The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


10. Chapter Ten

        The bell on the door chimed, alerting the staff I’d entered. Ornella looked up, locking eyes with me. Her warm brown eyes twinkled. Her long brown hair was about midway down her back. She wore a black sweater, and a pair of fitted jeans. Her boots gave her an additional three inches give or take.         She was still shorter then me by about half a foot.
        “Hi there handsome. I’ve not seen you in a long time.” She stood up, as I walked over unbuttoning my coat. I leaned down offering a hug, which she’d reciprocated. 
        “Mmm Bvgari still?” 
        I swallowed, and pulled back, “Yes. You know I don’t wear anything else.” 
        That disgustingly devilish grin danced across her face, 
        "Well we know that's not completely true Arcanum. You used to wear me quite often; if I remember correctly." 
        She raised one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows at me. 
        "Piss off. You've worn more men, then there are fragrances for them." 
        She scowled at me. Her red lips, were pursed and was seething at my remark. I slid out of my coat and draped it on the back of my chair.
        I sat down and leaned back. Ornella returned to her chair, and crossed her legs and looked at me. 
        "I'm not one of your patients. So what do you want?" 
        She let her head fall back as she laughed, "Such an uptight English man. Relax a little." 
        I cleared my throat, "One can't relax around you. They're constantly having to check their back.         Never know when you have a knife on you." 
        She straightened up looking at me. "The past is in the past." 
        I leaned forward, and looked her dead in the eye. "You fucking ripped out my heart you cold hearted," I whispered the last part, "bitch." 
        She smiled a wicked smile, leaning forward mere inches from me. I could see the wheels in that cataclysmic brain of hers turning. "You seem to be sorely mistaken. I didn't rip your heart out. I politely dumped you." 
        I whispered, "You callus bitch. I had knelt down on one knee. Your exact words were, "We're over. Best of luck in life." I stood up, and you turned and walked away. " 
        She smirked, "Seems to have worked well in that story of yours. Micah can't trust anyone, and his best friend is in love with him. Stupid Micah, just can't come to terms with being dumped." She looked into my eyes, and I swear I could feel her draining my soul. I stood up, and grabbed my jacket.
        "Where are you going?" 
        I ignored her, and left the coffee on the small table.
        I was outside walking down the street, pulling my coat on. I slipped my ear buds back in, and put on some music. I put on my headphones and started listening to Nine Inch Nails - No You don't. I was half way down the block to Post Office Square when someone tugged on my arm. I turned around, and found Ornella standing there. 
        “You don’t get to run off, and leave me like that.” 
        I looked down at her, “Karma is a bitch, now isn’t it. Please remove your hand from my arm. I in know way, have any feelings for you. Why not find one of your bloody pets, and go take care of business. Go hump them, like the cheap bitch you are.” 
        She smiled coyly at me, “Oh are we jealous.” She moved stepping in front of me. Her index finger was placed against my lips, “You have quite the feisty mouth. Now calm down. I only wanted to spend some time with you. Catch up, and see how you’re doing.” 
        I closed my eyes, and I could feel her finger hook at the collar of my coat. 
        “Relax.” She whispered, and then linked arms with me. “Let’s walk a bit, and talk.” I wanted to pull away, but she had her hooks in me physically, and emotionally. 
        We walked, and other people passed us. They assumed we were a couple. At one time, they would have been correct to assume such. Now we were two total strangers to one another. We weren’t even friends. We were acquaintances, and that was even a stretch. 
        She smiled all to happily, “Oh I do miss these afternoon strolls. You and I used to have so much fun on them. We’d talk, and look at the architecture around the city. What happened?” 
        I was about to answer, but she cut me off.
        “Arcanum, I was stupid for breaking up with you. I was young, and afraid of such a big commitment. I just wasn’t ready to settle down.” I kept my eyes straight to see what lay ahead of me. “Arcanum I’m speaking to you.” 
        I glanced down at her, “You’re speaking at me technically.” 
        She stopped, digging her nails into my coat. “I’m speaking to you, and I expect a response.” 
        I looked at her. “Sorry I don’t respond to the wind blowing past my ear. You’re like a bloody mosquito buzzing around my ear. You take what you want to satisfy your needs; then leave the other person uncomfortable.” 
        She glared at me, “You’re comparing me to a disease ridden insect?”
        I smiled, “Amazing those years in university did pay off. You know that they carry disease. My dear woman, there may actually be hope for you after all.” 
        She dug her nails in deeper, and it actually started becoming painful. “You listen to me Arcanum Presley. Nobody speaks to me that way. I especially won’t have my,” she stopped, unsure of what to refer to me as. 
        “You’re what Ornella? You’re ex-boyfriend, ex-lover, almost ex-fiancé. Oh so many variations, and you are baffled.” 
        She dug even deeper, and yanked on my arm. I had to walk with her. If not, she might have taken my coat. Who know’s maybe even my arm.  
        We walked through downtown Boston, and she didn’t let go. She’d smile as people passed us. I was tempted to send some signal for help. “You’re awfully quiet. Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been up to Arcanum. I’ve not seen you for a while. I know you have your book which is doing great. Still living where you did before?” 
        I shook my head, “I’ve moved since then.” 
        She made a guttural sound, “Oh thank god. That place you loved, your flat. It was so hideous. I don’t know why anyone would bother to pay rent to it.” 
        I cleared my throat, “Actually Abby loves it. She took it over, when she found out I wanted to move. Her lease was up, and she loved the character of the place.” 
        Ornella laughed hysterically, “Character? Character? Jesus Christ what is she blind. That building needs to be torn down, and replaced with something nicer looking. The outside is just so rundown. The bricks are stained black from all the truck exhaust.” Ornella cringed. “For God sakes there was a flower growing out of the brick by that window. Really Arcanum? The front bottom has a metal guard over the glass. The For Lease sign was still on it.” 
        I looked at her, “You’re a bitch. Bloody hell. That was my home when I was on my own. I worked my bloody arse off for that rent. I was attending university, working on my book, and working three blood jobs.”
        She shrugged, “You could have had something better. I did.” 
        I shook my head, “Some of us, weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths.” 
        She scoffed, “How dare you. I wasn’t born with a spoon in my mouth. My parents worked like anyone else. They made sure I was provided for.” 
        I cleared my throat, “Your mother is a Lawyer, and your father does what now?” She shook her head, “It’s not important.” 
        I laughed, “Oh that’s right a dean of Boston College. Who had their tuition paid for them? Right. So where do you keep that spoon now?” 
        She became furious, “I didn’t have everything handed to me. I worked for what I wanted.” 
        I burst out laughing even harder, “The only thing you ever worked for was a free drink at the bar, using those tits daddy bought you. Why did he buy them? Oh right, you were so insecure with your original size. I told you how perfect you were. I loved you for you, not your body. That was just what incased whom I loved.” 
        She looked at me, “You never complained when you were fucking me?” 
        I shook my head, “I never fucked you. Nor have I ever fucked anyone. I’m not some horny male specimen who looks to get his jolly’s off. That’s what you’ve always wanted. I wanted to be your lover, but that was never good enough. You truly are a greedy bitch.” 
        She had pulled me into Faniuel Hall, as I tensed up, and swallowed back my anger. “Excuse me, I would like to go Ornella. You’ve had your time to play catch up.” 
        She smiled, and dug her nails in a centimeter more, just to remind me she was still holding on. 
        “Well since you blew off your coffee, which I paid for; you owe me a drink. I’m feeling a little hungry as well.” She smiled, and batted her eyelashes at me. 
        “One drink, no food, and let me go. I have things to do.” 
        She smirked, “Things to do. Darling the library is closed, and well Barnes & Noble doesn’t need lonely authors hanging around their store, watching to see who’s buy his book. 
        I looked down at her. “Well I could stoop to your level of maturity, but I don’t think my intellect would follow. A drink, and then I’ll be on my way. I’m assuming you have someone to follow after. It is a Sunday evening after all. You must be going to The Bhramin. Do you have a suitor tonight, or are you looking for prey?” 
        She pursed her lips, “You think you’re so wise with your accent, and quick tongue. I went to college as well. I have a my Masters you pompous asshole. I support myself, and do quite well. You, you write a book, and think you’re fucking God. Well you’re not.” 
        I laughed, “Oh I’ve never thought I was my creator. I sure as hell think though you’re in close competition with a certain fallen angel. Sometimes I even think you are that angel.” 
        She bared her teeth at me, “How dare you Arcanum. Take that back.” 
        I was laughing so hard, I held my stomach, “Oh bloody hell. That kicked you right in the knickers.” 
        People were walking by, and looking. Some were even whispering.
        She  glared at me, “Fuck the drink you asshole.” 
        I smirked, “I don’t fuck the fish market.” 
        With that she whipped around, and started walking away from me. I laughed so hard, I had to sit down. I couldn’t contain it anymore. Then out of nowhere a loud crack, and numbness connected with my face. 
        “How dare you make a mockery of me. I’m Ornella Agostinelli.” 
        I stood up, “Everyone this is Ornella Agostinelli. She thinks she’s someone important.” People looked, and some snickered. 
        “I hate you Arcanum.” 
        I smirked, “Hit me again. I dare you. There are two lovely officers, and I think they just saw you assault me. Now I know you had a kink for handcuffs, but love those are serious.” 
        She saw them move, and looked at me.
        “Don’t you dare?”
        I shrugged. 
        I shoved my hands in my pockets, and walked off letting her stand there. 

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