The neighbour

Hannah has to move from California to Sydney, Australia because of her moms job offer. Hannah thinks it's going to be living H#%*L, until she meets her new( and super cute ) neighbour, Luke Hemmings. Will they become friends?


2. just friends

Hannah's POV

When we got inside we decided to watch the conjuring. And by we I mean Ashton Luke Michael and Calum. I sat beside Michael. Every time a scary part would come I would bury my face into his chest. For some reason I felt safe with him. I kept on feeling a pair of eyes on me. It's probably Luke. I think he's jealous. Whatever. He probably isn't.

**********************{after movie}************************

When the movie finished it was 10:00pm

"Guys it's getting pretty late I should be heading home."

"Ok, I'll walk you home." Luke said

Awwwww. He is sooo sweet☺️

"It's ok. I live next door"

"But I want to"Luke said. Awwwwww


"Yay!!! Let's go." Luke said

When we got to my door we just stood there silently for a few seconds

"Do you like Michael?" Luke asked catching me off gaurd

"What?, no!!!" Luke looked like he didn't believe me

"Luke I promise, me and Michael are just friends"

"Promise?" Luke said, sounding like a baby and pouting

"Promise" and with that we hugged and went our seperate ways. Tommorow I start school. Crap

Calum's POV


"Fineeeee...." Luke Ashton and Michael said altogether yesssss I get to be alone with hannah tommorow!!! I kind of have a crush on her. I think all of us boys do. But she will be mine. At least I hope soooo...

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