This story is about a girl named Rose, she's a hardworking student, who plays music in her bedroom. She meets a guy named Scott and well you'll have to see. (My first story.)


3. The Package

   I was shocked. A guy I just met today, hugging me?! Weird, the first word that came to mind, and me being a idiot, I said it out loud. He stopped hugging me, and stepped back. He was holding the ribbon of his backpack, smiling. He said pulling over a card,

   "It's great to see you here. Oh, you work at the mail box area place right? Can you send this to my mother, it her birthday is a week, and it take a long to get to her. So?"

   We talked in every class was had together, I told him I worked in post office, so I get that he wants me to do this, but I don't get why he does just put it in his mail box. Weird. So I said holding the package. It was nicely done, newspaper outside, with a big blue bow and ribbon. It said on a small, little card: Happy Birthday Mom!, it was nice of him to do that for his mom. People around here, don't care for women, they cook and clean or they are just a little toy to them. That makes me sick!

   I was walking to work it was on the other side of town, a small building with a sign by the door, it said : Come on in! Mail Here! Owned By: John Miner . John was my uncle, he smokes most of the time, so we never really see him. I opened the door, the bell rang. I turned the sign to say OPEN. I quickly put my stuff in the back, and put Scott's package on the table. I looked at the package, wondering what was inside.

   It was 9:30 pm, it was getting ready to close. I set the packages in the "To Go" slot. Down it went. I grabbed my stuff, and turned the sign to CLOSED. I locked the door, and walked home.

   It was dark out, everyone was in there homes, sleeping, dreams racing around the rooms. The cafe was open, ready to close. Levi was walking out, holding a large cup of coffee. I ran over yelling "Levi! Levi over here!" He stopped waved back. I caught up to him, freezing. Levi said talking a sip of his coffee

   "I though you would be at home. What are you doing here?"

   " I was working."

   "Oh, right."

   "Why are you here?"

   "I was sleeping, and they said to get out of there. So, I did."

   "Why are you drinking coffee this late at night?"

   "I'm going to be reading, I'm working on reading "The Fault in Our Stars", I heard the girls loved it." I giggled.

   " Well, I'll see you later Levi."

   He nodded and walked away.

   "Be safe!"

   He gave me the thumbs up.

   I smiled.

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