This story is about a girl named Rose, she's a hardworking student, who plays music in her bedroom. She meets a guy named Scott and well you'll have to see. (My first story.)


2. Nice to Meet you Scott

   "Well. I'm sorry for the interruption. I'll just sit down." He walked over to the desk beside me. I was still working. He just sitting at the desk. He started to hum, it was a beautiful melody. I looked over at him, he was working on a story, no, wait, a Song?! He looked at me, smiling. I snapped out of it, and looked the other way. He got up and sat right in front of me. He saw that I was working on a drawing, He picked up my drawing, standing up. I stood up and said,

   "Hey give that back!" I yelled. No one really cared to look back.

   "Oh my, it's, it-"

   "It's not finished, and you had no right to take my stuff." I garbed the drawing and put it in my folder. I sat down leaning back on my chair.

   "I was going to say, it was very good.", he said walking over to his desk and sat down.

   "It's not that good, I've seen better." I mumbled to my self. He turned to me and said

   "It's the best I've ever seen. Oh and by the way, my names Scott, Scott Richmond. What about you? What's your name?"

   I sat there for a couple seconds, then I turned to him. His brown eyes where dark, and calm. I smiled and said,

   "Rose, Rose Miner. Anything else you want to know?" I said this because I didn't think he would say

  "Okay, What else are you adding to your drawing? What do you want to do in the future? Why is the sky blue?" I sat there try to figure out what was with this kid, it's like he was a idiot or something. Maybe he was, I just didn't know yet.

   It was the end of the day, I was walking home from school. The sound of cars, sounded like a punk rock concert, so nice. I was getting into town, it was loud and no one really knew what quiet meant around here, I was the only one. I stopped in front of a cafe shop. There I saw Levi, sleeping in a chair. I went in and sat down next to Levi. He woke up, rubbing his eyes, mumbling.

   "Levi do you ever stop sleeping." I said. He grabbed a pillow, hugging it.

   "Ya, I eat."

   "Levi...Come on let's go walk. You need to get outside."

   "I was outside when I walked here."

   "Well, then." I got up and waved Levi goodbye. That's how our conversations go, but before I could leave, Scott walked in. He ran over to me and hugged me.

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