The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


14. Chapter Fourteen

        I sauntered around Harvard Sq a little bit, after I was sure I’d been lost from the eye of the bookshop patron. A man sat there, spray painting pictures. I watched for a few minutes as he, drew a beautiful moon, using very few tools. I tossed a dollar in his cup, and made my way around some more. I went to Peete’s and looked at it quietly. That’s where Julianne had worked. I couldn’t believe how close I was to Reynard, and his characters at this point. I was starting to feel the chill, and was in need of a warm beverage. Alcohol wouldn’t be the wisest seeing as though I’d already had my fare share. I started back in the direction of Tealuxe. 
        Once I’d arrived, I pushed the heavy wooden door to Tealuxe open, and stepped in. It was quiet. A table underneath the spiral stair case was open. I set my eyes on it, and walked past the counter, and hung my coat on the back of the chair. I pulled Rapture out of the bag, and set it on the table. 
        “You, and I have a long night ahead of us my friend. Tonight I’m feeling especially like Professor Emerson.” Just then Airborne Toxic Event’s - Sometime around midnight came on over the speakers.         “Well isn’t this a giant kick in the arse from the universe.” I
         wasn’t aware of someone sitting behind me as I spoke to my book. 
        “Maybe if I drop you off at her place, she’ll realize how much she means to me.” 
        I walked over to the counter, and looked over the menu. 
        “I’d like a 20 oz cup of the Pumpkin Spice Chai.” 
        The girl covered in tattoo’s and piercings smiled, and quietly made my drink. I paid for my drink, and returned to my seat. My book had been moved, I glanced over, and saw a man standing with his back to me. The kindest of voices came from him, 
        “Don't wait too long. Life takes unexpected turns, and we don't always have the time we think we have.” He then picked up his cup, and left. 
        “Another fan of Reynard, how appropriate. I’m in Harvard Sq, and being quoted from Rapture.” I set down my cup, and picked up my book. On the inside page was handwriting, 

        “Love is doing a kindness for someone else, not expecting to receive anything in return.” 


        I sat there stunned. I looked up quickly, but he’d exited the shop. I threw on my coat, and put my book in my bag, and grabbed my chai running through the small shop and out the door. I looked both ways. People filtered down the sidewalks. I didn’t know who I was looking for. I had no description to give actually. I was trying to hold onto what his coat looked like. I quickly decided to make my way over to The Coop. Where else would an author go? He said before, 
        “I can walk into major bookstores and inspect the displays of my novels then disappear into the crowd.” 
        I quickly ran across the street, and headed to the section where they’d house Mr.Reynard’s work. I quickly looked around, but nothing was to be found. I pulled out my book, and took a picture of the inside. I went straight to twitlonger. I needed the space to write. 
        @corvusnublia Because I’m crazy, I was talking to my new copy of Gabriel’s Rapture inside a small tea shop. I can’t even remember his face. I just remember his voice. Just as I sat back down, I noticed my book had been moved. A tall male with his back to me said this, 
        “Don't wait too long. Life takes unexpected turns, and we don't always have the time we think we have.” This is @sylvainreynards quote from Rapture. Then there was this on the inside of my book. 
        Attached was the picture of the autograph. I hit send. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I decided to walk over to Peete’s. I was so hyped up right now. I couldn’t believe it. Then my phone buzzed several times. The Twitter icon had the indicator for several notifications. I opened it up. I looked 
        @sylvainreynard retweeted your picture. 
        @sylvainreynard favorited your tweet
      @corvusnublia Quite interesting two mysterious authors have crossed paths. Your secret is safe with me ;) SR
        I swallowed, and replied back quickly,
        @sylvainreynard I just bought you, your own trilogy. Thank you for the autograph. 
        Again responses came fluttering in. My phone buzzed. 
        @sylvainreynard retweeted your tweet
        @sylvainreynard favorited your tweet

        @corvusnublia go to your Julia. She may not be your Julia right now, but with time trust me. 

        The next tweet from Sylvain was this

        @syvlainreynard too bad Peete’s is closed, I’d love a cup of coffee. Maybe you should check the bench ;) SR 

        I quickly made my way over to the coffee shop. Sitting on the bench was the bag from Raven. I looked inside, there were all three books. I opened each of them. On the inside of Gabriel’s Inferno it read, 

        “I found my hope when I found you.”

        I took a picture, and placed it back in the bag. Next I pulled out Rapture.

        “She is not my equal; she is my better. She is my sticky little leaf.”

        I took a picture, and returned the book, and picked up Redemption last. Again on the inside another quote, 

        “I will never be worthy of her. But I spend every day trying my damnedest.”

        Inside was a small piece of paper. 


        It was a pleasure to “meet” you. With time your face will fade from my memory, as will mine in yours. Our voices though, we’ll remember one another’s. I do wish you the best in your writing. I do hope things work out for Oliva, and Micah. 


        I took a picture of the note, and just stood there in disbelief. I posted the pictures on Twitter, and he favorited them, and retweeted them. The replies flooded my notifications from both his fans, and mine. I would have to sort through them all when I got home. I walked quietly back to the subway, looking around me. He could be anywhere here, watching me. I entered the station, and headed back home. 
        Once I was home I walked inside, and set the bag down carefully on the couch. Disbelief had washed over me. I wasn’t sure what to do exactly. I felt as though mu whole body had been disassembled. My brain was floating by a string, in a vicious storm of confusion. My emotions were floating in the ocean, being thrown amongst angry waves. My body, well my body felt as though it was run through a marathon several times. I stared off, and couldn’t do anything. I had no desire to write. I was so pissed off at Micah, I might just punch him in the face for Olivia. What a pompous arse he was. That’s when it came to me. I’d left it so Olivia, and Micah had split up. Once again I was using real life to build my story. Author’s had to pulls from some sort of resource for inspiration. I stood up, and headed to my laptop, and opened it up. 
        There in my email were a million messages. Then I saw Cassiel Corvus in bold lettering.  
I opened the email, and proceeded to read it.


        First and foremost, I’m truly sorry for what happened. I know you’re furious with me. I do feel disgusted with Ornella. I had no idea you guys weren’t broken up. I thought you had just gone to New York for work. It’s still no excuse. I apologize about my location with Instagram. I just have fun, and that’s all it ever is. I had no idea she would use it, and cause such problems. Mate she’s a piece of work, and I didn’t realize all the shit she’d been trying to stir up. When you’re ready to talk, feel free to call me. I do love you. Be safe Arcanum.


        I wanted to reply, but I couldn’t. There was nothing to say right now. He was truly innocent, and for the most part, blameless. Unfortunately his fascination with technology, and apps seemed to prove they could be troublesome. I would call him in the week most likely, and talk to him. Tonight though, I need to go to the City of Lost Souls, for I was one of them. I started to type. 
        It had been mere days, since I’d seen Olivia. She was no where to be found. I asked a few people, but nobody could positively place where they’d seen her last. It was as if she had some sort of magical power, and let herself be forgotten after someone had seen her. 
        That’s when Reynard’s note, “With time your face will fade from my memory, as will mine in yours. Our voices though, we’ll remember one another’s.”
        That was when I decided to give Olivia, a little bit of a kick, some spice. I went back to typing.

        I wondered why people were so flustered when I asked them about Olivia. She’d just been this simple, and no disrespect was meant when I said that. She was simple. She lived simply, and did have these crazy expectations of others. So why couldn’t people remember when seeing her last? That was when I saw her, she was linked with him. THis guy I’d never seen before. She was smiling, and wrapped around his arm. I’d come to see her, to talk to her. I turned, and pulled the collar up on my coat and left. 

        I continued to write into the wee hours of the morning. My phone buzzed in my coat. I thought it was weird so get such a late text, I left my work and retrieved the phone, and saw Emily had texted me.
        'Please let me know you’re home safely. I’m talking like call me now. Oh forget it I’m calling your home phone.'
               Sure enough it rang through out the quiet house. I reached over, removing it from it’s holster on my desk. 
        “Hello Emily.” 
        A sigh of relief was on the other end. 
        “Oh thank god you’re ok. My co-worker Ethan called me. There was a motorcycle accident. The guy matched your description. He’d been drinking, and wrecked pretty bad. They couldn’t find any identification on him, his phone was destroyed in the crash.”
        I smiled, “Love I’m alright. I’ve been home for some time. Just a long night. Good as well though.” 
        Emily’s tone changed, “Good? Oh did you poison Ornella, oh sorry wishful thinking. You don’t have that kind of animosity in you.” 
        I let out a deep laugh, “I’m not sure who hates the woman more, you or I?” 
        She snickered, “Don’t forget about Cassiel. He was a victim of her prey as well.” 
        I rolled my eyes, “Depends on how you see it. He didn’t need to be with her truthfully.” 
        Emily sighed, “You do have a point there. So what made this a good night for you.” 
        I smirked, “You don’t check Twitter, or my site often do you?” 
        She spoke bashfully, “I was wrapped up in a show, then I was reading a book I bought.” 
        I was curious, “What are you reading?” 
        She was quiet for a moment, “I, um, well it’s just don’t laugh ok?” 
        I agreed not to. 
        “Ok it’s called, The Secret Life of a Submissive by Sarah K. It’s really a good book.” 
        I smiled, politely replying, “Emily I will never judge someone for what they choose to read. How good is it?” 
        She was quiet, almost shy like. “Emily?” 
        She spoke again, embarrassed actually, “Arc this is so awkward but, I kind of like the idea.” 
        I was shocked. 
        “Shit I shouldn’t have told you. Now I’m some freak of a sister.” 
        I smiled, “Emily relax ok. What you choose to try, and or do is your decision. Nobody should ever judge you for what you prefer. Your secret is safe with me.” 
        I could hear her relax, because her breathing had become calmer. 
        “Well listen, you should get back to sleep. We can meet up for lunch tomorrow.” 
        She yawned, “Alright sounds good. I have to work but we can grab something out.” 
        I thought about it, “Breakfast instead?” 
        She giggled, “Sounds good big brother. Love you.” 
        I smiled, “Love you too hun. See you later.” 
        I returned the phone to it's base, and went back to work. 


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