto boots up my arse.” He smiled a genuine smile. 
            She sighed rolling her eyes, and climbed in shutting the door. Reaching behind her she retrieved the seatbelt, and buckled herself in. 
            “There all safe for transport. Can we please go now?” She questioned, with a bitter tone. 
            Cassiel nodded, “So dinner?” 
            She shook her head, “A liquor store. I’m on a diet.” She wasn’t on a diet, but it was the only way to absolve the feelings that were about to rear their ugliness. 
            “No, you need food. Let me please?” Cass drove, glancing over at her. She was upset, and he could tell she’d been crying. 
            “What possessed Arcanum to pursue a relationship, of any sorts with that god damn bitch?” Abby snapped. 
            Cassiel sighed, “University, he fell in love with her.” He wasn’t sure what else to offer for an explanation.
            “So I was nothing to him. Just the girl whose virginity he took. I loved him; I was in love with him. Damn it I still am.” The omission almost caused Cassiel to jam on his brakes. 
            Abby threw her bag on the floor. She pulled her legs up onto the seat, and bent her knees. She buried her face in her arms, and folded herself up like a piece of origami. Cassiel pulled over, and put the gear into park. He unbuckled his seat belt, and turned to Abby, and wrapped his arms around her. He looked over Abby’s head, curing his brother. 
            “Abby I’m so sorry. He loves you, don’t ever doubt that. Just sometimes, his head is in the clouds.” Cassiel was usually the one with smart remarks. 
            “His head is in another world. It’s in another reality. It happens to me when I read, but he; he goes somewhere else when writing. How could I even try to have something with him? His characters are consuming him. He’ll never move forward with anyone, if he can’t come to terms with his past.” She sniffled picking her head up slowly. 
            “Abby I’m part of the cause of his reluctance.” Cassiel sighed, and pulled back from Abby. He sat back in his seat, looking forward through the windshield. “Ornella had told me they’d broken up. Arc was in New York for a week. I ended up having her in the bathroom at South Station.” He sighed rubbing his face, before he continued. “I had no idea he’d gone to buy an engagement ring. She and I had been together all week. She’s just a whore to be truthfully honest. I never call women names, but Ornella isn’t a woman. She’s Lucifer in flesh at times. I hate to even say that.” 
            Abby looked at Cassiel, “She cheated on him with you? I knew she’d done something pretty bad. Arc told me she’d dumped him. He just seemed so heartbroken. I felt bad, but two years have passed, and still I’m left in the dugout, and he’s on the field. It’s like he’s gone blind to love.” She wiped away the tears from her cheeks, using the sleeve of her coat. 
            “No she’s held her claws in him since they broke up. She’s conniving. Her motives are malicious. She doesn’t want anyone to have him, especially you. I bought her a drink when we were playing pool. I had no idea about her encounter with Arcanum earlier that day. I sure as hell didn’t know, she’d kept our week long,” he shrugged, “affair? I guess that would be the word. I had no idea she’d kept that from Arcanum.”
            Abby sighed, and spoke softly, “Well now she has Doctor Alvin, pining after her. Although I have a feeling he’ll call the shots with her. She was walking with him tonight, arms linked.” She scoffed, “It won’t take long before she’s in his bed.” Abby’s voice became quieter trailing off at the end. She was tired, and just had no energy left. 
            “So I’m just taking you home then?” Cassiel asked, putting his seatbelt back on. 
            Abby just nodded.
            Cass shifted the back into gear, and pulled back into traffic. 
            It didn’t take long for him to reach her apartment; he pulled up in front of the building. There were no lights on in her apartment. So Farrel hadn’t come here. She undid the seatbelt, and reached down grabbing her bag.
             “Thanks for the ride.” She quietly hopped out, and shut the door behind her. 
            Cassiel watched to make sure she made it inside safely. 
            She pulled her mail out of her box. Once she’d unlocked the door, and pushed it open. She turned and gave a slight wave, before closing the door, and locking it.
            Cassiel pulled back into traffic, and called me. 
            “Hello? Is she ok?” I was anxious to have answers. 
            “Calm yourself down. She’s home, and rather upset. She’s inside, and locked up safe and tight. Now the big bad Ornella won’t be able to hurt her for now.” Cass was being snide.
            “Ha ha so funny, you should be a comedian.” I was annoyed with him. “Did she eat? Or at least get something?” I wanted to make sure she was eating. When Abby was upset, she wouldn’t eat. 
            “Nope, nada, no bro. She’s really upset. She told me she was on a diet, and asked for a liquor store. She broke down into bloody tears on me. I had to hug the girl. Your twat of twit ex really did something to fuck you up. I don’t know what vice she has on your jewels, but it’s seriously time to figure your shit out. I hate being so honest, but Abby waited two years for you. By the way, you took her virginity, and then you’re with Ornella. I thought I was the asshole, the black sheep of our family. You may be in the running for that one” Cass let out a huff, with a slight smirk. For once he was off the pedestal for asshole moves.


            “It’s not like I stole Abby’s virtue, and then ran with Ornella. Abby and I were living together. It was before she started college. She was of age. Things started forming between us over the summer. Then she withdrew a bit. She told me to go for Ornella. Don’t put all the blame on me.” I snapped.
            “Oh so it’s Abby’s fault?” Cassiel had an accusation tone now. Great I was fueling his fire. 
            “Will you shut up for two minutes, and let me explain. Abby was out with me. Ornella was sitting there. Abby suggested I go over and speak to her. So I’m not some big bad wolf. Yes it’s been two years. You don’t know the full story behind Ornella, and me. Rightfully so, it’s none of your bloody business.” I was shouting at my brother through the phone.
            “Arcanum I’m not cleaning up your messes anymore.” He was clipped tone with me.
            “My messes excuse me, my messes. Our sister and Abby believed some fucking bat shit crazy ex-girlfriend. Seriously how fucking ridiculous of a story. I’ve never put my hands on a woman. I’m not some bloody drunk like our father. I can control myself. You know what though; I’m done playing these games. I’m tired of having my life interrupted with everyone’s accusations. I need to get some work done.” I hung up the phone. It took all my restraint not to throw the phone against the wall.
            I was beyond angry. Ornella was ruining my life. I was so tired of it. Even with being in another country, she still couldn’t remove her hooks from me. Why was I stuck, because she decided to harbor a secret from me? I was never one for secrets. I always hated them. It showed dishonesty in my eyes. She went behind my back, and I could never forgive her. In some circumstances, I’m glad she did what she did; I wouldn’t want to be with her now. She was heartless, and cruel. Then again, if she hadn’t done what she’d done, maybe things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did. 

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