Sophie is a normal girl with a average life until she meets him. Justin Drew Bieber. She showed up at his front doorstep one day, but at that moment she had no idea what she was getying into. Three chapters every three likes. Enjoy!


3. Destination

I typed the address down quickly and went back into the call and took him off speaker. "Okay. I wrote it down. Who's address is that?'' I said. He chuckled. "You will found out soon. Be here by 5:00." He said. "No i'm sorry I don't know you. I cant just pick up and drive to a stranger's house." I said sounding like an 11 year  old. " Well if you don't, we will find you. But you won't be able to comprehend what's happening fast enough to stop it. Be here by 5. OR ELSE. And if you tell anyone, I will kill you personally." He said and clicked the line closed. I sighed and sat down. What the hell am I supposed to do? I don't want to be murdered! I don't want to got to this location either though! I'm going to have to go to this mysterious place. It was now 7:33. Had I been talking to him for that long? Wow. Okay. I walked up the stairs and layed on my bed. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted back to sleep.

I opened my eyes and gasped. I jumped up and looked at the alarm clock. It read 3:57. "Shit." I whispered. and ran to the bathroom. I quickly started a hot shower and undressed my self. I climbed in and let my hair down wetting it and brushing it with my shower brush. Once my body and hair were washed, I stepped out and grabbed a towel walking into my bedroom once again. I glanced at the clock. "4:29" The clock said. "Fuck" I said a little too loudly. I walked into my closet choosing a green and pink striped cardigan and a pink undershirt with some jean shorts and my converse. I stepped back into my bathroom and plugged in my flat iron and started blow drying my hair. Once my hair was dry, I quickly straightened it and didn't put any makeup on. I didn't want to look attractive so they would feel the urge to rape me or anything. The problem was, not trying to brag , I didn't look ugly without makeup. I almost never wore makeup so my face sorta adapted to it and now I actually look somewhat pretty even without makeup. Anyways, I ran to my bedside table and snatched my phone off its charger and clicked on my phone, It was 4:48. I ran down the stairs and jumped into my bright green mustang. I opened my maps app and typed in "224 Sicamore st." And got directions. Once I had reached my destination, I jumped out of the  car and ran to the doorstep. It was now 4:58. I knocked three times and looked down at my feet. I heard a shuffling and the door opened up to.......


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