After flames

The story is set in a world torn apart by demons and angels alike. God has made his choice by abandoning humanity. Starting the rapture. It is about a man named John Grimwood who is trying to eliminate the anti-Christ. The source of the rapture. He must choose his allies wisely as the evil scourge has soaked into every corner of the world.


3. A new ally

      I finally woke up after what felt like hours. I tried to move my body but to my surprise I felt restraints wrapped around my wrists and ankles. All I could see was blackness. I assumed I was rather in dark room or that the person or thing that knocked me out had put something over me. I heard a door open and then footsteps approach me. Suddenly a rough textured bag was pulled off my head. The room was not hard to adjust to, there was little light. In front of me stood a person dressed in riot gear and a gas mask. "What's your name". The person spoke. It was a low sounding voice so I assumed it was a man. "What", I responded." I said, what is you name and why are you in my prison". He asked in a impatient voice." My name... is .... John Grimwood, and I'm only here because I was driving past looking for supplies and this seemed like a good place to look." I quickly said. "Okay, One more simple question than. Why shouldn't I kill you right now for trespassing onto my land." the man spoke. I quickly tried to come up with an answer." I didn't think there was anybody living here. If you let me go I will leave right away and you wont ever have to see me again. It's important I stay alive I am on a mission and it must be completed." I frantically spewed out as many excuses I could think of before he stopped me. But to my surprise there was laughter, the man was laughing at me as he removed his mask and revealed himself. He had medium gray hair matched with a receding hairline and his square face harbored his brown, friendly eyes. When he stopped laughing he turned to me and said " I like you John. You got a mission and even now in the state that the world is in you still want to finish it." I have my reasons" I replied. "Oh I am sure you do, but whatever they are you can keep them to yourself." He said, still laughing. "Does this mean you will let me go?" I asked, hoping for him to answer yes. "Sure, but you can stay for a bit now if you want." He answered as he untied the straps around my ankles and wrists. Awkwardly I answered," No, I think I've intruded enough." "No, wait, I think we got off on the wrong foot.My name is Mathias, and sorry for knocking you out and tying you up." He said with an ashamed tone in his voice." My name is John Grimwood, and I'm sorry for breaking into your home." I said as I shook his hand. "So Mathias do you live here?" I asked him. "Not really. I stay downstairs, in the storage rooms. I only use this floor to scare off intruders. You are the first person I actually had to pursue myself." Mathias answered, now in a more friendly voice than before. " I am a lot tougher than most people think." I said. " Follow me I will lead you to the storage room, you can rest and eat there." Mathias said.

        "That's great, I'm starving right now" I replied. "But first I have a question. Why are you travelling anyways? I thought it was dangerous in the open." Mathias asked, sounding curious. "Well, that's harder to explain than you think but if you want to know here it goes. I'm hunting" I try to explain but get interrupted by Mathias asking "Why would you hunt now a days". "I was going to explain' I replied sarcastically. "  Oh, sorry continue then" Mathias said apologetically. " Anyways, I'm hunting because I need to find a horrific demon and kill it. Its name is the Anti-Christ. If I manage to somehow kill him it would end this evil time and send his unholy army back to where they came from." I say to him. "Sounds dangerous". Mathias slowly uttered. "It is, I'm not sure if I can beat him or not. But in comparison it is worth the risk. I also got some special protection, holy artifacts that help hide me from the beasts." I reply to him with confidence. "Cool. We are almost there now. Just a few more turns." Mathias ensured me. We have walked down three flights of stairs and twisted through hallways and we weren't even there yet. We finally came to another iron door and I remembered the lock I cut on the first door.  I felt the need to tell him of what i did. "Just so you know Mathias i cut the lock on the front door." I  said to him. " I know, I watched you do it and now I have to go and get another lock before more people just waltz right in." He replied angrily.  " Like I said earlier i didn't think anyone was here. And also what kind of supplies do you have down here." I asked. "Well, I kinda got a bit of everything down here. From food and guns to batteries and gasoline." Mathias answered as he opened the iron door to reveal a room with shelves scattered around the room. There was also a bed sprawled out in the corner of the room. The oddest thing in the large room was along the walls between the shelves there were entrances cut into the wall. Curiously I asked Mathias " Why are there holes in the walls"? " Oh, I use those to get around the building while staying hidden". Mathias replied. " That's pretty clever of you, it seems like you have put a lot of time into this place". I said hinting for an answer to how long he has been here. He replied by only saying "yeah its nice to have an advantage over your enemy. He also added that "He needed to go do something, so he would be gone for a minute". Mathias climbed into one of the holes in the wall and then disappearing completely.

        I started to walk around and observe the room. One shelf was full of unmarked tin cans stacked neatly on top of one another. Another shelf had piles of organized ammo boxes, with only one box open. On the far end of the room there was a gun rack with an array of pistols and shotguns. I continued to walk around the room and suddenly a breeze blew across my feet. I inspected around the floor for a crack I noticed a slit lining the edge of the floor and then rising to form the shape of a door. To get to the slit I had to move an empty shelf, as I slid it slightly out of the way I noticed it was the only empty shelf in the entire room. trying to pry at the slit with my hands I was unsuccessful in opening it so I took a crowbar off the weapon wall to help me try and pry the door open but as I walked towards the door I heard footsteps coming from the hole that Mathias left through so I quickly ran and put the crowbar back and then slowly pushed the empty shelf back. Mathias came through the hole that he left through asking what I was doing while he was gone." Nothing really, just looking around". I replied. he quickly responded, saying, "Come with me, I need your help with something"." What is it that makes it so urgent"? I asked. "It's a demon". Mathias answered sternly. "So why should I help you with your pest problems"? I replied. "Well the thing is John I haven't seen any of these creatures in almost a year now so I am pretty sure it followed you here, and now i think its looking for you and will kill anyone who gets in its way". Mathias answered in an angry and annoyed voice. " I will help but I can assure you that nothing was following me on the way here". I answered. "Where is it we need to go?" I also asked. "Cell block D, it is on the far end of the prison. We will need to travel through the walls". Mathias answered. Mathias gestured towards the hole he came from. I crawled through the hole.

           It was really cramped for a few steps and then the space opened and I had room to stand. I let Mathias go around me to lead the way. As we advanced through the walls Mathias would and peek through a hole for a few seconds and then continue walking after a little while I asked Mathias "what are you looking for?"" I am looking for certain numbers painted on the hall floors to tell us where we are." Mathias answered. We continued walking for another couple minutes until he finally stopped and asked me to look through the hole that was in front of him. I looked through the peek hole into a courtyard, It had a broken fence and there was what seemed to be a burnt human except with long claw like nails and a very distinct pair of bloody bones extruding from its shoulder blades . They looked like wings but were useless because they were only bone and torn flesh." This is what we call a sinner, Mathias. A human left behind from the rapture and kidnapped by demons. The human is then scorched by hell fire for their "sins". I explained to Mathias. "How strong are they?" Mathias asked. "Not very. They are basically the Anti-Christ's scouts or first line of defense, weak but faster than a normal. Anyway how are we supposed to kill it from inside the wall." I asked Mathias. "Look closer". Mathias said as he pointed towards a slit in the wall. "We will have to open up the wall and try to sneak up on it". I whispered. "Got it, you open the door and I will go through first." Mathias said. I nodded my head as I slowly pushed open the door, just as Mathias had a enough room to squeeze through the door, the door let out a whine. The sinner flicked its head around and stared at Mathias with his black empty eye sockets.

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