The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


11. Chapter Eleven

        I was just approaching my stairs, when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I assumed it wasn't Abby, because she was still in a world of hurt. I pulled it out, and Cassiel had texted me. 
        'Drinks? Emily shot me down, told me her show was on.'
        I laughed, and quickly typed back.
        'When, and where?' 
        I rummaged through my pockets, and my phone buzzed, 
        'Bloody hell you wanker. That desperate to get pissed? Drowning your sorrows?'
        I shook my head.
        'Meet me at Jillian's. We can bowl, or shoot pool.'
        Cassiel wrote back, "Sounds like smashing fun. See you soon."
        I fished my keys out of my pocket, and unlocked the door and stepped inside.
        I tossed my keys on the table and walked over to the answering machine. I didn't bother taking my coat off. One new message was on the display. I hit the button and listened.
        "You're such an asshole. Don't ever embarrass me like that again. You owe me an apology. I expect a phone call by tonight." 
        I shook my head and left the message on the machine. I ignored her demand, and went to my computer. I sat down not bothering to take my coat off. I went to YouTube and pulled up No You Don't by Nine Inch Nails. I clicked on the share button, and clicked on the Twitter icon. I hit send Tweet, and left it at that. I locked up, and headed out the door.
        I walked through the streets, and headed to the Park Street Train Station. A homeless man stood outside, 
        "Spare change?" 
        His raspy voice croaked. He was disheveled looking, and dirty. His hair was on the short, shaggy side. He held a seven eleven cup, that was stained with dirt. Coins clanked around inside the cup. 
        "Get out of the way you bum." 
        A nicely dressed man, breezed past him. The homeless man continued.
         "Spare change. Anything helps." 
        I stopped watching him, noticing how everyone else ignored him. I've seen him countless times. Probably since I started attending university up here. I typically didn't give the pan handlers money; because it went towards alcohol. I handed him a dollar, he looked at me. He looked me up and down, 
        His gravely voice broke the silence between us. I smiled, and putting my headphones in, and headed down the stairs to the outbound platform.
        The electronic voice was in sync with the digital display in the trolley car. 
        "Kenmore Station." 
        The doors opened and I proceeded to step off. I stepped onto the escalator, and waited as people chose to walk past me. I never understood why people chose to do this. I hated it during rush hour. You had to hold on for dear life. My phone buzzed, and I checked to see what the notification was. Twitter, of course. I wondered what had taken so long for this. I stepped off the escalator and made my way out of the station. Once I was at street level, I decided to actually pay attention to the notification. Replies had come in all at once. Due to lack of signal underground, I was just getting them. Of course the song.

@CorvusNubia whoa that's deep. Something tells me this is major to the story.#‎excited

@CorvusNublia awesome song. Definitely going to be a great scene, and chapter in the new book. Please keep writing

@CovusNublia oh shit! That's a harsh song. Damn is that from Olivia to Micah

        Then I saw it. My heart thudded to a stop, as if it had been sprinting.

@CorvusNublia wow that's one hell of a song. Guess we know how Micah truly feels.

        I sighed, and felt like bashing my head off the sidewalk. She thought the song was directed towards her. Ornella was on a role for ruining everything. Today the slimy woman, was succeeding. If I'd been direct, Ornella would have made a spectacle. I went to reply to "Olivia" then another reply.

@corvusnublia wow a song. Micah you're truly a whiney man child. He should learn to respect people.

        Well I got under her skin, and she knew it. I returned to the timeline, and saw

 @itschattyabby The Fragile - Nine Inch Nails

        The notifications lit up again. 

@msblack poor thing. She doesn't deserve to be hurt by such an ass. 

@msblack She'll always care about MIchah, but she has to move on. She'll never stop loving him 

        I couldn't figure out, how I could get her to talk to me. She thought the song I posted was directed towards her. Leave it to Ornella to fuck up everything once again. I sighed and headed to Jillian's. I was so annoyed. I sent Abby a text.
        'Hey sweetheart. I hope you're ok. That song in no way was directed towards you. Just had a bad day. Someone pissed me off. Let me know you're ok. I miss you noodle.'
        I pulled out my license and showed it to the bouncer. I was ushered inside. I unbuttoned my coat as made my way upstairs to the second floor. I checked in, and picked up our set of balls, and two cue sticks. The girl smiled at me, 
        "Have fun Mr," she looked at me. 
        I smiled, "Raven." 
        She looked bemused, "Good luck Mr.Raven." 
        I walked over to the table, and our chairs. I draped my coat over the back of the chair, and set up our table. Cassiel sent a text.
        'Bloody Boston Traffic. It's a Sunday evening. Aren't people home with their families?'
        I laughed replying.
        'Oh belt up. You're not driving, you're taking a cab.'
        It showed that Cassiel was replying.
        'Arse I'm still stuck in traffic. I'll be there in 15 minutes I promise.'
        I shoved my phone in my pocket, and walked over to the bar. 
        "What can I get you handsome?" The red headed bartender smiled at me. She wore an extremely fitted dress, with lace sleeves. Her breasts pushed up, and together. On her breast was a swallow, with perfect coloring. The tattoo was styled around the Sailor Jerry's work. 
        "Love I would like to order a martini with olives, two please. I will take a Heineken." 
        She smiled and winked at me, "Anything for a cutie with an accent." 
        I laughed and waited looking around. The music was loud, and there was chatter all around. Cassiel was right, it was extremely busy for a Sunday night.
        "Two Olive Martini, and a Heineken." She set the drinks on the bar. 
        I smiled, "Start a tab, the name is Raven." 
        She nodded, "Anything for Mr.Poe." She turned and I noticed the word Nevermore on her neck. I straightened up, and walked back with our drinks.
        "Well now, nice to finally get here. Ah you've ordered for me." 
        Cassiel smiled taking his coat off, tossing it on his chair. "Yeah I've started a tab." 
        Cassiel nodded, "What's the name under?" I
         laughed, "Raven." 
        Cassiel shook his head, "You never tire of that." 
        I smirked, "Nope, but here's the kicker. Red head over there, back of her neck." 
        Cassiel smirked, "You're kidding me right? You're checking out a woman?" 
        l I shook my head, "Nevermore, on the back of her neck." 
        Cassiel shook his head, "The man was a genius, but bloody nuts."
         I looked at him, and stayed quiet. Cassiel looked at me, and put his hand on my shoulder.That was enough. 
        We cued up, and started playing. A waitress came over,
        "Can I get you gentlemen anything?" She was a cute girl. She reminded me of Abby. 
        "Can I have a Scotch on the rocks." Cassiel smiled, his blue eyes twinkled. 
        The waitress blushed, "Of course sir, and for you?" She turned looking at me.
        "Another Heineken love." She blushed a deep red. 
        "Ah mate, you're making all the young girls blush." 
        I laughed, "Something about American women, and British accents." 
        We both laughed. 
        "Hello gentlemen. I have your drinks." She set them down carefully on the table between our seats.         Cassiel smiled, "Ah sweetheart can I get a photo with you." 
        She smiled, "Um sure. Would you send me it afterwards." 
        Cassiel grinned. He wrapped his arm around her waist, and she was turning different shades of red. 
        "Cheese dear." He took a selfie with her. She beamed, and entered her number is his phone.         "There you go." She smiled, "Thank you?" 
        He grinned, "Call me Cass." 
        She smiled, "Thank you Cass." 
        He leaned over and tucked a five dollar bill in her palm, "Keep bringing us drinks, and don't worry."         He kissed her cheek, and she hurried off. "Will you take a shot already. You can put that shit on your Instagram later." I was annoyed waiting. 
        "What has your panties all ruffled?" He looked at me, then set up for his move. 
        I didn't feel like discussing my encounter with Ornella earlier. 
        "Just worried about Abby." 
        He made his move, then looked at me sipping his drink, "Give the girl some time." 
             I was on my fourth beer, and Cass was working on a shot of Tequila, and a glass of cranberry and vodka. 

        "Do you really take photos of all your drinks?" I inquired. Cass set down the shot glass, and wiped his mouth with a napkin. 
        "Not always. I like the way they're visually appealing. So I take a photo." 
        I shook my head, "I don't understand that whole Instagram thing." 
        Cassiel laughed and nursed his cranberry, and vodka. I brought the bottle to my lips, when my phone vibrated on the table. I ignored it. 
        "Arc it's Abby." She had sent a text.
        I walked over and picked up the phone. It was simple, and yet gut wrenching to me.
        'I'm ok. I'm just down. I will be fine.' 
        I set down my beer, and wrote back,
        'I miss you. Hopefully we can do lunch this week.'
        She took a moment to respond,
        'We'll see. Be careful.'
        I sat there and read the message. I replied, 
        'You'll always be my Noodle.'
        There was no reply. I sighed and set my phone down retuning to my beer. 
        "How do you just drink beer? Come on and have a few drinks." 
        I shook my head. "I need to do some work when I get home. Clear head is a must." 
        Cassiel polished off the vodka, and cranberry. He looked toward the waitress. She came over all too eagerly, and stood much too close to me. 
        "What can I get you two this time?" She was flirting, and I wasn't feeling it. 
        "My puss of a brother here, well he needs something stronger. Let's get him a shot of Whiskey, along with another beer. I will take a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon." 
        She smiled, "Alright then." A flash and she was gone. 
        "Enough with the pictures." I griped, as the flash on his phone went off.
        Cassiel laughed, "Relax ok." He set his phone down, and made his move. The balls cracked against one another, and I watched. 
        She returned with our drinks. "Here you go." She carefully set them down. 
        "Thanks love." Cassiel winked at her. I left the shot glass, and took to my beer. 
        "You're really not going to drink that?" 
        I nodded, "Unlike you, I'm not a fan of drinking heavily, and becoming obnoxious." 
        Cassiel took the shot, "Poor sport." 
        I ignored the remark, and walked over to the bar. 
        The red head came over, "Raven." She smiled. 
        I smiled back, "Nevermore." She walked over to a screen and tapped at it. I glanced over my shoulder, Cassiel was trying to figure out an angle. 
        "Aren't you going to offer to buy a lady a drink?" 
        I almost thought it was a dream. I turned to find Ornella, standing at the bar beside me. "I don't buy drinks, for unwanted attention from desperate women." She smiled moving closer placing her hand on my arm, "I think it's the least you owe me." 
        Nevermore walked back over to me with several slips of paper, and a pen in hand, "Just need your signature." 
        I scribbled on it, something that wasn't legible. I wrote the tip in, and handed it to her. 
        "Have a great night." She smiled, and I nodded. 
        I turned to walk away. Ornella had her arm hooked around my waist, her nails digging into my side.         "You're not getting away that easy." 
        I snarled, "Watch me." I pulled her hand off, and left her standing there.
        "Yes! Brilliant." Cassiel had made his shot perfectly. 
        I lined up and took my shot. I was so angry I missed the ball scuffing the table. 
        "What has you all flustered." He questioned me, looking around. 
        Her voice was full of venom, "It could have to do with me. He refused to buy me a drink." She moved around the pool table, her fingers gently caressing the polished wood edges. 
        "Haven't seen you in forever. Where've you been?" Cassiel was shocked, but friendly.
        Ornella shrugged, "Working. Helping people." 
        I laughed, "Bullshit. She doesn't help anyone, unless she's making out on the deal some how." Cassiel stood there. His cue stick in hand, standing upright. 
        I finished my beer, and set it on the table. Our waitress walked over, 
        "Hi there." She smiled wide, "Another drink?" 
        Ornella moved over to me, and slithered her arm around mine, "I would love a glass of red wine." 
        I pulled my arm away, "I'm not paying for her drink. She can pay for her own. She's a rich psychologist." 
        Cassiel smirked, "I will buy the pretty lady a glass of wine."
         The waitress left us, and walked over to the bar.
         "Thank you Cassiel." She purred. 
        "I owe a pretty lady a drink once and a while." Cassiel smiled at her and took a sip of his wine.         "Alright I'm up." He walked around the table, gauging his next shot. 
        She shifted her pose again. Now she was uncomfortably close to me. 
        "Arcanum how come we never came here? They must have private rooms. You could have had me on a pool table." A Cheshire Cat grin spread across her face, as she looked at me. 
        "Because I don't have women Ornella. I'm a gentleman. I don't take a woman, and have sex with them whenever the moment strikes." 
        She smirked, "Hmm your brother doesn't seem to be like that. He's quite adventurous. Not afraid of a," she tapped tapped her chin. "Oh yes your Brits call it a shag. I know he's had one night stands. That's quite alright with me. A little excitement, well it's fun. Why be stuck with the same old routine." 
        I looked at her, "What the hell are you getting at? I'm not interested in you at all. You're lucky I even showed up earlier at the coffee shop." 
        She smiled and watched me. The waitress brought over Ornella her glass of wine.
         "Thank you." Ornella smiled, and took the glass turning back to me. I watched as Cassiel paid for the drink, and tipped the waitress. I brought my attention back. Ornella was looking up at me. 
        "There happy now?" I asked. 
        She smiled, "Almost. I still expect my apology." 
        I rolled my eyes, "Give it up. I'm not giving anyone a bloody apology." 
        She scowled at me, "You don't realize who you're speaking to." 
        I made it a point to look her up and down, "I'm looking at Doctor Ornella Agostinelli, Psychologist. See I'm not as empty - headed as you perceive me to be." 
        I watched Cassiel behind Ornella. He was on his phone. 
        She smirked, "About being empty - headed. You've not wondered how I found you here?" 
        I shook my head, and looked at her, "How the hell did you find us?" 
        She smiled, her sweet seductive voice came out, "Oh Cassiel, can you come here?" 
        He looked up, and walked over. "
        May I see your phone for a moment." She smiled, and winked at him. "Don't worry. I won't look at your dirty photo's you take.
        He gave it to her, all to happily, "Anything for you peach." 
        She took it, and smiled, "Arcanum look at his photos of drinks, and the one with the waitress. Location is key, my dear. Jillian's Boston. That's how I found you." 
        I turned red and looked at Cassiel, "You bloody twit. Really? Is it that important to tell everyone where you are?" 
        Cassiel looked almost hurt, "I had no idea she was looking for you. Honestly do you think I'm that malicious." 
        I fumed, "Ornella, and I met up earlier for coffee. I left before I had mine." 
        That's when her tone changed, "Your brother accused me of sleeping around. I'm not like that."         That's when Cassiel raised an eyebrow, "Really? Since when did that change? I remember that time, when I shagged you in the bathroom, at South Station. While we were waiting for Arcanum to return from visiting home." 
        She turned bright red. 
        I looked at Ornella, "You fucked my brother, in a public bathroom." 
        She swallowed, "It just happened." 
        Cassiel looked at her, "You'd told me you two had broken up. We were together the whole time he was gone." 
        I stood there stunned. 
        "Arcanum, mate I'm so sorry. I had no idea." 
        I turned my gaze to Ornella, "I went all the way to New York. Traveled to the city. I went to pick up your ring so I could propose. Meanwhile you were with my brother. That's why you rejected my proposal." 
        She stood quietly, not saying a word. She stared at the floor. "Answer my bloody question right now. Did you dismiss me, because you slept with my brother." I yelled at her. 
        She looked up, her eyes teary. "Arcanum,"
         I held my hand up, "You really do wear any man you come in contact with. Now I've worn everyman. Ornella, god I hate you." 
        Cassiel looked at me, "Arc I thought you knew." 
        I grabbed my coat and put it on. I pulled out my wallet, and threw money on the table. "That's for the table. Tip the girl. I'm done." I turned to leave. Cassiel grabbed my arm.
         "Please brother," 
        I pulled back my arm, letting it launch forward. I heard a thud, and pain shooting through my ring finger. 
        "Fucking Christ I'm sorry Arcaum. I'm bleeding." 
        I saw men dressed in all black attire heading my way. I turned on my heel, and stormed out of the building. I was so angry, I buttoned up my coat, and walked towards the trolley station. I couldn't believe it, my brother had slept with my girlfriend, and she lied about us.

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