Sophie is a normal girl with a average life until she meets him. Justin Drew Bieber. She showed up at his front doorstep one day, but at that moment she had no idea what she was getying into. Three chapters every three likes. Enjoy!


8. Back Seat

I took the revealing outfit from his hands and turned so that he was facing my back. "Turn back around." He said firmly. I yelped and the sound of his deep voice and turned around to face him. "Strip." He said. I slowly , but surely , took of my pants and shirt. Then I stood uncomfortably in my bra and underwear sobbing quietly. "Those too sweetie" He purred. Ugh. He's sick. I slid my underwear down and quickly put on the other pair. Then I un clasped my bra and let it fall to the floor and let my hands hang at my side. I picked up the hot pink bra and put it on as fast as I could. Once I stood in the sexy lingerie , he said "Good. Come sit in my lap." And motioned toward his crotch area. I gulped and walked towards Justin and sat right on his private area. There was no other place on the chair to sit. He wrapped his arms around my waist and began to caress my cheek and kiss my neck. Still sobbing , I looked away towards the window. Only to find three men standing outside , gawking in. I screamed. "What bitch, what?!" Justin yelled. I quickly pointed at the window and he said "Goddamnit! Go sit on the bed and wait for me to get back!" And walked out. I heard him scream "Marco!" Before also hearing the door slam shut. I quickly put on my pants and shirt and fled the room making sure no one was in the house. I looked around for my keys and found them sitting on the couch where I had sat when I first came in. I grabbed them and ran to my car, speeding down the highway I realised.  


Something was in my back seat. 




It was dark


Very dark.

*Three hours later*

i woke up in my own bed. In my own room. I wonder how I got here? I asked myself. I wondered around my room before walking downstairs and glancing at the clock. It was 7:33. Everyone was sitting on the couch watching a movie. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I went into the kitchen to get some food. The door opened and a familiar voice rang through the house. 

My heart stopped. 

It was Justin. 

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