Have you ever been in a Mental Patients home? Well....its like a bunch of broken mistakes in a house.


1. P R O L O G E

"Why are there pictures everywhere?" Sasha said walking around the house. She looked at a few pictures of Harry when he was growing up, some when he was in his early teens, and now. There had to be ten thousand pictures on the first floor of his house.

"Helps me remember the past." He said smiling down at a picture of him and his mum. "Sasha tommorw, as much as I want to, I won't remember you" she looked at him with confusion and sadness "Sasha" he took both my hands " Darling, the real reason why I got mad was...I have no memory"

"What?" She shook her head "What do you mean?"

"Everytime I fall asleep. Then I wake up the next morning. I barely know who I am, I have to look through the pictures, and one day I might have to have a picture of my wife and children." She could see the tears turn to anger "GET OUT!" He screamed throwing and empty beer bottle against the door

"Harry Wait Stop-" She said reaching, trying to get a hold of him. But it was to late, he had her pinned against the wall choking her

"I'm a monster" He said in a demonic voice 

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