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The story is set in a world torn apart by demons and angels alike. god has made his choice for humanity. Starting the rapture. It is about a man named John Grimwood who is trying to eliminate the anti-Christ. The source of the rapture. For those of you who don't know what the rapture is a biblical event where god will take non sinners of the planet and into heaven and release the anti Christ - which is Satan's version of Jesus - along with demons of his own.


1. prolouge

In a world ravaged by creatures so evil they would taint the purest of souls. There stands just a few groups of survivors left to scavenge the remains of the world they once lived in without fear. The left over, mangled world dark and silent besides the sound of survivors being pickled off by unholy armies. Its hard to believe that he, the one who created us would unleash such evil and commence the rapture. Freeing the anti-Christ, the most unholy thing to ever exist. No one knows what the anti-Christ  looks like because those who notice it are too late and everyone around them are dead and he rips out your heart leaving it beating and burns it to ashes eternally damning you to join his army's ranks. The few that are able to evade his darkness and stay sane are almost always untrustworthy, rigid and almost and dangerous as the creatures themselves. They kill anything that doesn't benefit themselves. There is one man that with much hope believes he can kill the anti- Christ and save some normal humans along the way, stopping the rapture from being complete.

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