Kisses to California

Sometimes I hope
I dream
I laugh and I think
About how things ended in kiss
I was blinded by this
And now I hope for more

Makayla didn't think she would end up at the bottom she found herself making it rock bottom a lot more easier then making it to the top so when found
She found out a big secret no one could safe her not even the squishy faced Asian who lived next door


1. Prologue

Music playing loudly, The bright lights were shining through my window.

I sat there contemplating if I wanted to beat on his door and tell him to shut the music down or call the cops.

But I do neither I sit there trying to study for a test but only failing even more because of the need to go over the need to go over there ring his door bell and tell him off.

There's just one problem he's the guy I think is so attractive and I'm the sassy, don't really care about anything, girl who lives next door.

The girl who everyone knows as a bitch but who's older brother is Liam Payne yes Liam Payne Is my Brother and Calum Hood is the attractive neighbor guy who I have dibs for.

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