Love In The Spotlight

When the spotlight shown down, it chased away the emotion.


1. Prologue

Love. A four letter word that means all the difference. That little word, with only one  syllable to speak, could possibly change someone's life.    That four letter word, though at times we as human beings toss it around like leaves in the wind, could truly capture the very fibers of a person's soul.    That four letter word, though the sound of it may not hold any true significance, will be the one thing that brings light to even the most darkest of shadows.    It was that four letter word, a word that can be thrown into any sort of combination of phrases, that changed my life. For that simply word, was my forever.    I was utterly unaware, the moment I saw him, that my life would change forever. "Wait for me" were the last sweet tender words he spoke to me. In the silence of the night, he captured my heart and was gone by morning.
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