The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


32. Chapter Thirty Two

            The sounds of someone vomiting aroused Emily.             "Abby Hun?" She called out, dragging herself off the couch.             Another round of crying, and the contents of Abby's stomach being emptied, echoed.             "Abby I'm here." Emily pushed the bathroom door open. On the floor, gripping the ceramic toilet was Abigail Zydef? A nurse by day, broken hearted girl by night.             "Arcanum took care of me last time." She whimpered, as beads of sweat poured off her face.             "Well now the better half is here sweetie." Emily had retrieved a wash cloth, and ran it under the cool water.             Abby stripped herself of her scrub top. She once again hunched over the bowl of the toilet. Dressed in her bra, and scrub pants, she whimpered.             Emily knelt down beside Abby, placing the wash cloth on the nape of her neck.             "I'm angry. He acts like he's protecting me, but he's not." The grumble had been accompanied along with, "Oh God!" Emily was invited into another round of vomiting as it ensued.             There wasn't much Emily could do. She rubbed her friends back. Beads of sweat were now all over Abby's body. Once the round of vomiting ended, Abby closed the lid of the toilet. Her cheek was placed on top of the closed seat. The coolness was a breath of relief to her flushed face.             Emily leaned forward, and flushed the toilet. She moved carefully, and held Abby. Emily saw past people’s worst moments. That’s what made her an incredible nurse, and friend. Abby started to tremble, and the tears started to stream down like a steady flowing brook.             “Let’s get you washed up. You need to change into some actual pajamas, and back to bed. This isn’t how you should be spending your night.” Emily stood up, and ran the wash cloth under the warm water again.             “I don’t think I can make it to work.” Abby croaked, and held her head. It was cradled, like a mother holding her newborn child.             “So you have symptoms of a stomach virus. Sweating, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps. I will vouch for you.” She returned kneeling down, and started to wipe Abby’s face, and neck.             “Please don’t tell him. Don’t tell him I’m sick. He’ll freak out. Arcanum blows a gasket whenever any of us are sick. I can’t have him worrying. It was out of anger, and hurt why I did this. Now I’m sobering up.” She quickly opened the toilet again. The sound of her whimper was enough to make Emily cringe. Nothing came up this time. She’d completely emptied the contents of her stomach.             The confessions of a drunk Abby, were about to pour out.             "I'm in love with a man, and he never grasped it. So I've moved forward and found Farrel. He's amazing in all aspects. I just," she sighed.             "You're just lost? You had so many firsts with Arcanum. Now you're creating new firsts with Farrel. It's ok to feel lost, don't let it take the helm of your new relationship." Emily smiled, helping Abby into bed. She carefully covered her up, and kissed her cheek.             "Emily please call Farrel. Let him know I'm ok. I think I may need to get away for a few days. There's too much going on." Abby sighed, struggling to hold back another sob.             "I will phone, and let him know." She smiled, and moved across the room. "Try and sleep." Emily smiled, and then flipped the light switch off. She quietly shut the door, as she exited the room. She let out her own sigh, watching her friend with her own struggles, “Arcanum why can’t you see what’s right in front of you?”                         It was six fifteen in the morning. The sun was rising slowly. Emily took it upon herself to phone Farrel.             “Hello?” Farrel answered the phone with a soft voice.             “Bloody hell you owe me, along with my brother. I need you to phone work. Tell them you’ve been with Abby all night. She has an awful stomach virus. Symptoms are nausea, vomiting, chills, sweats, and stomach cramps. She’s been up half the night, praying to the toilet. Now be a good chap, and get on that. Her shift is in forty five minutes. I’m exhausted, but I’m off today. I will stay with her.” Emily quietly walked over to the window. The hustle and bustle of people approaching South Station was amazing.             “What happened last night? She never called me. I waited, but I was tired.” He sighed, rubbing his stubble.             “Ornella pushed Abby’s limits. Now phone work, she has a stomach virus. We’ll speak later.” Emily hung up her phone, and set it on the windowsill.             The city was starting to come alive. Emily decided the apartment needed to be in order. She quietly picked up the liquor bottles which were evidence of what truly had happened. Emily wasn’t one for lying, but she knew Ornella could cause anyone to drink. She quietly disposed of the bottles into the recycling bin, and started the cleanup. Shards of glass were still strewn about on the floor. The frame was destroyed, but the picture appeared to have survived.             “Oh Arcanum, you don’t realize how badly she needs you.” Emily touched the picture, and carefully placed it on the coffee table. The rest of the morning was consumed by cleaning.             Emily had cleaned every inch of the loft, and was sitting quietly having a cup of tea. The midday news had just come on, when the door buzzed.             She quietly headed down the three flights of stairs, and unlocked the door opening it.             “Flower delivery for Noodle?” A woman smiled, wearing a jacket, which was embroidered with the local florists name on it.             “Yes Noodle lives here.” Emily smiled. The woman handed the bouquet of flowers over.             “Have a great day.” The delivery woman ran back to her van, and once inside pulled back into traffic.              Emily headed back up the three flights of stairs, with the glass vase in hand.             Once inside, she set it on the kitchen table for Abby. There was a card, but she didn’t dare read it. That wasn’t her place, and Abby would most likely show it to her. So she would wait.             It was three thirteen in the afternoon, and Emily was quietly watching television.             “I have a headache, even the devil may take sympathy on.” Abby pulled her sweater around her tightly, fighting off the chill in the Boston air.             “I think you might have drunk more than both of my brothers combined. You might have won a drinking contest.” Emily smiled.             Abby half smiled, spotting the flowers.             “They were delivered around noon.” Emily smiled and was hopeful; Abby wouldn’t introduce them to the garbage.             “They’re sweet. Just isn’t the same though. He did the same thing with the hydrangea. This wasn’t his doing. He doesn’t owe me an explanation for leaving. He doesn’t need to tell me, he’s not home. I stupidly assumed.” Abby smiled, and pulled the card from the flowers.             “My Noodle, what will I do with you? Let me know what you want, and or need.”             Warmest regards, and hugs             XX Arc             She smiled, and slipped the card back in with the floral arrangement.             “It’s quite nice. He means well you know.” Emily smiled at her friend.             “I know he does. This shouldn’t have involved him. Ornella seems hell bent, on ruining my life. She’s just angry at me, and I don’t know why.” Abby sighed, joining Emily on the couch. She looked down at the picture.             “He feels horrible. He messaged me on my Google chat last night.” Emily finally confessed.             “You’re kidding me right? I thought Farrel had sent you over here.” Abby leaned forward, and lifted the photo from the table. She quietly leaned back, and moved to make herself comfortable on the couch.             “No he waited for you, but he was tired.” Emily laid her head, against Abby’s shoulder.             “I really do owe Arcanum for this. Even being so far away, he managed to do all of this.” Abby remarked, and gently stroked the photograph. 
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