Sophie is a normal girl with a average life until she meets him. Justin Drew Bieber. She showed up at his front doorstep one day, but at that moment she had no idea what she was getying into. Three chapters every three likes. Enjoy!


9. The Deal Is Sealed Sophie.

"Honey come in here!" I hear my dad say. I walk in to see Justin standing in front of my dad & mom with Marco right behind him. "Sit down sweetie. This mad wants to talk to us." My mom says motioning for the chair. "Okay I need you to listen. Justin is going to but you. You will  be his sex slave from now on. I want you to go upstairs and pack anything you need. I'm sorry honey. We need the money." My mom continues. I can't believe it. I knew they hated me , but I didn't think they hated me this much. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. This isn't happening. He's going to do so many sick things to me , and they don't even care!! I hate them!! I stomp upstairs and yank a suitcase out of my closet. I throw a bunch if clothes in it and then grab another bag. Once my room was pretty empty , there was about seven full duffle bags on my bedroom floor. I took two and ran downstairs. I walked and and placed them in his car doing the same with the rest of the bags. I threw myself in the car without saying anything else , and Marco took off down the road to Justin's house. I wonder what's going to happen to me.  

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