Adopted by one direction

So this book is about two girls 10 and 12 they live in an orphanage in Phoenix, AZ then get adopted by one direction read to find out more������


4. 4

Jessica's POV

I couldn't believe what just happened. We got done packing really quick we didn't have much clothes when we came half of our clothes didn't fit us and so we gave them to the younger kids. Plus we share clothes so we have even less. Because they don't want to waist money when we can fit the same clothes.

We got all our chargers and our electronics.and we left our tablets out so we could play while we waited for the boys which was like half an hour.

When they came up I grabbed the bag with all the electronics and stuff were and Sammy grabbed the other ones with cloths and bathroom stuff.


~At the boys house~

When we got to the guys house we expected a big, fancy house but instead we saw a house that looked like all the other houses on the block Sammy and I both looked at each other then at the boys.

"We don't like to draw attention to ourselves." Niall said as if like he read our minds.

"Most of the time." Louis stated as we all laughed and walked in.

The inside was beautiful yet simple to me it felt perfect. The boys went back out side to grab our bags and we just stood there spinning in circles looking at our surroundings. When the boys came back in they showed us to two different rooms and they were huge from the outside the house might look small but it's not! Each room was like the size of a master each had its own bathroom. Already I loved it here. Once I looked around I turned and ran to the boys...

"THANK YOU!" I said and hugged all of them Sammy did the same after we saw her room.

"That's not it the girls Sophia, Perry, and Eleanor are coming over for dinner. Is that ok?" Liam asked

"YES!" We yelled jumping up and down.

"Ok then they'll be here in five minutes" Harry said walking over to the stove he was the one who mostly cooked.

"Oh ya we have something to give to you guys." Niall said running to the closet grabbing a bag from Apple.

"Here." He said handing us each a box we each opened them and our mouths practically dropped when we saw two iPhone sixes.

"OMG!are theses for us!"

"Yes and we also set everything up and you both have a twitter we are already following you guys and you guys are following us ok? Oh and if you want something just ask." Niall replied

"Ok THANK YOU!" We said then went and hugged Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis. Then we ran to the kitchen to hug Harry.

We sat at the table and waited for the girls while Sammy and I played with our phones getting apps and changing the background in no less than 4 minutes there was a knock on the door. Louis went to go get it. Two seconds later he walked back in with the girls following.

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