The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


1. Chapter One

     I’m sitting here, staring at a blank screen. The cursor is blinking, awaiting my words. 

     “Well?” That would be my computer speaking; as if it could. 

     This writers block, it’s been absolute hell. I come out with, The, And, Then. Nothing of substantiality to actually put into this book. Everyone is so eager to read the next book. This was a hobby. Nothing more. Yes my degree is in English Literature, but I've pictured myself running a library, not writing books. Yes I’m the man behind Amissus animarum. The beautiful language of Latin. It’s The Lost Souls to be exact. Where everyone has a story, but to get to the truth, they must trust one another. Until they can trust, they’ll wander. They are the Amissus animarum. The cursor appears to be blinking much more rapidly now. 

     “God dammit enough already.” The outburst disrupts the tranquility of my home.

     The chair crashes against the wooden floor, as I stand up quickly. I start pacing the cold floors of my home. On a chilly October afternoon, I’m miffed with myself. How do I start a new book, after leaving a major cliff hanger with my fans. I scan the room, looking for anything to pop out. I need a way to attenuate the wall preventing my thoughts to breath. 

     So where do I turn to? I decided to rove around the house. With each beat of my heart, it matched that damned cursor. I ran my fingers through my hair, “What did I do to be punished with this insurmountable blockage.” I growled, scarfing my phone off the counter. 17 Text Messages. I unlocked my phone and scanned over them.
        “When are we hanging out?” 7:03am
        “Hello are you dead over there?” 9:18am
        “Arc you can’t hide forever?” 10:34am
        “Come on already. I need to talk to you.”11:18am
        “ : / “12:03pm
        “Whatever. Be a bitch. I thought we were hanging out. 
        "Forgot you’re too busy writing. Oh excuse me. Mr.Author.” 12:58pm
        “Dude your ending sucked. You don’t do that.” 1:13pm
        “Seriously you left Micah like that?”1:15pm
        “Come on I’m running out of stuff.” 1:23pm
        “Arc I need you.”2:03pm
        “Please just let me know you’re ok”3:05pm
        “I’m not going over there. Because with my luck, you won’t be home.”4:13pm
        “I’m outside your place, no lights on?”5:47pm
        “I have Chinese : )”6:05pm
        “I made it home now.”8:37pm
        “Arcanum, never mind. Goodnight :(“ 11:45pm

         I quickly tapped on the screen. The cursor blinking here, “Hi Hun. Sorry I was sleeping for a better part of the day. I’d set down my phone, and totally forgot about it. Did you ring the bell? I never heard it. I hope you’re ok. Definitely a rain check on the Chinese my treat. I’m glad you made it home safely. I’m so sorry we didn’t hang out. Regarding the ending on Micah, that’s what’s killing me now. I miss you too. I will call you tomorrow. Goodnight adipisci velit” I hit send. 
        So now Abby was was angry at me, and hurt. I’d had no intention on hurting her. Jesus she’d had enough of that recently. I was in no shape to be around her. She was happy, well was until our last session. How would you define two friends hanging out. One pours their guts out to you, and in the meantime you jot down notes. Yes I was a bastard for using my best friends life to write a #1 New York Times Best Seller. I was that pompous asshole. I don’t know if Abby ever realized it, but she was Olivia. Although their looks were nothing alike, the personalities were exactly the same in comparison. I made my way back to the living room, and let my body collapse into the couch. 
        A little red dot was on the corner of my Twitter app. I rolled my eyes and opened it. I scanned the newsfeed. New York Times: Who is the mystery author behind, Amissus animarum. Then there was a link. I sighed, and proceeded to read the article. 
        Ever wonder what it would be like to never exist? If we enter our name into an internet data base; we can usually get basic information on ourselves. For example I entered my name, then hit the search button. Carlie Moniker, New York Times columnist. It goes on. Pictures of myself pop up all over, with links to various things. So what happens when you don’t exist in that database. That’s exactly what Author Arcanum Corvus has done. A man, or woman of mystery, who’s name translates to, Mysterious Raven has shed some light onto the inspiration of his story. Now I’ve never met Arcanum, nor have we spoken on the phone. We conducted this interview strictly through an email exchange. I must say, after this interview you’ll still have no idea who this mysterious author is that’s captivated us all. 

      Carlie Moniker: Good day Arcanum. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to answer a few questions. 

     Arcanum Corvus: It’s my pleasure. I always enjoy answering questions. That is part of my job.

     CM: So the first question, is Arcanum your real name? 
     AC: *Chuckles* Who’s to say what is real, and what is not?

     CM: So I’m given a paradox. 
     AC: Questions are what I’m good at my dear. 

     CM: Ok I think I just swooned a little with that.
     AC: *laughs* I usually am breaking hearts, swooning is a new one. 
     CM: May I ask, are you anything like your character Micah? 

     AC: Every writer, places a small amount of themselves in their story.
     CM: Hmm personality wise I could see that.
     AC: All my characters are based off something I’ve encountered in my real life. 
     CM: Are you saying that Olivia is a real person?
     AC: My dear, Olivia is a character. However that character is based off a dear friend of mine.
     CM: Interesting. Ok, so now that we’re finding out a little more about you, why the mystery?

     AC: Mystery intrigues. It leaves the reader wanting more. For example, Sylvain Reynard. One of my favorite authors, that’s just a Pseudonym. Nobody knows what he looks like. How old he is. What his voice sounds like. All we know is that he’s Canadian. Has an incredible love for literature, and knows how to write one hell of a trilogy. 
     CM: Very true. Did you find yourself left stumbling for a new book after you were done reading?
     AC: *Shakes my head* My dear I wasn’t stumbling. I was lying on the floor of my home, staring at my ceiling. Nothing could feed the hunger that yearned for more. 
     CM: So I wasn’t the only one. Thank you for reassuring me.
     AC: My pleasure.
     CM: A few more questions, then I will let you get back to nursing your hangover. 
     AC: *Smiles*

     CM: Now you’ve left your fans with a cliff hanger. This is your first book. Was this your plan     the whole time, or did it just sort of happen. 

     AC: As I’ve said in a previous answer, these are scenario’s I’ve encountered in real life. I’ve just changed them slightly. So the cliff hanger is what happened in life. 
     CM: So is this a way of saying Amissus animarum, which means The Lost Souls in Latin will continue?
     AC: Yes. I’m currently working on the follow up, De animarum errantium. That translates to, The Wandering Souls. 
     CM: I love how you’ve chosen such a great language. What made you choose to use it in naming your books. 
     AC: Latin just holds such a beauty to it. Plus I grew up with it in my house. 
     CM: Really? 
     AC: Yes.
     CM: Wow. A mysterious man?
     AC: Or woman
     CM: *laughs* OR woman who speaks Latin, and writes about souls. 
     AC: Souls are the beings of us. They make up who we are. Without souls, we’re nothing. 
These are just lifeless shells. As you read the books, you’ll see why I’ve chosen souls to be the key phrase
     CM: I can’t wait to read the next book. Maybe I will bump into you one day.
     AC: You’d never know it.
     CM: One can only dream. 
     AC: Exactly! 

     CM: Thank you again to Arcanum Corvus, for providing us with some insight into the man, OR woman who has us begging for more of Micha, and Olivia. Corvus’s new book is due out sometime next year.

     I looked at my watch, 2:13am on a Thursday morning. I was wide awake. I scrolled through the mentions, and retweets. 

From: @tifffortat October 17th 
@corvusnublia ok I’m needing more of Micah, and Olivia right now. I can’t wait til next year. So excited #Amissusanimarum.

From: @corvusnublia October 18th 
@tifffortat I’m glad you have such a NEED for those two characters. You might change when you meet the “Others”

        They continue on, and some of them I Favorite. Others I retweet. A few I reply to. Then the name strikes me. 

From @Oliviaanimarum October 17th 
@corvusnublia Amazing how I can connect with Olivia on such a deep level. I know what she’s going through. Hopefully Micah will be there for her. 

     My eyes keep rereading what was written. Shit she needed me. This isn’t a joke. She used a fake twitter handler. I let my head fall back. I was exactly like Micah. Olivia needed him, but his selfish ways came fist. 

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