This story is about a girl named Rose, she's a hardworking student, who plays music in her bedroom. She meets a guy named Scott and well you'll have to see. (My first story.)


6. Saved My Life

   I was walking on the side walk, I felt like crying. My music was on high, it was Fifth Harmony's song, Miss Movin' On. I was looking down, so the sun would make me cry. I was coming up to the light, and I saw Scott, he was sitting on the edge of the side walk and the street. He looked sad but I didn't want to be by him at the moment, you know, crying. I wanted to just go home and say sorry to mom, but i don't know.

   I waited until the light changed, then I ran for it. I should of looked at the street before hand, because a mini van was going to fast. I was scared, I stopped. why? Fear, that's why! Everything was in slow motion. My heart was the fastest thing going, but before the van could hit me, someone ran up to me, and pulled me and them back. We hit the side walk, hard.

   I snapped out of it, I looked back to see, Scott. He was in pain, but he was smiling. I got up and said,

   "Scott! Scott! Scott, are you okay?!" At this point I was crying, tears rolling down my eyes, no stopping. He opened his eyes and his eye were calm. I don't what to do! I grabbed him by his arm and looked him right straight in the eyes, hoping they were calming him.

   After about a hour, He was fine! He was fine. That's good to hear. We got to school, I told the office what happen. They told me to go to class, and they would talk to Scott about it. I picked up a pass, and left the office.

   The rest of the day, I was studying in class. More of me just drawing and listening to my music. I didn't see Scott the rest of day. I hope he was okay.

   I was walking to work when, when I saw Scott sitting at the cafe with Levi. Levi was awake, tired, but awake. I didn't know that Scott were friends. The first day, Levi didn't care for him. Now, there talking, being friendly. I walked in the cafe. I took my coat off. It was like being a in a volcano, yes that hot. I walked over to Levi, he was drinking his coffee. Weird. I sat down and started to talk Levi. Levi was showing more emotion. Oh no, what did Scott do?

   "So, did you hear what happen to Scott?"

   "Ya, I was there."

   "What?! Really? What were you doing?"


   "Oh." I got up and walked out the door. I sat in the snow. What was I doing? Why did I just walk out? I got up and started walking to work, but when I got there, there was a piece of paper that said; No Mail Toady. No Work Today. Have a Fun day off! :). Really I had to walk 10 miles, in ice and snow ,to this. So, I just walked home. I got upstairs, to a clean bed and a gift and card. Where's my guitar? I look to see, she was in the corner of my room. She was in the blank spot corner.

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