Sophie is a normal girl with a average life until she meets him. Justin Drew Bieber. She showed up at his front doorstep one day, but at that moment she had no idea what she was getying into. Three chapters every three likes. Enjoy!


5. Try it on

The door opened up to a tall man with hazel eyes and brown hair. He was wearing a black V-Neck with jeans and some sneakers. I'll admit it, he was hot. "Can I help you?" The deep sound of his voice made me jump. "Uh, yes. Someone told me to come here at 5:00." I said hesitantly. He chuckled and yelled ''MARCO!!"  And a short chubby guy emerged in the doorway. He smirked at me and said ''See, Justin? I told you she would come on time." I gasped. It was the guy I talked to on the phone!! He didn't look as intimidating as he sounded. Apparently the other guys name was Justin. The name goes well with his face. "Come in and sit on the couch." He said and opened the door wider. I slowly walked in and sat on the couch. He sat down across from me and said "There is a room two doors down on the left. Go in there and try on the pink outfit. Then come out here and show me." That's weird. He brought me here to try on clothes? "Okay." I said and did as he said. When I reached the room, I opened the door and there was a queen sized bed with blue blankets and the rest of the room was empty. I walked in and closed the door. I looked over and saw three outfits sitting on the bed. One was pink, one was blue, and one was yellow. One thing about these 'outfits' was that they aren't outfits. Their just bras and thongs placed on top of each other. I gasped as the door opened. Justin walked in and shut the door. He strode across the room to the bed and picked up the pink lingerie. "Try it on." He said and handed them to me.

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