Adopted by one direction

So this book is about two girls 10 and 12 they live in an orphanage in Phoenix, AZ then get adopted by one direction read to find out more������


6. 6

Sammy's POV

The next morning

So today we are going shopping with Sophia, Perrie, and Eleanor and we are so excited.

"Girls time for breakfast." We heard Niall say to us we were playing on our new phones we got up and ran downstairs.

"Ohh pancakes." Jess said sniffing the air

"It's my speciality." Harry smirked.

"Thank you" we said and sat down at the table

"So the girls will be here in a hour is that good?" Liam asked we just nodded our heads and continued to stuff our faces. Once we were done we went up stairs and went to our rooms. I got in the shower washed up then got out and got dressed I put on a pair of black leggings with a black under shirt and a crop top that says "we are dreamers" with a American flag.(my outfit right now😂)

After I got dressed I went to the bathroom and brushed threw my hair and threw it up in a high pony tale. Once I had brushed my teeth I went to check on Jessica when I got there she was already and playing on her phone. Then she looked up at me

"Hey you ready?" I asked

"Yup" she said with a big smile then both our phones went off

"Follow request from @Eleanor_123( idk any usernames so ya) and @Perrie.44 and @Sophia1290 accept or ignore.

"Omg they want to follow us" Jed said jumping up and down

"Yup" I said while I unlocked my phone and logged in to Twitter I accepted and followed them back then the boys called us downstairs. When we got down there the boys were sitting on the couch with the girls.

"Are you guys ready?" Perrie asked we nodded our heads and went to the boys and said goodbye and walked out.

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