All throughout her school years, Haven Copperton has been an outcast. Freshman year is no different. She doesn't really care that she's alone, but she would do just about anything for a friend. So when she finds her late mother's art box has a pencil that turns anything drawn with it to life, everything changes. Everything. Copyright © 2014 A'Kiva Wright


1. Thoughts

They say seeing is believing.

    To me, that's as much as a lie as everything else in the world. Whether we believe it or not, our world is based on a fantasy that took years to perfect, and is still in the process of being perfected. Reality is psychological. We choose our reality; reality can't come into existence on its own. If our realities shatter, we doubt our world and reality lapses into fantasy, and fantasy lapses into the cold, merciless truth that yes, our lives are the stuff that dreams are made of. Lives are devastated in the shock that all was not as it was thought to be.

    But no matter how many times reality shatters, the pieces remain to be picked up and redone, because fantasies can be rewoven, realities remade.

    Life is more of a puzzle than most realise. All it takes is the right piece to complete the puzzle, but sometimes when a reality has been shattered and new possibilities beat at your door, one tends to miss that vital piece.

     Sometimes I wonder if worlds exist beyond reality. Beyond fantasy, even--beyond anything mankind has ever known, has ever imagined. Forget parallel universes and different dimensions: what would it be like to imagine a whole new type of different? What if all of Man's science is utterly, unfathomably wrong? What if beneath the Earth's surface there are different worlds, hidden by magic from our prying eyes? What if we only see what they want us to see? What if magicians aren't just the season's entertainment? What if they're other species in disguise, trying to show a weaker species how to unlock the mysteries of the world? What if they're humans that have tapped into the magic of What Else Is Out There?

    I can only wonder.

     At school people call me crazy. I prefer to say that I'm creatively advanced. It's not my fault they don't understand. 

    My name is Haven Copperton, and I'm alone.

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