Sophie is a normal girl with a average life until she meets him. Justin Drew Bieber. She showed up at his front doorstep one day, but at that moment she had no idea what she was getying into. Three chapters every three likes. Enjoy!


10. Arriving

We arrive at the same house where I was almost raped. He says "Get out of the car and go inside. You know what room to go to." I stand up and go into the house walking to the room. Once I'm there, I sit on the bed and remember the last time I was here. 

He tried to rape me. 

Suddenly the door opens , making me jump , and Justin comes in. 
"Okay. I'm going to lay down the rules now. Rule number one: Don't get jealous. If I want sex from you , I'll get it. If I want it from another girl , I'll get that. " He pauses and looks at me. "Rule number two: this is your bedroom. Doors may not be locked at any time , and lights out at 11:30. Max." I look around the room and then fix my eyes back on him. "Last rule : as for food , you may have whatever is in the kitchen. If you plan on going out , you must take someone who isn't a slave." The word "slave" hits me hard. He continues "That's it. Now I want you to meet everyone else. We walk farther down the hall and turn right into a large room full of girls in lingerie. "This is "The Room". This is where we have meetings , hold parties , and watch TV. Now I want you to meet the other girls here. LINE UP NOW!" He yells to everyone. They quickly drop what their doing and form a straight quiet line. He points to the first girl in line. She's a tall redhead with deep dimples and a small face. "This is Angelica." I nod and he goes to the next girl. A blonde with pink streaks and a square face. "This is Taylor." Again he moves on to the next girl. Another redhead with a round and small face. "Now this is Lissette. The girls I just named are the only ones your allowed to talk to. That's because they are the only other people in your rank. Your rank is Beginner. Later on you'll be moved farther and farther up. Now , you may get settled and then I want you to burn those hideous and concealing clothes. "

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