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Kaylee Valencia was thrilled when she got backstage passes to see her all time favorite band, 5 Seconds Of Summer. She invited her best friend, Anissa Elluv, to go with her. Little did they know, they'd actually meet the boys. Along with many other things to follow.


1. Kaylee, Anissa, and other characters

This is not part of the story. This is just an introduction to the characters. Well, some of the characters, anyway.

Kaylee Olsen:

Age: 17

Relationship Status: dating Mike Braden

Hair: auburn/red

Eyes: green

Ethnicity: Italian/English

Traits: good sense of humor, sarcastic, romantic, socially awkward, and obsessed with 5sos/internet

Anissa Elluv

Age: 17

Relationship status: recently broken up with Matt Jameson

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: brown

Ethnicity: Mexican/American

Traits: good sense of humor, witty, FANGIRL, smart, and a bit awkward

Mike Braden

Age: 17

Hair: light brown

Eyes: hazel

Ethnicity: Mexican/german/American

Traits: athletic, sarcastic, good sense of humor, sometimes sensitive, and protective

Kaylees Family:

Mother: Jane Olsen

Father: David Olsen

Siblings: Jaden Olsen-26, Derek Olsen-21, and Alex Olsen-13

Anissa's Family:

Mother: Laurie Elluv

Father: Louis Elluv

Siblings: Justin Elluv-23, and Ericka Elluv-14

Ok dats all for now

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