Kisses to California

Sometimes I hope
I dream
I laugh and I think
About how things ended in kiss
I was blinded by this
And now I hope for more

Makayla didn't think she would end up at the bottom she found herself making it rock bottom a lot more easier then making it to the top so when found
She found out a big secret no one could safe her not even the squishy faced Asian who lived next door


4. Chapter Four: The Death Of My Best Friend

            I close the bathroom door and lock it and continue to sit on the floor crying harder and harder each time i think about anything. I can't breathe i begin to pull at the  collar of my work shirt and at my hair crys turning into sobs until i hear the front door slam

"MAKAYLA  im home " Liam says i cover my mouth with my hand and silence my crys so he doesnt hear me hurting today i watched my best friend/ coworker get hit by a car and die infront of me in my arms to be frank and i cant do anything i just ran away from the scene and all the way home covered in her blood. 

" where ru" my phone buzzed i ignored the Text from Niall and stayed quiet so my Brother  didnt hear me 

"RING RING RING" Liam's phone blared 

"Hello..... i dont think she is home ill check at our parents place k bye Niall" he said hanging up the phone the door closed and i waited until i heard him pull off to sob again i was hiding from everyone even myself
      Calum's Pov;   it was mid afternoon i could hear sobs leaving an open window of my neighbors house i wanted to see if that person was okay to see why they were sobbing.   The sobs grew louder and then turned into screams. This person was crying from sadness but from utter pain that deep pain that makes you heart actually hurt the pain where you just feel light headed from the crying/ screams you've been doing and you cant help but do anything about it but sit there and face the facts that life is a bitch no not a bitch let me rephrase that life is an asshole.     The pain that they are feeling is the most unbearable thing that any human being can go through and i wouldnt want to wish that on anyone i couldnt wish that on anyone because its like dieing while still being alive only you are actually feeling the pain al at once and its just terrible.                                                                  
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