The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


19. Chapter Nineteen

        I took off to running, and there was no stopping me. I made my way through the common, and stopped at Park Street. I waited patiently, for the cross walk light to change. Trying to cross Tremont St, was a risk. It was a great place if you had a suicide wish, which I didn’t. I had a revenge dish that I needed to serve. The light turned, and I started running again. I made my way down the uneven pavement of Winter St, when I caught a gap where the brick was missing. It took me a moment to gain my bearings. 
        “Ma’am are you ok?” I could hear someone speaking to me, and a hand on my shoulder. “She’s not responding, she’s breathing though.” I slowly tried to push myself up, and a sharp pain ricocheted through my head. I clutched it quickly. 
        “Easy stay put. We have medics coming ok.” I put my cheek on the cool bricks that were slick from the evening drizzle earlier. 
        “We need an ice pack. She’s got a nasty black eye.” I sighed. 
        “Ma’am can you tell me your name?” The male’s voice had the thick Boston accent. 
        “Ornella, just call me Nella though.” I spoke softly, and felt like my speak was slower, then my brain. 
        “Alright Nella, I’m Patrick. I’m a Boston Police Officer. You took a nasty fall. We have EMS coming to check you out ok. Just don’t move.”
        I felt so preposterous. I wanted to sit up. That was all. Leave it to a brick to fuck up my plan, or had it. 
        “Patrick, I’m a doctor, and I’m fine.” I spoke calmly, trying to sit up.
        He squatted beside me, “Nella, you have a black eye, and a busted lip. Your wrist isn’t looking too good either.” I cringed. “Let EMS look you over. You can refuse treatment if you want. They’ll clean you up, and you sign a refusal.”
        I nodded, and looked up, “God there’s a crowd gathering.” I mumbled, beyond Mortified. 
        “Yeah well people are concerned when someone falls as hard as you did.” He smiled at me. 
        I heard the sirens approaching, then the loud rumble of the engine. Doors opened, and shut, and banging. 
        “Hi, is this the patient who fell?” I heard someone ask.
        “Yes. Ornella Agostinelli is a thirty three year old female. She was jogging down Winter St here heading, East. There was a missing brick in, and her toe caught it, and she went down. Not sure if she’s lost consciousness. She took a minute until she tried to get up. She has a black eye, and a split lip. Possible wrist injury. Refusing medical treatment.” I sighed listening to him talk.
        “Hi there Ornella, did you you loose consciousness at all?”
        I sighed,  “No. And I’m ok. The wrist possible sprain. I just need some ice for my eye, and my lip cleaned up.” 
        The paramedic shined a light on my lip, “Truthfully, I would like to have you checked out. You might need stitches. It should be quick. Tufts is quiet tonight, and that’s the closest ER.
        I shook my head, “Oh god.” I held my head, “No Mass General. I work there.” I laid back on the ground, something was under my head. 
        “Ornella talk to me. What’s going on?” The medic spoke, while taking my vitals. 
        “Shaking my head like that, my eye killed. I will go and get checked out.”
        I saw the stretcher appear beside me, “Ok so we’re going to lift you onto the stretcher ok. Any trouble breathing, confusion?”
        I could hear the city noises surrounding me, “No just my eyes throbbing.” I felt them lift me, and place me on the stretcher. They tried to move me as gently as possible. Once we were in the back of the ambulance, I felt the warmth on my face, and my lip stung.
        “Ok, about five minutes or less and we’ll be there.” The medic smiled, and we were moving. He called the emergency department over the radio, and provided all my information. 
        He crushed an instant ice pack, and placed it on my eye. Then I could feel him splinting my wrist. 
        “Ok, we’re pulling up now. Just relax.” He smiled, and patted my shoulder. 
        I closed my eyes, as they moved me, from the back of the ambulance, into the emergency room. Of course, Alvin had to be working tonight, and I was mortified I looked like shit. 
        “Ornella? What happened?” He walked in to the exam room, and looked over my chart. 
        “Tripped over some stupid missing brick, and fell.”
        “Ok, let me check you out ok.” He smiled, and gently started feeling around on my head, and gently touched my cheek. I flinched, and gasped.
        “Ok x-ray on this eye socket. The lip looks like it won’t need stitches.” He carefully examined my wrist, “Possible sprain, but we’ll get an x-ray on that as well. Better to rule out a hair line fracture, then send you home with one.” 
        I smiled and closed my eyes, “Thanks Alvin.” 
        He smiled, “Anything for Dr. Agostinelli.” He winked at me, and stepped out of the room.
        I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew, I was in a hospital gown, and still wearing my yoga pants. 
        “Hi there stranger.” Alvin was sitting beside the stretcher. 
        I stretched, and cringed, “Mmm did I fall asleep?”
        He nodded, “Yeah for about an hour. Adrenaline wore off. So I’m sending you to x-ray now. Don’t worry, one of the nurses changed your shirt. Everything vitals wise are fine.” The gentlemen from transport came in, and verified all my information, and I was being moved. 
        Once I was back from my x-rays, I curled up and dozed back off. I dreamt that Arcanum, and I were together. He was with me tonight. He’d just gone to get the car, and I was waiting for him. He never returned. I startled awake, feeling something warm on my face.
        “Sorry. Just putting heat on the eye, to ease discomfort. You were moaning.” The nurse smiled, and I smiled back.
        Alvin walked in, “So everything is clear. I’m going to put your wrist in an air cast. You can get dressed, and you’re all set to go home. Just take it easy ok. Take tomorrow off, you need it.” 
        I looked at the clock. It was 11:07pm. Oh god I’d been here several hours, for a black eye, and a sprained wrist. I nodded, and Alvin stepped out. I quietly dressed, and sat back down, and waited. He put the cast on carefully, and I signed the discharge papers. 
        “Rest ok. I will see you soon. Feel better Ornella.” I smiled, and gathered my phone, and keys and left. 
        I walked out of the emergency department, and headed for the MGH T station. I luckily had my Charlie Pass, and got on the train. I stepped on, and sat down. I hadn’t even noticed her sitting across from me.
        “Ornella?” The voice was familiar. I looked up into the face of Abby. Arcanum’s little lover girl. “Are you ok? What happened?”
        Oh how the cards were dealt to me perfectly. I had to pull this scene off perfectly, otherwise I’d be fucked.
        “Arc sent out a tweet. Cry me a river, by Justin Timberlake. I called him up, and he gave me a hard time, and laughed at me. I went over there to talk to him. I just wanted him to take it down. I felt as though he owed me an apology. I’ve made mistakes in my past, and well I only think it’s fair he forgives me.”
        Abby nodded, “Of course, I understand.”
        I continued, “Well when I got there, he called me a wench, and told me how horrible I was. I just wanted to talk to him, and he wouldn’t have it.”
        Abby looked at me, “Did he do this to you?” 
        I shook my head, “Well, no. I mean.” I put my head down. Please tell me she was buying it. 
        “Ornella please tell me.” She leaned forward, looking at me. 
        “He’d been drinking, and tried to shut the door on me. Well I fell.” 
        “Where’s Arcanum now?” She spoke in a soft tone, looking around her.
        “Probably at home drinking. Where else?” I made it look like I was on the verge of tears.
        She sighed, “I’m going to speak to him. Do you need anything?” She stood up, as we approached South Station. 
        “No I’m alright. I’m just heading home now.” I stood up, getting ready to exit the train once we stopped. 
        “Well feel better. I’m sorry this happened.” Abby stepped off, and left me standing on the platform. I could see her quickly pull out her phone, and put it up to her ear. The next thing I heard, made a grin spread across my face. 
        “Emily, your brother hit Ornella.”She spoke quickly, a concerned tone to her voice. I smirked, and sauntered to the escalator. I needed to get home, and nurse my pride, not my stupid injuries. Now though, revenge had been served; and this was only the first course. 

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