The neighbour

Hannah has to move from California to Sydney, Australia because of her moms job offer. Hannah thinks it's going to be living H#%*L, until she meets her new( and super cute ) neighbour, Luke Hemmings. Will they become friends? 🏠**🏠


1. Starbucks

"Its going to be fun" my mom said for what seemed like the millionth time. "No. It going to be hell" When we pulled on the driveway I quickly got out of the car and stormed of to my new room after a while I got bored. I saw a really cute boy threw my window who looked about my age. I decide to go say hi.

" mom I'm going to go say hi to the neighbours!"

"Ok have fun!"


Before I walked out I looked at myself in the Mirror. I was wearing a white long sleeved shirt with cute elbows and short shorts. My hair was loosely curled from yesterday

I walked up the driveway of the house next door

*knock knock*

Luke's POV

I was Whatching mean girls and I heard a knock on the door. I ran to the door and opened it. It was the pretty girl who lived next door.

" hey I'm luke"

" I'm Hannah. Do you know any good places to get coffee. I just moved here."

" there's a Starbucks around 2 blocks away. I could take you if you want. We could get to know each other."

" sure. I'd love too." Hannah said. We hopped into my car and drove to Starbucks. We went inside and ordered. She got what I got. Cotton candy frappucino. We talked for 30 minutes straight. After that we went back to my place.

Hannah's POV

When we pulled up on Luke's driveway there was a car that wasn't there before. When we got out of the car 3 boys ran up to us " LUKE!!!" They all yelled running up to us "hey babe, I'm Ashton" a curly haired boy said as he kissed my hand which was really weird. "sup I'm Calum " an Asian looking boy said as he nodded trying way to hard to act cool. That made me giggle "hi I'm Michael" I boy with awesome purple hair smiled "whoahhhhhh dude I love your hair. Can I touch it?!?!" I asked

Michael's POV

Luke came home with a really cute girl. I know their not dating or else he would tell me since were best friends. I said hi to the girl and all she said was wooaahh dude I love your hair and then she Asked to touch it

"Haha, sure "

She looked so cute on her tiptoes trying to reach the top of my head. She started smiling. Awwwwww she has dimples.

"Let's go inside!!!!!!!!!" I yelled and everyone followed me inside shortly after. When we got in side we all sat down. I sat beside Hannah. Luke started glaring at me. Geeeeez their not even dating!!!😡

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