The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


17. Chapter Seventeen

        I'd arrived home, and headed inside. Emily was laughing, and music carried through out my home. I heard a males voice speaking, then she laughed.
        "Oh Arc is home." I hung up my coat, and walked in to find Emily, and Kyle just starting to serve dinner. 
        "Hi there stranger." Kyle smiled. He was roughly five foot eleven, and had sandy blonde hair, and green eyes. He shook my hand, then took a seat. I kissed Emily's cheek, and then sat down with. Kyle poured each of us, a glass of wine.
         "So who is this person that's staying with you?" Emily asked.
        I looked at her, setting my glass down, "Walter, he left actually. That's why I wasn't here when you arrived." 
        Emily swallowed, and raised an eyebrow. "Walter?" 
        I nodded, "Yes the gentlemen who was coined the name spare change man by Boston Common. Emily nodded. I held my glass, and looked at her, “Well Walter, he’s actually quite a pleasant gentlemen. He has a heart of gold, and an amazing story.” I continued and told Emily, and Kyle his story.
        “Wow I would never have expected that. I always gave him money when I saw him. He seemed nice enough.” Emily smiled, then took a sip from her wine glass. 
        “He’s a great guy. Sadly in this world of judgement, people mistook him to be something else.” Emily smiled. 
        “Arcanum you’ve always seen people for their inner beauty. You always listen to what everyone has to say. That’s what I absolutely look up to you for.”
        I smiled, and nodded at Emily accepting the compliment. I refused to let it become a compliment, that would create an ego. I never had an ego, and nor would I ever. Ego’s aren’t always a bad thing, but if you become swept up in it; the ego can turn you into an ugly individual. I have never been ugly. Even after all the times Ornella hurt me, I never stooped to her level. I was honest, and used music to express how I felt. I curbed my tongue, when I could have lashed her with a thousand words of hate, and anger; but that was not how I was raised. I refused to be like my father. 
        “Arcanum you’re quiet.” Emily set her glass down, and looked across the table at me. 
        I shook my head, so I'd return to the room. 
        “Sorry, just become lost in thought sometimes.” I smiled, and peered into my wine glass.
        “Reading the grapes are we?” Kyle asked smirking. 
        I let out a booming laugh, “Ah Harry Potter humor I see.” 
        “Yes I’ve seen the movies. Never read the books.” My niece loves them. Kyle smiled, and wrapped his arm around Emily’s shoulder. I stood up, and cleared the table loading the dishwasher. 
        Kyle whispered, “Your brother is very quiet tonight. Is everything ok?” 
        Emily shook her head, “He had a bad night last night. So he’s been off since it happened. We’ll talk later.”
        Kyle nodded, and kissed her temple. 
        I walked back out with coffee, and cheesecake. “Emily did you make the cheesecake?”     
        She shook her head, “No time to. I bought it on the way over.” 
        I cut it up, and served them each a slice, before taking my own. 
        Emily looked at Kyle, almost as if she were running a nonverbal question by him. 
        “Spit it out.” I spoke, savoring the taste of the rich desert. 
        Emily pulled at her necklace, moving the cross back and forth on the chain. “I just worry about you and, well um.” 
        I already didn’t like the destination of the conversation at hand. Emily never stuttered over her words. She was precise, and on cue. Tonight, tonight something was causing her to falter. “Arc, listen Abby really appreciated the pizza, and everything you did. You’re her best friend, and you’ll never be less then that but,” 
        Right there, my hand stopped in midair with the glass in hand. 
        “But?” I raised a questioning eyebrow at my sister. 
        Emily twisted at the hem of her scrub top now. Kyle rubbed her back, “It’s ok Emily. He’s your brother, he won’t be angry with you.”
        I now leaned forward in my chair, and set my glass down, “Emily Presley spill now. I don’t play games, and I don’t stand for teeter, totter games.” 
        She looked like she was about to cry, “Arcanum, she told you how she felt because, she needed to know if it was ok to move forward.” 
        I looked at Emily, and felt my stomach knot up. My hands started to tremble, and a lump threatened to cut off my airway. Truthfully though, after hearing that, was breathing something that was necessary? 
        “She’s liked Nathen for a while. Well they’ve hung out, and they click really well. He’s her best friend at work. She explained her feelings for you to him, and he was willing to wait patiently. Arcanum, she deserves to be happy, and understands where you’re coming from. She’s dating him exclusively now.” Emily’s eyes were so haunted.
        I poured more wine, and threw my head back guzzling what was in the glass. 
        “Arcanum stop please.”
        I stared up at the ceiling, "Emily what should I stop? Please enlighten me.
        She whispered, "I'm asking you to not, well don't become irresponsible with your drinking please."
        I took my gaze off the ceiling, and looked at her, "I'm not being irresponsible. I had what two glasses of wine? I'm not a bloody drunk."
        She stiffened, "You didn't even set the glass down. In one furious swift movement, that glass was emptied." 
        I laughed, "What are you insinuating Emily? Please do tell." 
        She shrunk like an ant under a magnifying glass. I'd upset her.
        "Well?" I was about to punch myself in the face for being an arse. 
        "Arcanum please" her voice was barely a whisper. 
        "Don't compare me to our father. I'm not some English literature professor, who idolized Poe." I looked at her. Kyle was dumbfounded. 
        "She's merely looking out for you." That was all he said. 
        I saw that I'd hurt my sister. I grabbed the glass, and launched it across the room, and it shattered against the wall. Emily jumped, and Kyle sat there stunned. 
        “The bloody bitch still has her claws in my fucking life. She’s taken what happiness I should be afforded. I couldn’t commit to Abby.” I stood up, and the chair skidded across my dining room floor.
        Emily held her head in her hands, “She ruined his life. Now he’s afraid to love anyone again. It’s been two years.”
        Kyle leaned forward, wrapping one arm around her waist, and gently stroking her arm with his free hand, “I’ve never heard of a woman being so callous in my life. I know of ex’s that are name callers, and such.” 
        Emily shook her head, “Ornella still has her hooks in him. He doesn’t truly allow it, but she does whatever she can to prove she’s superior. Last night she showed up where my brothers were playing pool. Cass used his Instagram, and the location was on, well Ornella used it to her advantage. This whole entire drama ensued because of her. Arcanum punched Cass in the face, and then left. These past forty eight hours have been quite a roller coaster ride.”
        Kyle spoke softly, “She sounds like a piece of work.” Then he looked at Emily, “Ornella?” 
        Emily nodded, “Yes Ornella Agostinelli.” 
        Kyle’s jaw dropped, “The name sounded familiar. She works in psychiatry right?” 
        Emily nodded, “Yep. Took a job where Abby, and I work while she and Arcanum were together. She’s bitch, putting it politely. She lied to Cass, and told him that she, and Arcanum were over. Well Cass likes to be the party boy, but is responsible. Last night Ornella let it slip, and Cass told the truth.”
        Kyle shook his head, “I never liked her. Very two faced.”
        Emily turned, and looked at Kyle, “She stays clear of me. Never says much. A brief hello, and how’s work.” 
        I sat on the stairs to my back yard, and stared at the fence. I was absolutely cursed. This I was positive of. My temper just got the best of me. I never acted so childish, and god in front of my poor sister. I leaned forward, resting my arms on my knees, and put my head down. I felt her small frame sit beside me, and wrap her arms around my torso.
        “I’m not angry with you. I understand there’s a lot going on. One person can only take so much before they break. I just felt as though it would be easier hearing it from me. Arcanum she’s afraid she’ll lose your friendship, and she doesn’t want that to happen.” 
        I exhaled, “She’ll never lose our friendship. It will be the same, except she’ll be happy with the one she’s meant to be with.” 
        Emily laid her head against my arm, “You’ll find your soulmate one day.” 
        I scoffed, “Not with Ornella around. She’s determined to run off anyone whom I might show any interest in.”
        Emily growled, “How the hell does she do this. There’s no link between you, and her. Abby, and I don’t speak to her. We’re polite while at work, but not chummy.” 
        I shrugged, “Emily your guess is as good as mine.”
        We were both left wondering, was my life that routine that Ornella knew everything I did? 
        Emily patted my back, “Let’s go in, and have desert. Maybe we can play Sherlock Holmes, and see if there’s some clue as to how she’s tracking you.” 
        I laughed, “I’m going to get you intoxicated one night, and let you round off on her.”
        Emily winked, “You know I’d love that opportunity.”
        I stood up, and returned to the dining room with her. 



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