After flames

The story is set in a world torn apart by demons and angels alike. God has made his choice by abandoning humanity. Starting the rapture. It is about a man named John Grimwood who is trying to eliminate the anti-Christ. The source of the rapture. He must choose his allies wisely as the evil scourge has soaked into every corner of the world.


5. Side Tracked

       We had been driving for about two hours now and I had long finished my story of how I met Richard about three months ago. The sun was beginning to dip below the barren horizon as we drove across the barren highways with no idea of where we were headed. " Do you think that we should stop soon and try to sleep for the night? " I asked Mathias. "But we can't, the sinner that scratched you got your scent and will be probably tracking you for days won't they?" Mathias answered questioningly. "You see these rosary beads that I have wrapped around my wrist. It's not because I suddenly believed in god once this started. I returned to Richard a few days after we met and he had these beads for me. He called them the Hand of the Hidden. They allow us to get injured and not be tracked by the demons." I explained. "I guess we're lucky I never took a direct attack from the sinner. In that case though lets find a place where we can't be seen from the skies and get surprise attacked." Mathias queried. "Yeah, good idea" I said as I was interrupted by Mathias asking "Do you see that? It looks like somebody is standing in the middle of the road." Mathias was pointing towards the setting sun in the distance where on the road a silhouette of what was hopefully a person stood. "Lets get closer before we decide what to do" I instructed as I slowed down and veered off road as to avoid the person if need be. As we drew closer I spoke to myself saying, "No way, It can't be." "What is it?" Mathias asked urgently. "It's Richard I replied sounding baffled, Which I was. As we pulled up next to Richard we both jumped out of the buggy. As soon as our boots hit the ground Richard greeted us both by saying. "Beautiful evening is it not Mathias. I hope you have been well John." "Wait how does he know my name John?" Asked Mathias. " I may be blind but I'm not deaf you can speak to me you know. And to answer your question I had a vision of you two in a skirmish with a sinner." Richard chimed. "See I wasn't lying this man is the real deal. I reassured Mathias. " So why are you here?" I asked Richard directly. " It's always to the point with you isn't it John." He sneered as he continued explaining. "I have two things to do while I'm here first off I have brought Mathias a gift as to make his battle against the darkness easier." Richard pulled out a necklace of rosary beads." Is that one of the hands of the hidden" Mathias asked in anticipation. "I see John explained one of his relics to you in the short time you have had together. Makes my job easier. But yes it is" Richard answered as he handed the rosary bead necklace to Mathias. "Thank you father" Mathias said to Richard. "There is no need for that title anymore Mathias there are no more houses of god standing in this world. All I am now is a man with no sight with a vision of a future of hope." Richard replied. "So what is the second thing you came here to do?" I asked Richard. "Well John, If your so eager to know I guess I will tell you."Richard remarked as he continued to look through us with his clouded eyes." There are a group of survivors that I want you to meet. They live in the town of Myrefall about 150 Km North of this road. There are friendly however do not barge in like you own the place or you will get killed." "Doesn't sound to friendly to me." I interrupted Richard. He grunted and continued explaining. "Once you are let inside you need to find their leader Rina yu and tell her that the seer had sent you.They will brief you on everything else there." " The Seer? Not very humble I see." Mathias said with a laugh. "It was not my choice, I didn't feel like giving out my name to strangers so that is what I was called." He replied defensively. "You gave your me your name pretty quick when we first met." I chimed. "That's different, I owed you for opening that cellar door, I probably would have died in there if you hadn't come along." Richard replied. " With that I guess we will sleep through the night and head out on first light." I proclaimed to Mathias. "Sounds like a plan to me. Are you going to come with us." Mathias asked Richard. "Why would I? What use do you have for a blind man?" Richard asked Rhetorically. "Either way John you aren't the only one who has a mission to fulfill." Richard snickered as he turned and began his usual shuffle that he called a walk. "Until our paths meet again I wish the two of you the best of luck." Richard shouted as he grew further away. "Stay out of danger yourself old man" I shouted back before laughing at his expense. "He seems quite different from when you talked about him earlier." Mathias remarked. "He is different, I've been out here just as long as him and I've had my fair share of near death experiences. Every time I see Richard though he has not even a scratch on him. How he traverses the land with no vision amazes me." I answered. "If anyone he seems like the one who should be leading this war." Mathias stated. "In way he is, He was the one who helped me get back on my feet and he has given me places to go in order to try and gain an edge on the Anti-Christ. In reality we are no more than his sword in which he uses to vanquish the damned." I explained to Mathias. "That's some heavy shit." He replied as we began setting up for the night ahead of us.

        We agreed that if I could get a fire started Mathias would try and hunt something down to cook so I gave Mathias my hunting knife that I had in my bag and I took the hatchet from the supplies in my buggy. As Mathias passed through the tree line I stopped and began inspecting each tree, I was looking for one that was still alive and not too big. I managed to find a good looking tree about a foot in diameter. I held the hatchet over my right shoulder and brought it forcefully into the base of the tree. It brought up solid about quarter of the way through. I pulled on the hatchet trying to get it out of the tree but when it came loose there was something black and liquid like oozing out of the slit. I moved to touch it with the blade of the hatchet but the instant it touched the black mass I could tell what it was. A mass of small spiders had began crawling out of the tree and covering it. I backed off as I remember a story that Richard had once told me. He had said that he once found a forest where every living tree he searched were filled with the demonic insect. Richard had told me that the insects were almost like scarabs and they live off the trees of this particular forest. And if disturbed they would try to devour whatever or whoever disturbed them. I backed up from the forest and began searching for a dead tree instead that was already void of these demonic insects. In that moment I spotted Mathias frantically burst from the tree line. "What the hell is up with these trees!" He shouted as he stopped just shy of me tossing a limp rabbit on the ground. "Well don't you work fast" I spoke. "It helped that it was just standing in the open." Mathias replied. " Yeah, about this forest, The trees here are filled with carnivorous demonic spiders." I answered nonchalantly. " Honestly I think I would rather fight an army of hell spawns ten times over before entering this forest again." Mathias replied jokingly. "Yeah, this forest is the real apocalypse." I said as a kicked a log that was laying on the round to check if there was anything inside it. "At least we can still cook something up." Mathias spoke as he picked his rabbit up off the ground and took out the knife I had given him. "Do you even know how to skin a rabbit?" I asked him. "Not rabbit in particular but I've skinned a enough things in my time to get the gist of it." Mathias replied confidently. "If I die of some type of food poisoning tonight I'm blaming you." I said as a hauled the log over my shoulder and towards the buggy. Later that night Mathias and I sat around the the fire eating chunks of rabbit off of sticks. "This is nice you know, I hadn't had actual meat for like two or three weeks now." I said to Mathias  thankfully. " Having company makes shit a lot less boring as well, I think if I had been in that prison for the rest of my life I would've gone insane." He replied. " Are you sure you weren't in there for too long already, I mean look at you." I said to Mathias before laughing and awaiting his response. "I don't know, you tell me it takes crazy to know crazy." He replied. " I guess it does, We are trying to save the world after all." I answered before laying down and trying to sleep.

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