This story is about a girl named Rose, she's a hardworking student, who plays music in her bedroom. She meets a guy named Scott and well you'll have to see. (My first story.)


8. Scott is the One

   In the darkness, I saw a heart, but it wasn't mine. I looked closer, it had pictures of someone, it-t was me?! Was it my mother? No, it was Scott's. I closed my eyes again. I opened them to be in a bedroom. It wasn't mine, not my mothers. I looked over to a picture of a boy, the boy looked like, Scott? It was Scott!

   Then Scott came in, he closed the door. He slid down, sitting on the floor. He had a card and a gift. The same one he gave me. He kissed it. Cute. No! No! Not cute! He stood up and put the gift and card on the bed, and ran over to his guitar and picked it up. He started playing a song. Not a song I knew of. Wait!? That's the song he made in class. He started to play. I sat down, in a gaze of amazement, he was so cute playing the guitar. The song was amazing. I closed my eyes, and fell into darkness.

   When I woke up, I was in the living room laying on the couch. It was morning, it was quiet. Then I heard, sound of a crying soul in the kitchen. I sat up to see who is was,my mother? Oh my god. I started to cry. I put my hand on my eyes and on my heart. My mother heard me crying, and ran over to me. She sat down right next to me, she held my hand. We were both were crying.

   After about a hour, I got up to get something to eat, but then the bell rang, I walked over and open the door, Scott standing there, he had a stuffed puppy and a red balloon. Like in my drawing. He's eyes were not calm anymore they were worried and stressed. Scott was the boy.

   "Rose your okay! Your mother called me, what happen? Are you okay?" Scott said hugging me

   "Yes Scott, I'm fine I just...I'm fine." I said. We stopped hugging. He looked at me and he held my face with his cold hands, and let's just say, I wasn't afraid of falling in love. I rather fall in love then never at all. Ya...we kissed. His lips warming up with every second. My heart was beating faster and faster. He was the one. I didn't care about the heart break. Love? This is love!

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