This story is about a girl named Rose, she's a hardworking student, who plays music in her bedroom. She meets a guy named Scott and well you'll have to see. (My first story.)


7. No! No! No!

   I walked over to my bed, I picked up the card first it was, hand made, so pretty. It said on the outside in a beautiful fount; Thank You My Dear. My dear? I opened the card it said in the same fount; Rose, a beautiful flower, thank you for helping me to school. It was such a nice thing. I know that the arm thing was weird. If it makes you feel any better, If you like fine. All I want to do is make a beautiful girl smile. From, Scott R.

   My heart was beating. No! No! I'm not falling for him. Love? No! I sat down on the bed, putting the card on the floor. My heart. What are you doing? I stood up walking around my room. My fingers were going throw my hair, my eyes were crying.

   "No! No! No, not Scott! I-I cant be falling-" I was yelling, crying. Crying?

   Yes crying, when I was young, My parents said that they fell in love, and that nothing would happen to the love they had, but one day. My father didn't come home that night. My mother was calling him non stop. I was playing with a friend, that friend, was Levi. He and I were playing, we didn't know what was going on. When he got home, mom was yell at him, saying that he was drunk man, and that he was with a woman. He was with a women, Mrs.Woodstock, but he wasn't drunk, he wanted a change for her. Months later, my mother toke me, and we moved to the northern part of the U.S.. My dad was gone from my life. He killed my mother's heart. She said she never should of fell in love. I don't want that to happen to me, so, since that day I never had a crush or I never fell in love. Because if I did, pain was all I was going to end up with.

   "No!" I screamed. Everything went dark. I fell to the floor. My mother rushed to me screaming and trying to wake me up,

   "Rose! Rose! Rose! Wake up honey! Hello-" that was the last word I heard before it went dark.

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