Adopted by one direction

So this book is about two girls 10 and 12 they live in an orphanage in Phoenix, AZ then get adopted by one direction read to find out more������


2. 2

Sammy's POV

When we got upstairs I pulled out my tablet and Jess got on the laptop which is the only thing we share, and put youtube on. after we got all comfy and we were doing our own thing, BANG BANG BANG, someone was at the door. Jess got up to turn the music down and I went to answer the door. "GIRLS OPEN THE DOOR YOU HAVE A VISITOR!" We heard Miss.Kim yell from the other side. I looked at Jess and she was just sitting at the desk and stared at me.When I opened the door I saw Miss.Kim with five boys. It didn't take a second for me to know who they were.ONE DIRECTION!

Jess immediately got up and came to the door and we looked at each other and screamed really loud, then got yelled at because the younger kids just got put down for their nap.And as soon as we calmed down we let them in.We were like in love with One Direction. I let them sit down on my bed and we sat on Jessica's bed and talked.

They asked us questions nothing to personal though. Then it was our turn to ask the questions.

"So why are you guys here"I asked we basically knew everything else about them.

"Well uncle simon doesn't think we are mature so for us to prove that to him we want to adopt two little girls." Niall said with his perfect Irish accent.

"Oh so again why are you here." Jess asked its like she was reading my mind.

"Well we've been to a lot of adoption places but they all have little kids we want older ones around 11-12."Harry stated

"So how old are you lovelies ?"Louis asked

We looked at each other with big smiles.

"I'm 12 and by the way my name is Sammy." I said

"I'm Jessica or Jess and I'm 10.I'll be 11 in two months." She said with a big smile.

"Oh well that is perfect and so r u guys."said Zayn

"Do you girls mind if we talk in the hall alone for a bit?" Liam asked. We shook our heads and they walked out.

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