Kisses to California

Sometimes I hope
I dream
I laugh and I think
About how things ended in kiss
I was blinded by this
And now I hope for more

Makayla didn't think she would end up at the bottom she found herself making it rock bottom a lot more easier then making it to the top so when found
She found out a big secret no one could safe her not even the squishy faced Asian who lived next door


2. ChapterOne: Sex

Makaylas POV

I look at the time 9:15pm and that damn party is still going on like what the hell does he do everyday sleep eat drink wait til everyone else gets out of school and thorws parties

Yet i want to go to those parties i want to be the girl he makes out with and has sex with not like gross drunk sex but the sex where your toes curl and your clawing his back and whimpers turn into moans and moans turn into screams until your legs give out and we wake up make out a little and he says something sweet causing me to blush but stuff like that doesnt happen for people like me

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