The City of Lost Souls

Arcanum Corvus is an author. He has a book on the New York Times Bestseller list called, Amissus animarum. There's a catch, nobody know's what he looks like. Matter of fact, nobody knows who he is; well there are a few. Arcanum has a past, and he cautiously exposes it through his characters. There's more to Arcanum than meets the eye. So who is the mysterious author, nobody truly knows.


18. Chapter Eighteen

        I'd had my fun, and now I was going to enjoy my week. The look on Arcanum's face, I did feel some remorse. I never saw it quite as cheating. He was out of town, and well I was extremely horny. Plus, well Cassiel appeared to be going somewhere. How would I get any where? A husband who held an English major. Oh he could be anything, writer, editor, teacher, but Cassiel. I smirked thinking of him. He'd gone to school for criminal justice. He'd become a police officer. He passed his bar exam, and kept his credentials up to date, but loved the force more. Still he had a title of a lawyer. He would take on one pro bono case a month. So why wouldn't a girl see if he was worth keeping. Great sex is key. Arcanum well, a wicked smile came across my face. He knew how to please a woman in the bedroom, but he just wasn't exciting. Cassiel was fun, and rough. I didn't need Vanilla. I've fucked doctors on my desk in my office, and sometimes there's. Love is great and all, but I want it rough. Arcanum doesn't have a tough bone in his body.
        I decided to pour myself a glass of wine, and take a hot bath. The skyline view was amazing, from my condo. It's modern, and clean. I don't like aged furniture, and character isn't my thing. My bathtub, is a square styled jacuzzi tub. I threw honey sea salts in the bath, as the water poured in. I lit candles, placing them around the edge, and turned on some soft music. I slipped out of my blouse, and skirt. Work was busy, and long, I discarded my bra on the floor, then removed my thong. I set my glass on the edge, and slipped into the tub. The hot water pulsated over my skin. I leaned back, and slowly massaged my breasts. My thoughts drifted as to how Arcanum worshiped my body. He'd kiss my neck, then slowly work down over my collarbone. His warm, strong hands would massage my breasts. "Mmm Arcanum." He'd pull up enough to make eye contact, and smile at me. He'd slowly press kisses all over my chest. Then he'd take my nipple in his mouth. "Oh baby." I pulled on my nipple, biting on my bottom lip. The moan escaped, and my head fell back. The burning desire coursed through my body. Jesus! I wanted him in my bed right now. I wanted to feel his breath on my skin, his hands on me. Him inside me. My sweet spot, was wet, and I needed him. I couldn’t just call, and get him to come to my condo. I continued to think about it. I slid my hand down over my stomach, over my thigh squeezing. My body tightened everywhere, as I teased my inner thigh. 
        Then I heard my phone chirp. “Son of bitch.” I reached over, and retrieved it from the edge. I had a Twitter notification. I contemplated leaving it, but the notification was sent directly to me. I wiped my hand off, and unlocked my phone. I went to the notification, and opened it. 
        I thought of you because, you love this song so much ;)
        I clicked on the link, and was brought to; What Goes Around ... Comes Around by Justin Timberlake. 
        I growled, and hit the drain so the water would release. I was going to kill him. He was probably sitting there laughing at me; with that little bitch he was so in love with, and his brother. I blew out the candles, and the song started to play. I grabbed my towel wrapping it around my body. At that moment, the song stuttered on, “What goes around ... comes around.” I picked up the glass of wine, and swallowed it all too quickly, then slammed it on the marble counter in my bathroom. It shattered into pieces. I dialed Arcanum immediately. I stormed into my room, and looked for something to put on. I was about to head to his house, and knock his stupid British head off. Nobody disrespected me. He’d been an asshole to me yesterday. I wasn’t going for a second day in a row. 
        Then someone picked up, “Well if it isn’t the back stabbing bitch herself. Awe did I get your panties in a bunch. Oh wait, by the sound of your heavy breathing.” his deep laugh pissed me off even more. 
        “Son of a bitch shut up, and take that off twitter.”I snarled.
        His laugh was slowly becoming bemused, “Oh you were touching your lady garden, and thinking about me. Bloody hilarious. The bitch who cheats on me, is masturbating thinking about me.”
        I growled, and spoke through gritted teeth, “Arcanum you shut up now. I don’t have a lady garden. I’m thirty three, not sixty three.”
        That sent him off into hysterics, “Ha lady garden. Yours probably is over grown, and in desperate need of weeding kind of garden. Not sure any landscapers would touch that though.”
        “I hate you Arcanum. I fucking hate you. I did nothing wrong, and you sent that out.” I was pouting.
        “Oh please. You cruel wench. You dug your bloody acrylic nails into my arm. You then tracked my brother and I down while we were enjoying ourselves. Oh, you shit talked my apartment, and then proceeded to tell me you cheated on me. With my brother of all people. You deserve what ever Karma throws your ungrateful way. Now leave me be. I’m off to have a good night. You have fun in that lady garden. Watch out for those pesky, grumpy gnomes.” He burst out laughing, then the line went dead. 
I lost it with the final comment, and retrieved my workout clothes. I was going to go for a run, and burn off this anger. I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t wind up at his front door. I was so bullshit. I laced up my sneakers, and put my hair up in a ponytail. I was ready to go, and kick his ass. Oh I promised myself I’d make him pay for what he did. I grabbed my keys, and phone and was on my mission. I’d run from my place to his. It was several miles, and I could figure out what I was going to say to him. 
        The light was on in his living room, and I assumed he was writing. I walked up the stairs, and rang the bell. 
        “Hold on I’m coming.” That voice still did things to me, I’d rather not admit. I had to stay angry with him. He opened the door, and looked at me, “Well bloody hell. Look what the cat drags up on my step. A filthy, dirty, rat.” He smirked, “Can I help you Ornella.” 
        I smiled, then slapped him across the face, “Asshole.”
        His face was hard, and my hand stung. 
        “Christ woman. It’s a song. You seriously need some help. Good night Ornella.”
        He turned to walk away and shut the door, and I put my foot in the way, “No you don’t get to shut the door on me Arcanum. I didn’t do anything to you tonight, so why the song?” I crossed my arms and stared up at him.
        He shook his head, “Seriously, like your soul has any virtue. I don’t even think you have a soul. You actually may be lower than Satan himself. You baffle the dark lord woman.” 
        That hurt, and I had to do everything in my power to not let him see that. I turned and walked back down the stairs.
        “Running off again are we?” Just like you Ornella to run. Cassiel is working tonight, so he can’t fuck you.” 
        I flipped him off. I had another visit to make, and this one, well this one would cost him dearly. 

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