Kisses to California

Sometimes I hope
I dream
I laugh and I think
About how things ended in kiss
I was blinded by this
And now I hope for more

Makayla didn't think she would end up at the bottom she found herself making it rock bottom a lot more easier then making it to the top so when found
She found out a big secret no one could safe her not even the squishy faced Asian who lived next door


3. Heartbroken Bad Boy

Calum's POV

I stare up at the dark night sky and drink more beer before throwing the empty beer bottle off my patio and onto the cement.

I open another beer and drink some of that one i was angry i loved her for three years i loved her only her but she clearly didn't love me she clearly didnt love me at all because she was sleeping with my ex bestfriend and i never knew for those three years until i finally caught them yesterday in my house kissing and the truth unfolded and i got angry.

Fuck angry im pissed i threw the empty beer bottle off my patio and at the cement again and opened another i was going to drink until the room started to spin and my body was numb.

"Fuck me i just wanted to study" i heard a swert voice say i looked around my patio there was no one there

"but no i cant study with this damn Party going on" the voice said this time i looked over there she was a beautiful red headed girl standing on her balcony on the second floor her hair blowing in her face she was wearing glasses and a stitch onesie it was cute on her

Her phone started to ring and she answered it

"Hi Liam... order me whatever you want i dont care..... okay Liam thats fine...... yes i know im just stressed out...... well its not easy being the sister of a popstar now is it ...... love you too LiLi bye" she sighed before groaning and going back inside and from that moment right there i liked my neighbor

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