This story is about a girl named Rose, she's a hardworking student, who plays music in her bedroom. She meets a guy named Scott and well you'll have to see. (My first story.)


5. His Arm

   It was morning, I was holding my guitar with my right hand and my left on my head. I got up and toke my clothes off, from last night and put on fresh new ones, I was wearing a Rolling Stones shirt, with black and white leggings ,and my knee high boots. Everyday, was the same. I put on clothes, go down stairs, eat, and run to school, but today wasn't right. I walked down stairs, to see, Scott? He was sitting in my spot at the table. Weird. He was reading my homework, and changing my answers.

   "Hey! What are you doing? That's mine!"

   "Some of them were wrong, so I fixed them. You're welcome." He got up and garbed his stuff. I grabbed his arm, he turned around, big eyed. I was doing the same. I snapped out of it, and let go. I sat down, closing my book and putting my homework away. He just stood there holding the door and looking at me. He snapped out of it and went outside. My mother walked in at this time, and she said,

   "He's a nice boy, you know."

   I nodded, getting up and grabbing a Dr.Pepper.

   "Where is he? Unless he turned into a beautiful ,young lady." she laughed. She put my breakfast on the table and sat down. I started right away. I looked up and my mother just, sat there, smiling. I put my spoon down, and crossed my arms and said,


   "You never eat right away, you wait until it gets soft, and then you start eating. Is there something going on? Are you feeling okay? Let me feel your head." She felt my head, I pushed her hand way. I said "no" a couple of times. I stood up, and yelled,

   "MOM! Stop there's nothing wrong with me. I'm fine!" There was silence. My mother, with her mouth opened, sat there looking at me. I was so shocked, I never yell at my mother, even if she didn't something wrong, I would never, ever. I grabbed my bag, and headed out. I felt so bad.

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