After flames

The story is set in a world torn apart by demons and angels alike. God has made his choice by abandoning humanity. Starting the rapture. It is about a man named John Grimwood who is trying to eliminate the anti-Christ. The source of the rapture. He must choose his allies wisely as the evil scourge has soaked into every corner of the world.


4. The beginning

        It started running toward us so Mathias scurried back into the wall but I didn't close the door fully instead I waited until it got close enough and kicked the door sending it straight into the Sinner. The sinner staggered backwards and fell and by that time I had slipped out from the crack and pulled out my revolver and aimed it and the sinner that was on the ground. "Catch I yelled as I quickly drew my second revolver and tossed it towards Mathias. "Got it" he answered as he caught the gun and quickly aimed it towards the sinner as well. Within the next second the sinner had contorted its arm just enough as to strike mine, causing my revolver to drop. In the same instance Mathias began firing his gun, One shot hitting the sinners neck and the next two in the back. The sinner again dropped to the ground with blood beginning to pool cross the cement floors. I spun myself in a circle picking up my revolver half way around and the aiming once again at the sinners still body. "So that's that dealt with" Mathias said as he tossed my gun back." I wouldn't be so sure" I replied as we loomed over the fallen sinner. I pulled back my foot preparing to strike the still body but just as I was about to make contact it was again sprung up but this time it lunged away from us. Me and Mathias both stood as it stared back at us, anticipating how it will try to attack. To our surprise it let out a deafening screech, echoing through out the skies. Just as it finished it continued to sprint away until it was out of sight. "What was that about"? Asked Mathias. "It was an war cry of sorts, and you don't want to be here when hell's masses arrives." I replied disconcertingly. "So what am I supposed to do, everything I own is in that prison. I cant survive away from this prison, it has become my home". Mathias asked. "If you don't leave, this prison won't be left standing when the forces of hell are through with you. If they arrive and sense life within the walls of this fortress they will throw everything they got at it and reduce it to mere scorched rubble. They may have arrived here today because of me but even if I didn't show up they would have eventually found you and torn you and this place to shreds. In a world as filled with evil as ours you must continue moving as to not drown in the darkness. Come with me and we will try to take on the ever growing sea of darkness together." I stared upon Mathias with as stern of a face as I could muster to show him that I was serious. "I will come with you and fight by your side. He said as he held out his hand. I took his hand and shook it firmly, for this handshake would commence the beginning of a mighty alliance and the flicker of hope left in our abandoned world.

              "We can take as much as we can in your buggy right?" Mathias stated trying to make it seem it was a question. "Yeah what kind of supplies do you have here?" I asked him even though I had seen his surplus of food and ammo."Besides the shelves you saw in the basement room I have a stockpile of fuel I was using for the electricity." He replied as if proudly boasting all of his resources."That's great, we should definitely take a lot of gas as well as food." I stated. We continued discussing and debating all the other things that we should take as we gathered it and put in cloth bags. We eventually got everything lugged out and into the back end of my buggy. As we hopped into the front seats we spotted a large mass in the sky heading towards us from behind. " That's a funny looking cloud". Mathias jokingly stated. "That is not a cloud and that is not a laughing matter. That's the first stage of hell's attack, they are created during the process of creating a sinner except these people lead an exceptionally evil life causing them to be chosen by the Anti-Christ to ascend above the normal sinner. Quite literally, they have wings and can attack from the skies as we are bombarded from the ground." I answered as I started the car and began driving away from the prison expanding the gap between us and the winged sinners. As the prison left our view Mathias asked "So how do you know this Anti-Christ even exists John?" "I won't explain everything just yet but a story of how I started this mission should help the time pass and make everything a little more clearly." I replied as I started the story of how my mission came to be. " It all started when the demon invasion first began, in the beginning the Anti- Christs minions didn't care about growing there ranks only quenching there overflowing blood lust. They traveled like a horde from town to town senselessly slaughtering anybody they could find. Before I explain my story though let me just say that I was not a Christian nor was I against Christianity I just helped the people around me without giving any thought or much effort into anything. When they struck our town my friends and I were all at my house having a game night. Just like any average group of friends, When we became curious about what might be on the news today because in the day in age there was always someone getting murdered or robbed. We saw warnings to not leave your house and close, lock, and even barricade any windows or doors. They news reporter was shouting at the camera that the world was coming to an end and that we must defend ourselves. Halfway through the his sentence he stopped abruptly, as we all froze and watched what he was about to say the reporter began rising as a large blade shaped bone pierced through his chest began dragging up through his body. Once the blade had carved through his skull a large bloody hand hand landing on his shoulder throwing him out of the way revealing the four armed demon behind him. It had two arms carved down to the bone to be used as blades and the other two arms were equipped with a rough metal armor plating. The demon screeched as the camera fell to the ground and the footage cut to static. It was then that we began to panic about what we would do. I had told them to stay on the main floor and push everything against the doors while I went down to the cellar to get the pair or revolvers that my father had given to me before he passed a few years prior. Once I was downstairs I stood and stared at the crossed revolvers in their case. My father told me not to ever take them out unless there was no other route to take. I unlatched the case and took out the first revolver, As I held it I heard a loud smash followed by two thuds on the floor above me. I more quickly took out the second revolver and began clumsily loading them with the twelve .45 rounds that were aligned next to them. As I loaded the rounds I heard screams followed by more thuds It was when I finished loading the two guns an eerie silence began. I crept up the stairs hoping to see my friends alive or at least not there, hiding somewhere. 

            I walked through the empty kitchen seeing just about all my furniture pushed up against my rear and front door. I Approached the opening to the living room slowly. Regretting every step I took as each inch revealed new horrors with scraps of flesh of the people I was knew strewed around my very own living room. I stepped into the living room I felt the breeze from the shattered window and in the same instant my feet became heavier, with my socks soaked in the blood of the people I had told to stay where they were. I was in such shock I couldn't do anything but stand in utter devastation. My soul was broken, my life was shattered, I knew then that the rest of my life would never be as peaceful as it was a mere 20 minutes ago. I then turned to the barricaded door and begun frantically pulling away pieces of furniture trying to escape the wretched scene I was a part of. I managed to push through the door but when I got to the other side there was nothing but silence and corpses. Neighbors, tourists, everybody in sight, everybody I have ever known was slaughtered. Within just a few minutes the world around had been wiped. It felt like I had the world to myself but with nowhere to go. I began running down the path leading from my house and then down the street shouting for someone hoping for someone or something to hear. I didn't want to be in this world alone surrounded by empty buildings and rotting corpses. I didn't stop until I came up on my local church where the cross which had once towered over the small homes in the neighborhood had been broken off. It had been driven into the ground upside down whilst piercing what could only resemble one of the pastors. I fell to my knees quivering at the sight of such brutality. I was startled when I heard a voice, an actual living person's voice. It was a faint "Psst, Hey you come over to the church". It seemed to be coming from the cellar door that was on the side of the semi destroyed church. I got up and began walking towards it not caring if it was a trap of if I would get seen by a demon, all I wanted was to not be alone in this world. When I reached the cellar doors I noticed a padlock securing the two doors to the surrounding foundation.

         The man from within the spoke through the crack between the two doors, "You need to find a way to break this lock for me, I was locked in here because I was predicting this and the other fathers thought I was going insane so they locked me in here so i don't scare people away." " If I get you out will you tell me what you know and what you predicted about what is happening." I asked him, I had began thinking about taking revenge on the demons that killed my friends. "I can do you one better I will explain everything you need to know as well as a way to fight against the scourge that has risen from the depths of hell." The mysterious man exclaimed. "Stand back I shouted as I pulled out one of the revolvers that I had loosely placed in the waste band of my pants. I had never shot a gun before but now I had swiftly aimed and shot the lock from point blank. The doors of the cellar swung outwards and there was an old hunched over man at the bottom of the small ladder. Once I got down the ladder I could see the man better he had white scraggly hair that continued into a beard. His face generously covered in wrinkles and both of his eyes looked as if empty clouds had flown into them. He began speaking as I continued analyzing him. "My name is Richard and as you have probably guessed I am or at least was one of the fathers here at this church. In weeks prior I had dreams of demons and angels clashing in the skies of a scorched earth. The world in my dreams had been abandoned by god and I fear that may have become a reality." "But didn't you say that there was a way to stop all of this?" I asked beginning to doubt his validity. " Yes in the days I was down here I had a vision of light, it had told me that in order to prevent the destruction or our world I must find the one survivor and convince him to kill the anti-Christ."He replied. "And you think that I will be the one to take on these demons by myself?" I asked disconcertingly. "I know for a fact that you will not be able to take on this evil scourge by yourself, you must find allies like yourself that still have hope or whose hope for this world can be reignited."He replied. " I have no one else to fight with me, everybody i once knew was slain by demons". I angrily replied as I began climbing the ladder to leave. "You must travel the lands and gather the light in order to stop the darkness." Richard shouted. I continued up the ladder and started running again. But in the back of my mind I knew that I would have to be the spark to reignite the flame of hope in this forgotten world.




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