After flames

The story is set in a world torn apart by demons and angels alike. God has made his choice by abandoning humanity. Starting the rapture. It is about a man named John Grimwood who is trying to eliminate the anti-Christ. The source of the rapture. He must choose his allies wisely as the evil scourge has soaked into every corner of the world.


2. Being watched

I rolled out of what I called a bed, but in all actuality just a pile of torn clothes and rubble. Reminders of my old life. I started putting on some of my armor being careful not to break any of the relics and talismans scattered all over the metal. They helped me hide from the darkness of the anti-Christ and his army. I always kept them near so he couldn't hunt me down first. I looked down and noticed my stomach growling. I need something to eat I thought to myself. So I got up and started looking through some of the many bags and boxes in the building I was in, but alas my luck had run out, there was nothing here. I sighed as the thought of needing to search for more supplies came to mind. I would need to leave the small setup I had here and face more of the unholy spawns in the outside world. It wouldn't be to hard to go far because I was able to find a working dune buggy in the last town I left. As I left my shattered little building I walked towards my buggy, now covered in spare sheet metal just like my self for added protection. I looked around to see if there was anybody, or anything watching me. The coast was clear so I jumped in the sunroof of the buggy and put the key in the ignition not yet turning it, ironically praying that it would start. On the first turn there was just the sound of gas guzzling. Same with the second  turn. But on the third turn in screeched for a couple of seconds and the started running. Surprisingly there was still a decent amount of gas left in her. I forcefully pressed the gas pedal, doing a quick u-turn and speedily driving down the broken road.

A few hours later I found myself driving down a long straight road and near the end of the road I saw what looks like to be an abandoned prison with barb wire fence and cement reinforced walls. the building seemed to only have one way in, a small steel door. As I got closer to the prison I could see empty courtyards and locked gates. I slowed down as I approached the gate and a chill went through my body, it felt like I was being watched. Even when the buggy stopped I couldn't shake the feeling I was being watched, so before I got out I looked around the vehicle,  all along the walls, I even scouted the empty courtyards once more. As I stepped out of the buggy I smelt death. A stench so rotten it filled the air. I saw that the door had a chain and pad lock wrapped around the door handle. Luckily I had been smart enough to hunt down a pair of bolt cutters a few weeks back. I grabbed the bolt cutters and walked over to the door. The chain on the door was around a centimeter thick. So after a minute or two of cutting I finally broke the chain, the heavy metal fell to the ground making a loud "clank". As I slowly pushed open the door it slid silently. Almost as if it has been tended to or repaired recently. When I entered the room I noticed a reception desk. The smell of death and rot was somehow intensified in the building. As I inspected the room I started to peer over the desk and I spotted a rotting carcass lying against the wall with a giant wooden spike sticking out of its chest. At this point I started having second thoughts of whether or not I should search the prison. But I needed to find some food and ammo or else I would surely parish soon.

   I decided to continue searching and walked through a glass door. The next room was a lot cleaner and more organized with boxes stacked along walls. Just as I shut the door behind me the rotting stench that had filled the air earlier seemed to vanish. There was something weird about this place, there has to be somebody, or something in here. The feeling I felt earlier suddenly returned. I was being watched, but by who and from where? Pretending not to be suspicious of the feeling I continued to look through boxes and open doors. All that I could find was bundles of blank paper and empty rooms with the scattered bed or bathroom. On the tenth or eleventh door I opened there was a larger room filled with dirty plastic sheets drooped over metal bars. And at the far end of the room there was a single window giving light to the rest of the room. As I entered the room a gust of wind blew past me. Sending a shiver down my spine and slamming the door behind me. I turned around and started twisting and pulling the lever that was on the door. It didn't turn so I couldn't open the door. Losing hope of opening the door I decided to look for another way out but when I turned around there was a silhouette on the dirty plastic. " Hey you, what are you?"  I yelled towards the shadow. It seemed to echo back with no response. "Answer me or I wont hesitate to kill you" I spoke, again no answer. I started to walk towards the silhouette. Tearing the dirty plastic sheets off of the metal rods as I walked . Once I neared closer fear seemed to fill my body with the thought of what I was about to face. As I ripped away the last sheet of plastic I saw that there was only a pile of clutter and balled up plastic in the shape of a person. I punched its head off and laughed at how easily I was spooked. I started turning around just in time to see I wide metal pipe rush into my face. I went flying backwards and once I hit the ground my vision started to go blurry only before fading completely.


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