Adopted by one direction

So this book is about two girls 10 and 12 they live in an orphanage in Phoenix, AZ then get adopted by one direction read to find out more������


3. 3

Nails POV

When we got here I thought it was going to be like all the other places but no this place actually has older kids,girls. And they are amazing. No they are perfect we talked to them for about an hour and then the guys and I stepped out into the hall to talk.

"So." I said "I like them, what about you guys."

"I agree with Niall I like them." Harry stated

"Well I think we are all on the same page on this so lets go tell them then talk to Miss.Kim." Liam said. I have to say out of all of us he is the most mature even though Lou is the oldest.

We walked back in and the girls were sitting on the bed were we left them.

"So, we have made a decision." Zayn said

"Your coming home with us!!!"Louis said well practically yelled.they both jumped up

"REALLY!?!??!" They yelled in perfect unison

"Yea we want you guys to come home one with us." I said and all of us had huge smiles on our faces. The girls ran to us and we do a quick group hug before Liam pulled away.

"Ok now we have to go talk to Miss.Kim and sign some papers how about you guys start packing." He said and they nodded their heads and ran to the closet.

We went down stairs and Miss.Kim already had the papers out she must have heard the screaming.she talked to us about the girls their allergies and stuff like that then we signed the papers. When we went upstairs the girls were already packed they were just sitting there on their tablets.

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