The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


31. Chapter Thirty One

  Abby trudged into her loft, abandoning her bag by the front door. She turned locking it quietly behind her. Nobody would be coming over tonight. She didn’t want the company of Farrell, or anyone for that matter. He had abandoned her once again, when she needed him most.                  “Son of bitch!”                  She exclaimed, looking at the picture on the bookcase. A sob ripped through her chest, before she launched the picture across the open space. The glass shattered as it struck the floor. Shards danced across the wood floor, slivers here, and specks there. It didn’t matter. The frame broke, just like their friendship. Abby wondered if it was a sign. She had Farrell, but your first love, always holds onto your heart. She wasn’t upset that Arcanum was hung up on Ornella to be exact. She was angry. She was angry with herself, forever suggesting he go speak with her. That was the hardest part of all of this. Abby was truly the root of the problem. Abby was the cause of Arcanum’s pain. She couldn’t see it before. Tonight though, of all nights it hit her.                  “I ruined his life. He’s gone now. I’m alone.”                  She tossed her keys on the table by the door, and stepped over the glass. Quietly it crunched underneath her clogs. Still in her scrubs, she made her way to the refrigerator.  Sitting in the door were several bottles of liquor. The only reason she made her remark to Cass, was so he’d just take her home. She wanted nothing to do with either of these men. They’d both been tainted by the villain, and Abby’s heart was black, and crumbling.                  In the door sat Vodka, her preferred choice. Scotch for Arcanum, Whiskey for Farrell, and Cass, last but not least Rum for Emily. She also had a regular six pack of Smirnoff ice. She’d always have people over, but recently, Farrell, an Emily were the only one’s she’d seen.                  So she did what seemed the wisest. Finish off the bottle with the least first. Just under half a bottle of vodka was consumed, in about twenty minutes with no second thought paid to it.                  “What’s it matter?” She tipped the bottle back, and felt the fleeting fire race down her throat.                  She made her way over to the radio and turned it on. Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life played in the background.                  She maneuvered around the couch, and back to the kitchen. The empty bottle of vodka was on the windowsill by the radio. The refrigerator door opened, and there stood a choice.                  “Eenie meenie miney mo. Pick a liquor, before the show. If it burns, then rightfully so. Now drink your life to shit. Because now you have nowhere to go. “                   She started with large gulps of whiskey straight from the bottle.                  “What would Arcanum say? Oh bloody hell love, don’t ruin yourself like this. Hmm Emily would plead with me, this isn’t right. Cassiel would just cheer me on. Tell them both I’m a big girl. Right I was a big fucking girl. I stood up to Ornella.” The tears started to stream down. “Don’t be like your father. You’re better than that.” I could hear my mom say it. “I’m not better than anything. I’m the girl who gave him my heart, my virginity. I told him to approach that fucking cunt.” She finished off the rest of the bottle. It thudded, as the heavy glass hit the hardwood floor.                  “Third time’s a charm, Right assholes?” Abby called out, looking up almost as if she were questioning God, St. Peter, and whoever else might be watching.                  “Scotch asshole. Shit you won’t be here for me either way. You’re like alcohol. You’ll make the ache louder, and more painful. You’ll be gone in the morning without warning. You’re truly my best friend.  Scotch, you are Arcanum Corvus. The biggest pompous asshole in the literary world.”                  She brought the glass bottle to her lips, and let the amber liquid travel down her throat. With this she didn’t wait. She guzzled it, like it would provide some nourishment for her weary soul. It would only hurt her later on, like I had.                 “I should call that asshole.” A loud hiccup slipped from Abby’s now sticky lips. She wiped them with the back of her hand.                  She was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. She stumbled to her bag. After several failed attempts, she had found her phone.                                   My phone vibrated, and it said NOODLE. I smiled, and answered.                 “Hello Noodle. How are you Love? Everything alright sweetheart?” I asked, unsure. It was shortly after nine at night back in Boston.                  “I think, think you’re an asshole.” Slurred words, with hesitation came through the phone.                  “Abby what have you been drinking, and how much?” I asked, waiting for her response.                  “It’s none of your business.” A hiccup followed, and a loud noise. “Wait, none of your bloody business.” She giggled. “I sound like a British asshole just like you.”                  I sighed, “Abigail, what have you been drinking?” I knew she’d had something.                  “What’s it matter Best Seller. Gonna put it in that fucking book. Douche.” She snickered.                  “Abby please answer me, or I’m going to phone the police there for a well check.” I sighed, and placed my glasses on my desk.                 “They couldn’t find it. Remember I don’t live in anything. It’s just some run down dump. I don’t have pretty things like she does. I will never be her. I will never be pretty like her.” Abby was bordering on tears, and anger.                  “Please don’t compare yourself to Ornella. She’s not worth the air she breaths love.” I was trying to reason with someone who was heavily intoxicated. I pulled up my Google Chat, and quickly messaged Emily.                  “ANSWER ME NOW!” I hit enter sending the message. My heart was possibly beating against my ribs. I was very anxious.                 “I’m here!  What?” She’d replied.                 “Get to Abby now. She’s severely impaired."                 “Where is she Arcanum? Do I need to ring for an ambulance?” Emily wrote back.                  “She’s home. I’m not sure how much she drank. Please get there. I will speak with you once we know the situation.” I quickly tapped at my keyboard.                 “Writing more asshole. Couldn’t do it here. Oh wait, no she’d be all over you. Right?” The words were slurring more so now.                  Within minutes, the alcohol was taking over her. I said a silent prayer to God, asking to keep her safe.                  “No sweetheart, I’m speaking with you. Writing is on the back burner, so to speak.” I swallowed, and pinched the bridge of my nose. “She wouldn’t be all over me. We’re no longer together, and you know that.” It was hard saying that, because part of me still lingered with her.                  “Then what did I do wrong?” She sobbed.                  “Nothing Abby, I’m just still healing. I don’t want to hurt you, and ruin what we have.” That was the absolute truth. We had a great friendship; I couldn’t allow the walls to be torn down.                 “What we have?” She scoffed, her speech slurred, “We’ve nothing you asshole.” I could hear the knocking on Abby’s door. “You sent your fucking sister. Fuck you.” The phone fell, and I could hear her stumbling to the door. The glass bottle hit the floor. I sank to the floor, and let my head fall back against the door.                  “Abby come on. You’ve had way too much to drink sweetie.” My sister’s sweet and calm demeanors were there to help.                  “He left me here. He left me for the valcher to attack.” Abby was sobbing, and I could hear the movement. I stayed on the phone, and listened.                  “You need to get some sleep. I will spend the night ok?” Emily was helping Abby to her bed.                  “Promise you won’t leave. I can’t handle someone else leaving.” She was scared, and it was my fault.                  Emily’s sweet accent was a comfort, even being so far apart. “I’m not leaving my best friend. You need me, and I’m here. I will crash on your couch. You probably won’t feel too well in the morning.”                   “He left me again. What did I ever do to him?” Abby questioned with a quivering tone.                  “He had to get some work done I’m assuming. He never made any mention to us. We’re his siblings.” Emily soothed her friend.                  I waited patiently on the phone. I probably should have hung up, but I couldn’t. I needed to be there in any way possible. I continued to wait, wondering if the phone would be picked up. I was exhausted, and it was because I had caused this. I must have dozed off against the door. My phone was buzzing on the floor beside me.                 I quickly picked it up, and answered, “Hello?” my voice was anxious.                  “She’s asleep, and is heavily intoxicated. The girl drank enough to put you, and Cassiel under the table.  Now listen, Ornella is causing problems. Abby is heartbroken. Luckily she stood up to her, but it was uncalled for. Now if your crazy ex-girlfriend pulls this shit again, I’m going to kick her ass. Abby did nothing to deserve this. Truthfully it’s your mess, and well Cass’s as well. So figure it out.” Emily was angry, not so much with me; but Ornella.                  “Find out from Abby, does she want to come here for a week? I will pay for her airfare, I just need to know.” I was trudging to my bedroom.                  “I will speak with her, when she’s sober. Now go and rest. You’re exhausted. I will phone you tomorrow. Sweet dreams Arc. Love you.” Emily was sincere.                  “Sweet dreams sweetheart. I love you too.” I smiled, and ended the call. I set my phone down on the nightstand, before letting my body hit the mattress.  The pillow welcomed my head, like I was a long lost friend. Shortly after our reunion, I was asleep on top of the covers. 
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